August vs. Wyze Lock: Choosing the Best Smart Lock

When people think of items like biometric locks or contact sensors, they likely get a mental image of some home improvement store and an aisle full of brass objects. This assumption is a bit unfair and doesn’t properly demonstrate how fascinating and advanced some of these products can be.

With locks being able to connect via wifi, remember hundreds of different passcodes, unlock six different ways and keep a log of every interaction – it’s easy to see how we have advanced past mechanical bolts.

It’s easy to list all the features of a smart lock without mentioning a few that could benefit you, however. So to give you a better idea of what type of product you may need we will be going over two of the more popular products on the market today — August and Wyze smart locks.

By the end of this article, you will have an informed opinion on both devices and will be able to competently choose the superior lock.

Quick Comparison

For those looking for an expedient rundown of these two brands, look no further. Below we are going to take a look at each lock’s highlights and see which is more appealing to consumers.


While it can be hard to go over two different lock companies and decide which is superior, the choice here is clear.

August provides a better level of product for a justifiably higher price. Despite the elevated cost, August provides a quality device with reliable features that seem to last far longer than that of Wyze.

There are plenty of people who have their issues with August, though it has earned its name as a quality smart lock manufacturer.


  • Far more reliable on average
  • Simplistic Installation
  • Much simpler and better optimized mobile app


  • Most products are not made to be resistant to water
  • Locks can get high in price
  • Connection issues with some Android devices


Wyze has a real shot at cornering the budget corner of smart locks – as soon as they work out the kinks.

The locks come with all the features you could ask of a two-hundred dollar product, though some admittedly work less than half the time. While no one should blindly judge a book by its cover, it may be fair to judge a novel by its author.

If you are in a pinch for something cheaper than the average feel free to go with Wyze, just don’t expect the lock to see several years.


  • Cheap
  • Easy installation


  • Earned a reputation for having unreliable locks
  • The software can be difficult to use
  • The natural lifespan of these products feels much shorter than that of competitors.

August Vs. Wyze (Which should you purchase?)

While it might seem like the world of smart locks could be uneventful and fairly mundane, there is a surprising amount of controversy surrounding some locks – Wyze especially. Several enthusiasts have stated a sincere disdain for Wyze due to their customer service and (in the words of these reviewers) cheap design.

August has also faced some heat for a visually poor and gaudy exterior and constant connection drops from the WiFi. Despite the bad press surrounding these locks, several people have still used these devices and swear by them. For hesitant consumers looking for a quality product at a good price, let’s take an unbiased look at what each has to offer.


The first step to using any smart lock is the often overestimated initial installation. Lock companies everywhere have gotten Wyze (we all knew that pun was coming) to the consumer disdain of putting up locks and started putting more emphasis on simplistic installations.

Previously considered an afterthought by most, the ease of installation has quickly become one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a smart or biometric lock.

So which is easier?

The August lock will require no more than the complete product package and a spare Phillips screwdriver. It comes with a piece of tape you can use to secure your previous deadbolt during the installation process.

The process takes a little less than 12 (very simple) steps that are genuinely very easy to follow and incredibly straightforward. They even offer a chart and alternating deadbolt adapter depending on the model you have.

After you install the August lock onto your door you will need to get Doorsense, which allows your lock to sense when the accompanying door is left ajar. Finally, you will need to install the August Home app and follow the instructions through the app to finalize the process.

As far as installations go, it is incredibly easy to follow and not at all complicated. Few screws, some batteries, and a couple of downloads off the App Store, and your August lock should be set up!

Not unlike its competitor, the installation process for Wyze is roughly the same, even down to securing your deadbolt with the included tape. You get a compatibility chart for your deadbolt, including batteries to get the thing running and the step-by-step process is completed in the same amount of time.

The process of connecting the lock to your phone and Wifi is as simple as pairing your Bluetooth and adding the device.

If you are worried about the difficulty of setting either product up, don’t lose too much sleep over it. Neither of these products edges the other in terms of simplicity of installation, but both can easily be fully configured in under 15 minutes (less time if you are handy).

So despite the bad press often thrown at some of these locks, August and Wyze are both excellent at making setup simple.


Whether we like it or not, the often clunky apps of tech products are not going anywhere anytime soon.

While product software has taken a significant shift in the correct (functional and working) direction, it can still prove one of the bigger headaches of setting up and dealing with smart locks. Since these locks are so closely tied with a working Wi-Fi connection and the app they are compatible with – let us see which brand offers the best software!

The August Home application maintains an average rating of 4.5 between Google Play and the Apple store and is widely praised by reviewers.

August Home can be used with – August Smart Lock, Smart Lock Pro, Wi-Fi Smart Lock, August Doorbell, August Connect, August Smart Keypad, August View, Yale Assure Locks/Levers with Wi-Fi, Yale Smart Delivery Box, Yale Cabinet Lock, Yale Assure Lock for Andersen with Wi-Fi and finally the Emtek Empowered Smart Lock.

August software is more than competent at what it needs to do although Android users may experience some connectivity problems at a higher rate than those with iOS devices. It allows you to send virtual keys through the software, gives you an activity feed, and allows a lot of the customizable options and features found below as well. Where consumers may struggle is with the short-distance Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options, so be wary.

The Wyze app is currently sitting at a rating of 3.8 when looking at Google Play and the Apple store and has a good amount of reception with hints of real criticism.

The Wyze App is the hub of all Wyze (Wi-Fi compatible) smart products including the Wyze Watch, Wyze Video Doorbell, Wyze Motion sensors, and of course Wyze Smart Locks.

For enthusiasts of efficiency, this multipurpose app gives you the ability to maintain your entire smart home system on one device. This also comes with the downside of the app being multipurpose, which can leave a good portion of their products not receiving the attention and updates they deserve. Because of this, it can feel like the app is hard to interact with at times and the customer service can be slow to respond to your specific issue.

While neither software is bad and the outcome shouldn’t sway your decision too terribly – the August Home app is simply more reliable and streamlined for smart locks.

Price & Features (Quality Vs Cost)

There has to be some elaborate form of mathematics that can accurately find a middle ground between not buying a plastic Hasbro lock and also wanting to afford groceries for the next week. For those of us who desperately crave quality in our products while also chasing the exhilarating rush of a tremendous deal, let’s take a look at how the price of these products stacks up to what they have to offer.

The August Smart Deadbolt with Wi-Fi is available in the sub-$250 range, which feels like the standard for intelligent locks. With this cost, you get a myriad of advanced features that are hard to find on other devices.

Outside of the usual alternative forms of unlocking your door, the August lock offers detection features that allow the deadbolt to automatically lock and unlock depending on your settings.

It is fully compatible with Alexa, Google, and Apple Homekit along with BlueTooth support. You can also get smart alerts or notifications, you are able to give virtual keys to guests, and DoorSense detects when a door is left open.

This isn’t even beginning to cover the customization options from Alexa, Google, and your BlueTooth device.

It comes with a one-year warranty included and despite some customers feeling the product lacks the longevity of other products, you are likely to get a few years out of the device. With all this included and a battery that lasts anywhere from 3 – 6 months before requiring new AA’s, it feels very much worth the cost required to get this product on your doorframe. If you are looking for something a little lighter on the wallet then you are likely to prefer the Wyze lock.

The Wyze Lock is the cheapest product on their list of smart locks (similar to the August deadbolt) so let’s throw it into the limelight for a bit. Coming in at a sub-$150 MSRP, the first thing we have to take into consideration is that it is almost half the price of the August lock.

If you are in the market for budget locks, this product may be up your alley. Just be aware that smart lock enthusiasts everywhere will give you an ear beating about the inferior nature of your Wyze lock.

This device comes with remote/unlock options (with the Wyze app), offers a record of activity, allows for shared access with loved ones and guests, and can sense ajar doors. Similar to the August lock it can automatically lock and unlock as you get home and comes with some of the simplest installation steps you are going to find.

Every Wyze product comes with a one-year warranty and if the pages of irate customers are any indication – you may need to save it.

The Wyze lock comes with a reported 12-month battery life per every batch of four AA batteries, though many consumers have reported inconsistencies in their individual products (enough to warrant hesitation). While the device does offer an exciting number of features, Wyze’s longevity will always be a point of concern, while August has a much more reliable reputation.

While August locks do cost a healthy portion more than the Wyze alternatives, it feels warranted and worth the additional cost. Word of mouth matters, and with so many people having difficulties with Wyze locks specifically, it is hard to recommend the discounted price for a lock that isn’t going to last as long as the other.

The part of the Wyze locks that detects doors (AKA the gyroscopic sensor) has been a mixed bag of some products detecting the door while others can’t pick up on it at all. Due to these reasons, I’d throw a nudge in the direction of August. If Wyze is the best you can afford, it may be worth it to save up for more secure options.

Which Brand is Better?

If a loved one came up to you and asked which brand of lock they should purchase, the right answer would be August.

Wyze has been in the Smart Home game for a good bit of time, though considering how green they are in locks it may be wise to wait for them to perfect the craft. August seems to have established a list of products that are more advanced, consistently operational, and longer lasting, despite having a smaller listed battery life.

For those worrying about the elevated price, your concerns are completely valid. The problem is that if you spend less money on a product that works for half as long or less than its pricier competitor – did the discount matter?

Wyze is a company that has done well in the field of home security. While I can’t recommend their products at the time of this article it is completely possible (and likely) that their next release of locks will work on the weaker points of their current devices.

Until that time, stick to products from August and other trusted brands of smart locks.

Products to Consider

Despite the heavy criticism tossed at Wyze in the previous part of the article, I want to list two of the better products both companies have to offer. If you want the Swift Moves stamp of approval on your next purchase, here are two locks we really enjoy from both manufacturers!

Wyze Lock Bolt

If you want a discounted lock with some of the more luxurious features of higher-end deadbolts, the Wyze Lock Bolt might be ideal for you. At sub-100 dollar prices and with a minimal matte black finish you are going to be hard pressed to find a cheaper product with the same list of customization options and accompanying additions.


Battery Life – 1 year

Dimensions & Weight – 7 x 5 x 2 inches & 2.75 lbs

IP5 Rating

It comes with a fingerprint sensor, illuminated keypad, an activity log, low battery indicator and it can store up to fifty different fingerprints.

On top of all this, it lacks the gaudiness of other Wyze products and comes as one of the more highly praised devices in its catalog. While it may not be as durable or long-lasting as more expensive alternatives, that comes at a cost that is far easier to contend with.

August Wi-Fi, Smart Lock

Quietly becoming the standard of August locks, the smart lock is as futuristic and feature-rich as any item you will find in home security.

It comes just slightly above the median when considering intelligent locks though the price is valid for what you get from it. This is going to be one of the best smart locks you will use and it’s not even remotely as expensive as some of the products out there.

Due to a lack of water resistance, it may be wise to put this lock on a door that doesn’t catch a lot of rain.


Battery Life – 3 – 6 months

Dimensions & Weight – 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches & 2.75 lbs

IP Rating Not Specified

If the small, compact design isn’t enough to grab your interest then the multiple options to unlock your door, generated guest keys and simplistic connectivity should be.

The August smart lock is pushing the limits of what is possible with home security, even offering mobile facial recognition as a type of technological key. Like all August products, the installation is simplistic and the reviews have been relatively favorable.

Locking Up

It can be a pain in the neck trying to figure out which security devices you want to attach to your front door.

You have to consider which product will not only work the best as a lock but also in conjunction with any other home security devices you have laying around. The compatibility of smart locks and smart home products is not what they could be and this makes it frustrating for consumers to decide.

Because of this, we often get products that come from the same distributor or are made to work with previously purchased pieces of tech. So if you are just starting off equipping yourself to be better prepared – make sure you get devices that not only work well but offer compatible devices that also outperform your alternatives.

Wyze has a good collection of products in their catalog but as far as their locks go, they need to workshop the products a bit. August may have some drawbacks to their individual models but for the most part, has proven to be one of the more reliable names in smart locks.

So whether you need to keep an eye on your front porch or six office buildings, stick with August!