Roomba 675 VS Deebot N79S: Best on a Budget is…?

Updated 10/26/2020

Navigation This refers to the battery runtime and how well the vacuum navigates your home. Deebot is the winner by a large margin. Ecovacs Deebot has a 2-hour battery life and it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes for it to finish cleaning my home before returning to the base. While the vacuum got […]

Google WiFi VS Eero 3rd Gen: Best Mesh System Under $300?

Updated 10/26/2020

Setup Both Eero and Google WiFi are easy to install, but Eero is definitely the better of the two. This isn’t based on a one-time installation. I’ve installed both systems five times and Eero has gone smoother each time. The instructions are better and there’s seldom any error messages or problems, whereas Google WiFi expects […]

Roomba 675 VS Eufy 11S: Which is the Best For Under $300?

Updated 10/25/2020

Navigation This will compare the two based on battery life and how well they navigate your home. Eufy wins this category easily. The Eufy 11S battery lasts for several hours and only took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to clean my 1,000 sq ft floor before going back to the base. Max mode should […]

Dyson V10 VS V8: This Battle Is Way Closer Than I Thought It’d Be

Updated 10/24/2020

Carpet The V8 and the V10 both win this section. What does that mean? If you’re looking for the best pure suction, the V10’s high suction mode is unparalleled. But if you’re looking for the best suction power to battery life ratio, the V8 wins. Let me explain. With the V10, you’ll use the Torque […]

Orbi RBK50 VS Eero Pro: A Mesh Router Showdown

Updated 10/20/2020

Setup Both Eero and Orbi are easy to install, but Eero takes the wins this category. It’s a battle between good vs great. Orbi isn’t difficult, but there are some hiccups and problems here and there, whereas Eero is so easy that your tech-challenged parents could install it in less than 30 minutes (it only […]

Wyze Cam VS Blink Mini: Where Does Blink Indoor Fit in The Picture?

Updated 06/28/2020

What You Get For Free A single indoor Wyze security camera costs $25. When Wyze detects motion or noise within 30 feet of the camera, it automatically records 12 seconds of video and audio. It also sends a push notification to your phone with a still thumbnail from your camera’s point of view. Because these […]

Dyson V11 VS V10: The V10 is a Smarter Buy if You Have Wood Floors

Updated 06/11/2020

Carpet These two are so close when it comes to carpet performance, but the V11 pulls ahead with extra power and better performance. The V11’s Torque Drive roller is nearly identical to the V10’s, but with one important difference. It senses the floor surface and adapts by switching roller speed and suction level automatically. The […]

Dyson V8 VS V7: It’s More About The Rollers Than The Model

Updated 05/13/2020

Carpet The V8 technically has more power than the V7, as you’ll see below, but it’s not noticeable. The Dyson V8 comes with two roller heads. You’ll use the Direct Drive head on carpets. As I said, the V8 technically has more power, but it didn’t translate to any noticeable difference on my carpets. With […]

Fire TV Stick 4K VS Chromecast Ultra: Which Type of User Are You?

Updated 05/12/2020

Content Starting with Fire TV, you can view HD content from the following apps: Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Sling TV, AT&T TV, YouTube, Disney+, YouTube TV, and Apple TV. While Vudu and Google Play are popular apps, you cannot access them with this device. In terms of 4K content, you get Prime Video, YouTube, and […]

Ring 2 VS Nest Hello: Which Video Doorbell is Best for You?

Updated 05/12/2020

Setup Setup is easy with Ring 2 and gets the win. Nest Hello isn’t hard to set up, but it’s more challenging than Ring. Ring 2 doesn’t need wires or an existing doorbell. You charge the battery and watch the walkthrough video, then sync the doorbell with your WiFi. Once synced, you can install the […]

Nest VS Ecobee: Looking at All The Smart Thermostat Models

Updated 03/20/2020

Smarts Nest is a little smarter than Ecobee because it learns your patterns and habits without manual input. Ecobee may not learn your habits, but it’s more customizable. When setting up, you will select the preferred temperature when you’re home, away, or asleep. Ecobee maintains the temperature based on the time and setting, but it […]

SimpliSafe VS Ring: What’s the Best DIY Security System?

Updated 03/20/2020

Setup & Support Ring easily takes the win because it’s one of the easiest security systems to install. Download and open the Ring phone app, scan the QR code on the back of your security accessories, and Ring will guide you during an interactive walkthrough. It’s easy to understand what you should do next for […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K VS Roku Stick Plus: Best Streaming Stick

Updated 03/19/2020

Content Fire TV Stick 4K and Roku Stick Plus both support 4K HDR content, but Roku is better when it comes to overall content choices and finding shows and movies. The Roku Stick Plus only supports HDR10. It does not support Dolby Vision, the other 4K standard, but there is Dolby Atmos audio. While the […]

Fire TV Cube VS Apple TV 4K: Best Premium Streaming Device

Updated 03/19/2020

Content While Apple 4K and Fire TV Cube have a similar number of apps, I have to give the win to Apple for a much better layout, an app store that’s just like any other iOS device, and significantly more 4K content. Apple supports Dolby Vision, the best HDR format, along with Dolby Atmos for […]

Bose 700 VS Sony WH1000XM3: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Updated 03/18/2020

Sound Things are neck-and-neck, but to my ears, Sony pulls ahead just slightly. Bose doesn’t let you customize the sound in the Bose Music app, but it sounds great with many music genres. Those familiar with Bose will get that same clear and crisp sound that doesn’t go off the rails. Bose’s sound more closely […]

Eufy VS Arlo: Best Security Camera For Most

Updated 03/18/2020

Free Both Arlo and Eufy have free plans and they’re almost identical in this regard. Arlo Basic is the free plan and it records both video and audio whenever the camera notices motion. It can record clips for up to five minutes. They are saved in Arlo’s cloud for 7 days and they can be […]

Ring Stick Up VS Blink XT2: Two Amazon Cameras Square Off

Updated 03/12/2020

Free Blink automatically wins this category because they only have a free plan whereas Ring requires a subscription. This will show you what you get without paying anything extra. Blink’s “Instant On,” or motion detection, records when it senses motion and stops when there’s no more movement. You can store up to 7,200 seconds of […]

Roku Ultra VS Apple TV 4K: Is Apple TV $100 Better?

Updated 03/12/2020

Content Content refers to the channels and apps you can access along with the formats you have access to. Overall, they are tied in this category, but you might disagree based on your preferences. Starting with Apple TV 4K, this streaming device supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, giving you access to the two main […]