Dreamegg vs. Hatch, Yogasleep, Dohm, & ‘LectroFan


At Swift Moves, we tend to publish a lot of content focused on premium gadgets and electronics. We have compiled many articles discussing the best sound machines and sunrise alarms, including Hatch, Lumie, Philips, Hatch, and Loftie.

Here, we turn our focus to budget sound machines, rather than premium products with $100+ price tags. And Dreamegg is a great brand to open up the discussion on best inexpensive white noise machines.

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

  • Stylish designs

  • Budget price

  • Models available that include night light and/or battery for portable use

                          Overall Rating

Dreamegg Sound Machines – Overview

All Dreamegg white noise machines have some characteristics in common. To begin, they are in the budget sound machine category. This doesn’t have an exact definition, but we consider sound machines that are available for less than $50 USD to be budget products. And for our purposes, any product that costs much more than $100 is considered a premium device.

All Dreamegg sound machines are compact and fairly lightweight. The company really doesn’t make an oversized device that will occupy the majority of the surface of your nightstand. Additionally, all Dreameggs have adjustable volume, along with an option between a timer and a non-stop sound mode. 

The devices come with only a 60 day warranty, which is unimpressive. However, by registering the product, you get a 6 month extended warranty through the manufacturer.

One final note on Dreamegg — their sound machine product lineup is very large, and very confusing. At the time this article was published, we counted 7 different white noise machine models on a popular online marketplace, all of which are similarly designed and with nearly identical features.

Dreamegg vs Dreamegg

Comparing Dreamegg D1 vs D1 Pro vs D3 vs D3 Pro vs D8 vs D9 vs D11

As mentioned above, Dreamegg has a wide product lineup, with a lot of similarities between products. The main difference you will find is that some Dreamegg white noise machines have a rechargeable battery, whereas others require a wired plugin.

Dreamegg D3 Pro, D9, and D11 all have a rechargeable battery, so they can be used unplugged.

Some models, like the Dreamegg D1 Pro, also include a nightlight.

While some features vary, there are similarities between most Dreamegg products. Dreamegg white noise machines generally include a wide range of sound options, with many devices boasting nearly 30 sounds. This includes nature sounds, as well as various white noise sounds and fan sounds. 

Dreamegg speakers get loud, but not blaring, and have good (but not great) audio quality. The models with night lights are not as bright as you might like. Buttons can be tricky to locate, and challenging to navigate. But overall, these are well-built white noise machines with compact size and stylish designs.

Continue reading to see how Dreamegg Sound machines stack up against other top sound machines.

Vs. Hatch

Hatch Rest and Rest+ also have a night light. Having an included night light on some models is one area where both Hatch and Dreamegg stand apart from competitors.

Like Dreamegg, Hatch makes some models that require a plugin, and other models that can operate from a rechargeable battery (Hatch Rest+).

Most Hatch sound machines are far larger than Dreamegg, but the Hatch Mini is a decent size comparable to Dreamegg products.

Hatch is a premium brand that includes some features that Dreamegg can’t compete with. For example, Hatch Rest+ has a clock and audio monitor in addition to the sound machine. But you will notice a big price difference between Hatch and Dreamegg.

Vs. Marpac Yogasleep Rohm

Yogasleep Rohm is portable, with a rechargeable battery. Dreamegg also makes portable versions with rechargeable batteries. 

Dreamegg makes a product that is a direct Rohm competitor. The Dreamegg has a similar small size, built-in battery, and also includes a nightlight. You get 9 nature sounds, plus 1 fan sound and 1 white noise sound. The Rohm only features 3 sound options — two white noise, and an ocean sound.

Both Dreamegg and Rohm have fully adjustable volume, but the Rohm lacks a timer. Instead, it needs to be controlled by on and off buttons.

At a similar price, Dreamegg gives you more sound options, better sound quality, a night light, and a more reliable product.

Vs. Marpac Yogasleep Dohm

Yogasleep Dohm operates via a plugin only, with no battery. It is larger than Dreamegg products, and with fewer options for sounds and volume. It also lacks a timer, which Dreamegg devices all include.

However, Marpac Dohm produces noise with an actual fan inside the device, as opposed to Dreamegg which uses electronically generated noise. For this reason, the sound quality on Dohm is more authentic and more natural, and with no loops. This is the reason why Dohm only has two volume options — the volume is determined by the fan, rather than electronic adjustment. Another great feature on the Dohm is that the tone can be adjusted.

While we love the real fan on the Marpac Dohm, it comes at greater expense. So, you have to be willing to pay more money for a sound machine with less options and fewer features. And while the Marpac Dohm name has a long and storied reputation, reports in recent years suggest that the quality of the product has declined significantly.

Vs. Lectrofan

While Adaptive Sound Technologies makes a number of white noise machines with the ‘LectroFan name, this review refers to the original, flagship ‘LectroFan product.

‘LectroFan has 10 fan sounds plus 10 ambient noise sounds. Like Dreamegg, these sounds are electronically generated, rather than being generated with an actual fan. Also like Dreamegg, it has a sleep timer.

The classic ‘LectroFan requires constant power (either by AC or USB), and has no rechargeable battery. If you need a device with a battery for on-the-go use, ‘LectroFan Micro2 and ‘LectroFan Alpha both have this feature.

While Dreamegg has a very unimpressive 60 day warranty (which extends another 6 months by registering your product), ‘LectroFan comes with a best-in-class 1,000 day guarantee. However, the printed material that accompanies the product specifies that the warranty is for 1 year, so we aren’t certain what exclusions apply to the 1,000 day guarantee.