Nest VS Ecobee: Looking at All The Smart Thermostat Models

Updated 03/20/2020

Ecobee5 and Nest Gen 3 are similar and both will help you save money. Ecobee works with all smart assistants while Nest has a better build quality and with a superior design. I’ve determined after three years of testing smart thermostats that Ecobee5 is the better choice. It doesn’t win in every category, but it’s […]

Orbi RBK50 VS Eero Pro: A Mesh Router Showdown

Updated 03/20/2020

Today, I’ll compare Orbi RBK50 (2 Nodes) vs. Eero Pro (2 nodes). They’re both great, but my favorite is the Eero Pro set because it’s more flexible and has a far superior phone app with more features. However, if you only care about specs and power, Orbi RBK50 is a better bet. Setup Both Eero […]

SimpliSafe VS Ring: What’s the Best DIY Security System?

Updated 03/20/2020

Today, I’ll compare the Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit vs. SimpliSafe 5 Piece Security System. The SimpliSafe system is built better and I usually prefer devices that have better build quality, but the Ring system wins this battle overall. From DIY security to lower monthly monitoring prices ($10 vs $25 a month), Ring is the […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K VS Roku Stick Plus: Best Streaming Stick

Updated 03/19/2020

Streaming sticks are great because they allow you to turn any regular TV into a smart TV with ease. While they lack the power of bigger streaming devices, you probably won’t notice a huge difference. Today, we’ll look at two of the biggest stream sticks: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Stick+. Fire TV […]

Fire TV Cube VS Apple TV 4K: Best Premium Streaming Device

Updated 03/19/2020

Today, I’ll compare Amazon Fire TV Cube (Gen 2) vs. Apple TV 4K to show you which is best. I found that Apple TV 4K is easily the winner. While Fire TV has some intriguing features, Apple TV has a stronger interface. Another huge benefit of Apple TV is that there are no ads while […]

Google WiFi VS Eero 3rd Gen: Best Mesh System Under $300?

Updated 03/18/2020

Eero 3rd Gen and Google WiFi perform almost equally and they are both fairly easy to install, but Eero gets the win. I found that Eero was easier to install, has more features, and the design is better. Want to know how I arrived at that conclusion? Read on. I’ll be comparing Eero and Google […]

Bose 700 VS Sony WH1000XM3: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Updated 03/18/2020

Today, I’ll compare Bose Noise cancelling Headphones 700 vs. Sony Noise cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3. With a better calling experience, superior build quality, and fantastic sound, Bose is the winner. However, Sony is no joke and they have a more colorful sound profile and better battery life, but they need to update their old school design. […]

Eufy VS Arlo: Best Security Camera For Most

Updated 03/18/2020

After extensive testing with Arlo Pro 2 and EufyCam E, I determined that Arlo Pro 2 is the superior system. It has better smart home integration and more advanced options if you want to pay $3/month for Arlo Smart.  However, EufyCam E is better for you if you don’t want your clips being sent to […]

Roomba 675 VS Eufy 11S: Which is the Best For Under $300?

Updated 03/16/2020

While the best robot vacuum models are over $500, what about the more affordable models? I’ve tested numerous models in this price range and today we’ll be comparing Eufy 11S vs. Roomba 675. While Roomba is a flagship brand that everyone recognizes, Eufy is the clear winner because it has better suction, more runtime, and […]

Roomba 675 VS Deebot N79S: Best on a Budget is…?

Updated 03/12/2020

While there are many premium robot vacuums over $500, today I’ll be covering two affordable robot vacuums under $300: Deebot N79S vs. Roomba 600 Series. Roomba is the most recognizable robot vacuum brand and their premium models are amazing. However, their affordable 600 series leaves much to be desired and Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a […]

Ring Stick Up VS Blink XT2: Two Amazon Cameras Square Off

Updated 03/12/2020

Ring Stick Up has several features that make it better than Blink, but because neither of these cameras should be used for serious surveillance, Blink gets the win overall. Blink XT2 is the perfect DIY budget security option because it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. Read on to see how I reached my conclusion. I’ll […]

Roku Ultra VS Apple TV 4K: Is Apple TV $100 Better?

Updated 03/12/2020

Apple TV 4K and Roku Ultra are fantastic devices, but Apple TV is the winner because the interface is cleaner and smoother, whereas Roku looks outdated and clunky and has ads. Curious to see which is best for yourself? I’ll compare the two streaming devices based on content, interface, smarts, and remote. Content Content refers […]

Wyze vs. Blink Camera: Which Offers Better Security for Your Home

Updated 02/03/2020

Getting an affordable and dependable security system is a dream for every homeowner, you inclusive. You want a security camera that provides an excellent wireless experience, low cost, and one that is easy to use and install. Now, with countless smart cameras in the market today, you don’t have a reason not to have one. […]

Dyson V10 vs. Dyson V11: A Stick Vacuum Comparison

Updated 10/25/2019

Dyson V10 and V11 are among the most popular cordless vacuum brands in the market today. If you’ve used any of these vacuum cleaners, you are aware of how well they clean regardless of the type of floor. Also, compared to other brands, Dyson V10 and V11 last longer which means you’ll get value for […]