Is AMC A-List Worth It?

With the nationwide reintroduction of movie theaters after a lengthy pandemic, now is the best time for dejected movie enthusiasts to get back into their favorite hobby.

AMC A-List (also called Stubs A-List) allows moviegoers to see up to three films a week and twelve films a month for the unbelievably reasonable price of 19.95 a month, not including tax. Considering the cost of a ticket ranges anywhere from ten to twenty dollars nowadays, this subscription service is a fantastic option for the avid theater buff.

For those on the fence when it comes to this appealing subscription service, you likely want to know all of its benefits and detriments while also knowing about alternatives. Well get comfortable, friend – we are going to cover all that and more in the following article. By the end of this page, you won’t only know if the A-List is right for you, but if any of its competitors fit your personal needs better.

AMC A-List: The Pros & Cons

It goes without saying that the AMC A-List requires some amount of enthusiasm from the person purchasing the service. If the idea of going to the movies more than twice a week turns your stomach in undesirable shifts, this subscription service likely isn’t for you. To offer more insight into who this service is aimed at, let’s go over some of the positives and negatives of this subscription service.


The first thing we have to discuss is the bang for your buck that comes with this subscription service. The average cost of a movie theater ticket in the United States is 9.16, which if you see twelve films in a month adds up to 109.92. Even rounding up to twenty dollars a month for the subscription service, seeing three movies every thirty days would cost less on the subscription service. So for those that want to see a majority of movies that come out, this service is essential for keeping your bank statement out of the red.

This service also allows for the massive benefit of being able to see films in enhanced theaters like IMAX, 3D, Dolby, and much more. Considering the incredibly expensive rates of some of these enhanced cinemas, if one is available to you geographically, you are going to be the envy of every deal hunter in the tri-county area. I won’t turn this article into an example of a guy overusing his calculator app but just know that the price of twelve IMAX films a month is close to the average cost of home utilities. It’s honestly a bit surprising this is a feature of the AMC Stubs A-List, considering how much money they are potentially losing on premiere screenings.

The ease of use that comes with this AMC A-List service is also not to be scoffed at. As anyone that follows this blog (which you should) will know, seating matters. Showing up to the nearest movie theater only to be presented with a seating chart that offers little more than nosebleed and neck crack seating is incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, you can reserve seating ahead of time either on your mobile phone through their app or on their website. Feels fitting, the service is called the AMC Stubs A-List, leave the nosebleeds for the unwashed masses that didn’t order the subscription service (no offense to the unwashed masses).

Finally, like all brands nowadays there is some form of a reward program. AMC offers members a return that is reported to be five times faster than the average moviegoer. To skip the marketing nonsense and confusing point systems, for every fifty bucks you spend they give you five dollars back. In my own experience, this is fairly standard across most retail companies and gives incentives for return customers. A personal tip for the savvy shoppers out there – use the app in conjunction with Fandango for double the rewards.


Like all things, this subscription service has its own drawbacks that every wary consumer should consider before diving into a monthly contract. The most obvious should be that you will need to go to the movie theater fairly often to get the most out of this service. Depending on what part of the year you are in this can mean you get to see six incredible films back-to-back or The Emoji Movie for the fourth time in a month. This should be carefully considered before agreeing to the service, before long you could be paying twenty dollars a month for a service you haven’t used in weeks.

If you are a family-oriented person or someone who likes to take their significant other out with them to the theater, hope your kids are cool with going dutch. It sounds a bit severe, but the Stubs A-List service is exclusive to just you. So while we all love to take our own out on the town, the cost of covering every family member can begin to feel absurd. If you and a significant other both get your own services it still is saving quite a bit of money, but kids will run the cost up significantly. To keep a convoluted explanation on the briefer side, this product is ideal for those who visit the theater as a one-man wolf pack.

This product is one of the most costly options of all movie theater “VIP” subscriptions, it is going to run a good bit higher than its competitors. While we will cover this in much more exhausting detail below, this product is going to run higher than any other alternative out there. Whether this is a problem for the individual consumer really depends on their theater options locally, what they want from a subscription service, and how often they drive down to their local AMC.

Speaking of your local AMC, it is going to be the only place you will be able to use this product. You should also double-check your local theater to see if they are compatible as certain states don’t recognize the service, regardless. This is another issue that will come down to where you live personally. I would have to make a day out of traveling to the nearest AMC, but if you have a quality, reliable theater close, fantastic!

Finally, let’s discuss the rewards program that AMC offers one last time. It only works with the monthly fee of AMC A-list, as well as any additional food, snacks, or tickets purchased. So any movies you go to see do not add points to the total rewards, which means that it would take three months to get five dollars back if you only paid the monthly fee. It’s not exactly a life-shattering revelation, but worthy of consideration for potential customers, nonetheless.

AMC A-List vs. The Competition

This section will not go into exhaustive detail about what each individual product offers, but a brief overview of how the A-list stacks up when compared to its competing subscription services.

To keep a reminder about what AMC A-list offers, I will offer a rundown of everything AMC Stubs A-List offers very briefly. With AMC A-List you get up to twelve films every thirty days (regular and premiere), free reserved seating, and it costs 19.95, monthly.

Regal Unlimited vs. AMC A-List

Regal Unlimited will cost the consumer anywhere from 18 – 23.50 per month (plus tax) depending on the tier you purchase. The only difference between the three tiers is the number of theaters that each tier is compatible with (200, 400, and all theaters). A member gets unlimited monthly movies with a .50 additional fee per movie and a 10% discount on concessions. Premium films will cost an additional fee and you can reserve a maximum of three movies at one time. Overall, I would say this product is very much comparable to AMC and would prove a fantastic alternative to those who live closer or prefer Regal cinemas.

My biggest criticism of Regal Unlimited is that the tiers feel like an excuse to hike up the price of the subscription service and the added benefits should be included under one universal cost. You also have to lock into a three-month subscription when first purchasing which cannot be refunded, which feels a tad overkill in my opinion.

Cinemark Movie Club vs. AMC A-List

Cinemark Movie Club will cost you between 8.99 – 9.99 (plus tax) depending on what part of the United States you live in. This service is much more casual and offers one free regular screening a month, with any unused tickets rolling over to the following months. It does require an additional cost for premium films and offers a “platinum” membership for avid moviegoers that cuts 25% off of snacks and beverages. Speaking plainly, this service feels altogether unnecessary and does not offer enough to pique my interest when compared to AMC.

Megapass by Atom Tickets vs. AMC A-List

Finally, let’s take a look at the Megapass offered by Atom Tickets. This service has a reoccurring cost of 14.95 a month, not including tax, and offers two tickets monthly. The upside is you do have access to premium screenings not offered in several of the competing packages, as well as a 15% discount at the concession stand. You also get a one-dollar kickback for every additional ticket on an order, up to six individual tickets. The service isn’t as bad as some others, though it falls short of AMC and Regal by a wide margin.

Maximizing the AMC A-List Experience

A point that is often overlooked in the discussions around movie subscription services is how to best leverage the benefits provided by these programs. When it comes to AMC A-List, this entails more than just regularly attending movie screenings. Here, we are going to dive into a few key tactics that can help you maximize your AMC A-List experience.

Firstly, try to get the most out of your twelve movie slots by planning your movie schedule in advance. This is especially helpful during blockbuster season when there are several high-profile releases. Given the wide variety of genres and films available, you can pick and choose based on your preferences and take advantage of early ticket bookings to secure the best seats.

Secondly, leverage the benefits of special formats. One of the distinguishing features of AMC A-List is that it includes enhanced theater experiences like IMAX and Dolby at no extra cost. These experiences can often be pricier when purchased individually, so take advantage of them to get the best cinematic experiences.

Lastly, make good use of the rewards program. Remember that every dollar spent in addition to your monthly fee, whether on concessions or additional tickets, earns you points. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself or your loved ones to that popcorn or those extra tickets—they’ll be earning you rewards.

Final Thoughts

If you have an AMC close by and enjoy going to the theater, you would be shooting yourself in the foot financially by not purchasing this service. It’s excellent and stands out well from the competition, especially considering the number of films you can see in a month. While others may disagree and choose the Regal Unlimited option as the superior product, for my money AMC Stubs A-List is the best theater subscription service money can buy!


How can I keep track of the number of movies I’ve seen in a month using AMC A-List?

You can track your movie visits directly through the AMC app or the AMC website. Your account has a dedicated section that records all your past and upcoming reservations, helping you monitor the number of movies you’ve seen and how many you still have left for the month.

Are there any blackout dates for AMC A-List, or can I watch movies any day of the week?

There are no blackout dates with AMC A-List. You can watch movies on any day of the week, including weekends and holidays, provided that the movie and showtime are available for booking.

Can I cancel my AMC A-List subscription anytime I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, do note that once you cancel, you cannot rejoin A-List for six months.