Baby Shusher vs. Munchkin, Hatch, & Hushhh


The Baby Shusher is a product with a clever feature and great marketing. Unlike regular sound machines, which generate white noise, fan sounds, or nature sounds, Baby Shusher makes one sound only — a human “shushing” sound.

Backed by research and centuries of evidence, the “shush” sound is soothing to babies and effective at helping them fall asleep. However, the product has too many shortcomings for us to recommend. These flaws include a lack of durability, disposable batteries rather than rechargeable, and an inability to run the device continually for more than 30 minutes.

Continue reading for alternative products, including Baby Shusher alternatives that are cheaper and more reliable.

Overview of Baby Shusher

The product is marketed as “the sleep miracle,” a simple sound machine that features a recording of a human voice making a “shushing” noise. As mentioned above, this sound is proven to help babies relax and fall asleep. As such, it makes sense to have a sound machine capable of making this noise. And the quality of the speaker is good, so the product really is effective when it is working properly. However, there are many pitfalls.

First, although the shushing noise is a great feature, there is nothing special about this product to justify the ~$35 MSRP. It is poorly designed and cheaply built, and there is nothing especially “smart” about the product. The device lacks durability, and many users have mentioned that a drop from a low height destroyed their device. The machine has a round design with a speaker at the bottom, so it has to be placed on its side while in use. A round, easily-tipped-over machine that breaks easily is a bad combination. 

While most sound machines project sound in every direction, Baby Shusher has a very one-directional sound. So, you will need to point the device directly at your baby. This makes it very challenging to use on-the-go, even though it is marketed as a “portable” device.

The device is powered by 2 AA batteries. To its credit, the product comes with batteries included. However, we question the decision to use AA batteries rather than a built-in rechargeable battery like almost all other sound machines. Simply put, a built-in rechargeable battery is the industry standard for portable sound machines. So a device that uses disposable batteries makes very little sense, and seems wasteful and unnecessary. 

Probably as a result of the limited power source, there is no continuous run mode on the Baby Shusher. You can choose whether you want the device to run for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, but it cannot be left on indefinitely. To make things worse, the machine turns off very abruptly when the timer is completed, and this sound change is likely to wake a sleeping baby.

However, there are still some things we like about Baby Shusher. The sound quality is crisp and gets quite loud. The human voice sounds natural and soothing to a baby. The device is portable and wireless, and includes a carrying strap. The company provides a 1 year warranty. And the styling of the device is fun, and perfect for a baby product.

Baby Shusher Alternatives

Munchkin Shhh is the closest “competitor,” and will be discussed in more detail below. It is less expensive and includes other sound options like white noise and a heartbeat.

There are a number of similar sound machines available for less than $50, most of which have more sound options and built-in rechargeable batteries.

Apps are another great alternative to the Baby Shusher. For far less expense (some are available for ~$5), you can download apps with the “shush” noise and additional features. These apps will have more options and customization than the Baby Shusher. The only real downside here is that it will require the use of a phone or tablet, rather than being a standalone device. But, the cost savings and convenience may be worth it.

Frida Baby also makes a 2-in-1 portable sound machine and nightlight that is cheaper and more reliable than the Baby Shusher. This device also has other sound options, as well as a built-in rechargeable battery. It scores points for having a continuous mode, rather than being limited to 30 minutes of use.

Baby Shusher vs Munchkin Shhh

Munchkin Shhh has a shushing noise option, like the Baby Shusher. But Munchkin also has other sound options, including a heartbeat and white noise. This device includes a nightlight, and retails for roughly half the price of Baby Shusher.

Similar to Baby Shusher, the Munchkin Shhh uses 2 AA batteries. And accordingly, there is no continuous mode on the Munchkin (the device would burn through batteries too quickly).

Munchkin is better designed, and has a speaker on top rather than the bottom. This allows the device to be used while sitting firmly on its base, as opposed to the Baby Shusher which has to be balanced on its side.

Baby Shusher vs Hatch

Hatch is not really a fair comparison to the Baby Shusher. Hatch products are better designed and have much higher quality. Hatch devices like the Hatch Rest, Rest+, and Restore all pack way more features and score higher for reliability. However, these devices are more expensive, and most of them cannot be used wirelessly (only the Rest+ has a built-in battery). Additionally, although they have more sound options, they lack the “shush” sound.

Hatch Rest Mini is the closest comparison to Baby Shusher. Hatch Rest Mini provides more sound options and unlimited timer choices, so you aren’t limited to 30 minutes of sound. But Hatch Rest Mini can’t be used wirelessly, and it lacks the “shush” sound.

Baby Shusher vs Hushh

Yogasleep Hushh by Marpac is less expensive, has more sound options, and adds a night light, child lock, and built-in battery. However, there is no “shush” sound option.

Overall, Yogasleep Hushh is a better device at a lower price. The clip, rechargeable battery, and multi-directional sound make it a better portable sound machine than the Baby Shusher. But if you absolutely must have the “shush” sound option, this is lacking on the Hushh.

Final thoughts

Baby Shusher is a clever product with great marketing, but falls short of expectations in a number of key areas. We love the “shushing” sound, which is proven to help babies fall asleep. But the device is frustrating due to its lack of a rechargeable battery, poor durability, and flawed design features like an auto-shutoff after 30 minutes of run time.

There are Baby Shusher alternatives that pack more features for less price (like the Munchkin Shhh), as well as mobile apps that can provide the benefits of the Baby Shusher for a fraction of the cost.