Raycon Earbuds, One Side Not Working: How to Fix

Raycon earbuds deliver high-quality audio on the go thanks to their convenient wireless design. Compact and comfortable, these stylish Bluetooth earbuds are ideal for working out, listening to podcasts, and more.

But if one side stops working the experience is not that pleasant. But don’t worry because there are a lot of fixes to try before thinking about buying a new pair of earbuds.

For anyone running into issues with your wireless earbuds — read on to learn more about how to fix Raycon earbuds with one side not working.

Check the Bluetooth Connection

Raycon earbuds rely on a Bluetooth connection to receive audio signals from a paired device. These devices communicate with low-power radio waves. The Bluetooth band ranges from 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz.

Other devices using this same band can block the signal going to your Raycon earbuds. It’s possible that another Bluetooth device is interfering with the signal going to one of your earbuds.

Try turning off other nearby Bluetooth devices. Most Wi-Fi networks use the 2.4Ghz band and can create interference. Plus, some garage door openers and baby monitors also use this band and might interfere with your wireless earbuds.

If you have several wireless devices connected at once, try turning them off to see if it fixes the problem. Configuring your home Wi-Fi to operate on the 5Ghz band instead can prevent interferences with Bluetooth devices.

The range is also an important factor. Most earbuds have a range of approximately 30 feet. If you get too far from the device paired to your earbuds, it’s possible to encounter issues, including one side of your Raycon earbuds not working.

Pairing Problems

If you’re only getting audio on one side, it’s possible that there is a pairing issue. When you pair two devices, they share their Bluetooth addresses and use a ping protocol to establish a connection. If errors happen during this process, you might not get an audio signal or might get audio on one side only.

Check that you have successfully paired your Raycon earbuds to your computer or phone by opening your Bluetooth settings. Look for a list of saved devices. If you don’t see your Raycon wireless earbuds in this list, the audio problem might come from a pairing issue.

Your best option is to unpair your earbuds and pair them again. This simple step can solve a wide range of problems.

Here’s how you can unpair your earbuds:

  • Open your computer or phone Settings menu.
  • Look for an option called Connections or Bluetooth.
  • You should have a device manager tool in this menu.
  • Select the earbuds and look for an option that allows you to unpair them from your device.

You can then pair your earbuds again. It can help to restart your phone or computer before you attempt pairing the earbuds again if you keep running into pairing issues.

If it’s a recurring problem, make sure you have the latest version of your phone or computer OS installed. You can check for updates via the Settings menu.

Here’s how you can pair your Raycon earbuds:

  • Remove the earbuds from their charging case. The earbuds will turn on and enter pairing mode.
  • On your phone, swipe down to access your Bluetooth menu. Look for an option that allows you to scan for nearby devices.
  • On your computer, look for the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it, and you will have the option to add a Bluetooth device.

If the issue persists after unpairing and pairing the earbuds, you can try performing a factory reset:

  • Place the earbuds in the charging case to turn them off.
  • Press the power button on each earbud for 30 seconds.
  • Wait a few seconds for the earbuds to restart.

*If the factory reset doesn’t work, you will need to try resetting them in a different way. Some Raycon models require the power buttons to be pressed while the earbuds are in the closed charging case.

*Because you won’t be able to press the buttons with your fingers while the case is closed, you will have to use a small (dime-sized) object that presses the buttons while the case is closed. This requires some ingenuity, but it still beats having to trash a pair of otherwise functional earbuds.

Battery Issues

If you’re having issues with Raycon earbuds with one side not working, you might have a low battery charge. As the battery depletes itself, some functionalities might become unreliable, and you might lose audio on one side.

According to Raycon, most earbud models should have a battery life of six hours (or more) if you’re listening to audio or using the earbuds to make hands-free calls. If you leave the earbuds sitting in their case, the battery should last 32 hours.

It’s possible that the battery life will become shorter due to wear and tear. If your earbuds are a few years old, you will likely run out of battery faster.

The earbuds will charge whenever you place them in the charging case and close the lid. You’ll also have to charge the case by connecting it to a USB charger. You should get a full charge within two to three hours.

You can keep an eye on the battery level thanks to the four LEDs on the front of the charging case. They should light up and indicate the current status of the battery when you open the case. Four LEDs mean you have a full charge while a single LED indicates it’s time to charge your earbuds.

Charging Case Issues

Your earbuds feature small batteries that draw power from the charging case when you store them. If there are issues with your charging case, your earbuds won’t be able to get the charge they need to function.

If your charging case battery is full and you have already paired your earbuds, you should try wiping the connectors that create a point of contact between the earbuds and the charging case. Use a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

You should also inspect the charging case for signs of damage. Water damage or drop impacts can damage your charging case.

If you have another pair of Raycon earbuds or know someone who has earbuds from this brand, test their charging case to see if your earbuds work. Note that you can purchase a replacement charging case from Raycon or a third party.

If you don’t have access to another charging case, try a “reset” of sorts by periodically opening and closing the charging case.

Mono and Stereo Audio

Audio tracks use channels to store data. A mono track uses a single channel, and the same content will play on both sides of your headphones or speakers.

Stereo tracks use two channels. The content differs to create depth and make sounds feel more realistic. It can also make music sound more enjoyable.

An issue with an audio track can cause one of your earbuds to be silent. For instance, a stereo track can have one channel that is empty.

A mono track will usually play in both ears, but some devices have settings that allow you to control how mono tracks play. You can check these settings by opening your phone or computer’s Accessibility menu.

You should also check that your computer or phone recognizes your Raycon device as earbuds. If your phone or computer has mistakenly registered this device as a single speaker, it might send a single audio channel and cause one of the earbuds to not work. You can check this information in your Bluetooth or Audio settings.

Physical Damage to the Earbuds

If one of your earbuds stopped working, you should inspect it for signs of damage. Dropping your earbud in some water or stepping on it by accident can cause it to stop working.

If you have tried all the steps listed above and still can’t get both earbuds to work, your best option is to contact Raycon to see if the manufacturer will repair or replace your earbuds. The brand has a one-year warranty on its earbuds, but keep in mind that water damage and other incidents will void this warranty.

If you purchase some brand-new earbuds and can’t get one side to work, you should contact the merchant. They will likely replace the defective earbuds or issue a refund.

Debris/Buildup on the Earbuds

This seems simple, but it is a shockingly common source of earbud failure. If your affected earbud has buildup of dirt, dust, or earwax, be sure to clean it thoroughly.

Obviously, you need to be careful when cleaning an earbud. The holes/openings are quite small, so you will likely need a fine-tipped instrument to clean them (such as a needle or pin). Carelessness during cleaning can damage or destroy the earbuds.

But if you have tried everything else, this might be an effective solution.


If you’re only getting audio on one side of your Raycon earbuds, the first thing you should do is check the battery. Next, you can try unpairing and pairing your earbuds again.

If you have several Bluetooth devices in your home or have multiple electronics using your Wi-Fi network, try again after turning some of these devices off.

You can also try performing a factory reset on your earbuds, cleaning the case, replacing the case, and testing different audio tracks to see if the problem persists.