Eufy Robovac Keeps Beeping [A Simple Fix is Possible!]

The Eufy Robovac is a significant product in a growing list of vacuums that aim to make life simpler for customers through set-and-forget robotic cleaning.

These robotic vacuum cleaners have grown massively in popularity in recent years, owing chiefly to the convenience they can provide in daily life — and extra features like smart home integration and voice control through popular voice assistants.

If you have a Eufy Robovac at home, it can make life genuinely convenient by automating your daily cleaning routine.

With that said, you might also run into some issues while using the product. One common issue that users face with the Eufy Robovac is intermittent beeping. If you have encountered this issue, the key to solving it at home is understanding why the unit beeps and what each type of beeping indicates.

With the help of this guide, you should be able to understand the issue of the Eufy Robovac beeping and address the exact issue depending on the beeping pattern. This allows you to solve the issue easily and without having to resort to Eufy support or thinking about repairing the unit.

Understanding the Beeping Issue

The most important thing to understand if your Eufy Robovac keeps beeping is that this is a mechanism designed to tell you that something is wrong with the unit.

The beeping, in combination with the state of the main LED light on the unit, is supposed to act like error codes that tell you exactly what the current issue is so that you can go ahead and fix it.

Therefore, in order to understand what the exact problem is, you need to pay attention when your unit is beeping.

  • First, observe if the LED light on the unit is glowing in a solid red color or has a flashing red indicator.
  • Second, listen for the beeping and count the exact number of beeps.

A combination of these two items will be enough to tell you about the issue. You can then follow this guide to carry out the right fix for the problem and get the unit working properly again.

One Beep on the Robovac

If your Robovac is stopping in the middle of operation with one beep, check to see if the LED on the unit is a solid red or flashing.

If the unit is beeping while the light is flashing, it indicates a positional issue with the Robovac.

Most likely, your unit is stuck and unable to move, or is located over a ledge or drop where it has stopped to avoid falling and damaging itself. Relocate your Robovac to an empty area and restart it to see if it starts working again. For a long-term solution, take a look at the environment and map the usage of the Robovac in a way that it does not run into obstacles, ledges, or drops.

If the single beep comes with a solid red LED, it indicates a stuck wheel.

This is usually due to dirt accumulating on one or both wheels, so the first thing to do is give them a thorough cleaning. If a simple cleaning is not doing it, you can take the wheels out, clean them thoroughly, and reinstall them. Your product manual should have a guide detailing how to do this. Once the wheels are clean and free, use the unit again to check if the issue is solved.

Two Beeps on the Robovac

If your Robovac stops working with two beeps and the LED indicator is flashing red, it indicates a bumper error.

Tap on the bumper and shake the area to make sure there is no dirt caught up behind or under it. Push it with your hand and release it to see if it springs back. You can also give the surface of the bumper a thorough cleaning with a cloth.

If this does not solve it, see if the bumper is absolutely level. You can use the screws on the bumper to take it out, clean it, and reinstall it properly so that it is perfectly level.

If the two beeps are happening with a solid red LED indicator, it indicates a side brush error.

Remove the side brushes, clean them thoroughly, and put them back. They should make a clicking sound when you snap them back on the unit. If this does not work, you can try swapping the positions of the side brushes, or replacing them with spare side brush units if you have any at home.

Three Beeps on the Robovac

If your Robovac stops working with three beeps while the indicator LED is flashing red, it indicates an issue with the drop sensors.

First, physically restart your Robovac using the power switch on the body and see if the reset helps matters. Then, you can locate all three drop sensors located under the unit and clean them thoroughly. Extremely dark floors or areas with a lot of light can also cause the sensors to get confused and cause this error.

Based on this, if the three beeps are happening while the LED is glowing a solid red, it indicates an issue with the suction fan.

If this happens, you need to take a look at the filers and the suction unit and clean everything thoroughly. Take a careful look at the suction inlet and see if anything is blocking or choking the air intake.

Similarly, look at the air passage and the filters. With the filters, you need to check if they are all securely installed and in proper alignment. Depending on your model, you might have a single unified filter or three separate filters.

If this does not solve the issue, you need to remove the dust collector from the unit. Then, hold the Robovac with the bumper facing the ceiling and the suction opening facing the floor. Holding in this position, you can then shake out the unit thoroughly to dislodge any dirt or dust that is clogging the passage. When you turn on your vacuum, check to see if there is an unobstructed passage of air through this path.

At this point, if the issue has still not been resolved, you need to check if any of your vacuum parts are wet. If water has gotten into the unit, some internal parts have likely become damaged.

In this case, you can leave the unit powered off for as long as it takes for everything to dry out completely and try again. If there is any internal damage, get your Robovac repaired.

Four Beeps on the Robovac

If the Robovac stops working in the middle of cleaning with four beeps while the LED indicator flashes red, you have a low battery issue.

You need to start by charging the unit. Press the return to home button and make sure that the Robovac gets back to the base station to charge and that the charging contacts at both ends are clean and making a solid connection. Charge the unit for at least six hours and resume cleaning operation.

If you are having charging issues, you can clean the charging contacts at both ends with a clean cloth and try again. When the Robovac is fully charged, the charging LED indicator glows in a solid blue color.

If, however, the four beeps happen with a solid red LED, your rolling brush is stuck.

Check this by removing the rolling brush from the unit along with the brush guard. Try operating your Robovac on a hard, flat surface without these and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you need to clean the brush thoroughly and also the contact points where it attaches to the Robovac.

Make sure there is no dirt that can cause it to get stuck and reinstall the brush. Charge the unit and put it back in operation to see if the issue has been sorted out.

Robovac Beeps While Charging

There might be an issue where your Robovac beeps repeatedly, about four or five times, while it is docked and charging. This indicates a battery issue.

You can try reconnecting the base station to wall power and check if the power LED lights up. You can also check if the charging contact pads on the Robovac and the base station are properly aligned.

As a last resort, you can follow the instructions in your product manual and take out the battery. Clean the contacts and reinsert the battery into your Robovac after a few hours.

Try to charge the unit for at least six hours and see if the problem is resolved. If this still does not solve the beeping issue, you might need to replace the battery.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is all about understanding the error codes indicated by the beeps and diagnosing and solving the problem according to the indicated issue. Just follow this guide and you will be able to do this at home.

It’s likely that you will be asked to do the same things if you contact Eufy support and this way you can save a lot of time and effort sorting out the operation of your Robovac.