Geekey Multi Tool: The Ultimate Keychain Accessory

We have all been in that unfortunate situation when you are out and about, and an occasion arises where you need a tool. But, you don’t carry your toolbox with you everywhere. This is where Geekey comes in.

Geekey has created a multi-tool that has some of the most commonly sought-after tools and implements, but they are right at your fingertips rather than in your tool box.

You will be shocked at how much time this tool will save you, if only in reducing the amount of trips to your garage to search for a tool you remember you once had.

Moreover, next time you are at your buddy’s house for gameday and need a wrench, or a serrated edge, or phillips head screwdriver, everyone will be in awe of your preparedness with this multi-tool.

The toolbox is a thing of the past with the Geekey Multi-Tool! Read our review to learn more about this nifty gadget!

Geekey Multi-Tool

Geekey Multi-Tool

What’s Included?

The main thing you will want to hear is what Geekey’s product has to offer beyond your Swiss Army Multi-Tool Knife, or your Leatherman Multi Tool.

Geekey can offer what most of these other tools do, but has an accessibility and ease-of-use that sets them apart from other brands.

Here is the breakdown of all the tools on the Geekey Multi-Tool:

  • Bike Spoke Key
  • Multi-fit Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper
  • Open Wrench
  • Smoking Pipe
  • Scoring Tip
  • Bit Driver
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Opener
  • Serrated Edge
  • File
  • Closed Wrench
  • Can Opener
  • Wire Bender
  • Lanyard/Keychain Hole

So, the Geekey Multi Tool certainly lives up to its name. They get a surprising amount of tools into this one piece of metal, potentially more than any of the ‘multi tool’ products mentioned above.

The Good

This is a genuinely nifty product that takes the multi-tool market to the next level.

When we tried the product I was genuinely surprised at how handy it was and how often I used it in day-to-day life.

The general issue with most multi-tool gadgets is that for all their ingenuity and engineering they often get lost in the miscellaneous drawer in your house and you never end up using it.

Whenever I end up in a situation where I need a certain tool, my first thought is always the tool box and I will always waste time searching for the tool I need.

With Geekey’s Multi-Tool I simply reach for my keys, which I usually always have on me when I’m out and about. It will shock you how quickly you can get the small jobs done when your tool is right by your side.

Moreover, what really surprised us is how many of the smaller jobs you see around your house that you actually get done when you have the tool so close at hand.

Whenever you pass that sharp metal edge in your house that you always think to file down for safety, or the screws on your bed that have always needed tightening, you can knock these jobs on the head right as you see them with this multi-tool by your side.

It’s not just the ease of access, it’s the ease of use as well.

Forget trying to dig out a blade from a swiss army knife with your fingernail, or having to perform some convoluted opening sequence to get to a tiny screwdriver you can’t even hold properly with all the tools you’ve opened out.

Source: Geekey

The Geekey Multi-tool is so easy to use, simply pull it out and you are ready to go.

Having access to all the tools in one nifty piece of metal makes it so much quicker and easier to use in everyday life, and more importantly it gives you something rigid and ergonomic to grip.

If you are a labourer and work on a ranch or even in a bar, you will find endless use for this tool.

Especially, when you are on your shift you don’t have to run around for your tools. Whether it’s slashing open the plastic on a pallet, screwing tight the handle on a pan, or cutting open a zip tie, you will be so glad to have the solutions to these problems by your hip.

Finally, if you worry about having something like this on your keychain when in public situations like a gig, at the airport, or walking into a bar, don’t worry — no bouncer will bar you entry for having this tool on you.

Firstly, the tool is shaped familiarly like a key. This isn’t to be clever or shady. Rather, it makes the tool look non-dangerous to security employees.

It’s quite easy to explain this to a security guard, rather than explaining your knife-wielding multi-tool, which is exactly why the Geekey Multi-Tool doesn’t have an obvious knife.

In other words, it isn’t a concealed weapon any more than your house key is.

Secondly, the product is TSA-approved, so it’s not going to land you in hot water at the airport. Moreover, this guarantees the safety of this tool and that it’s totally fine to carry on your person wherever the job calls you.

The Bad

Some of the ‘tools’ do seem relatively unnecessary or at least gimmicky in the best light.

Namely, the smoking bowl seems a bit left-field when it comes to ‘tools’, and even if you were going to use this specific tool it does seem fairly impractical.

If anything will stop you taking this into a bar or airport, it will be the scorched metal that has a particularly funky smell.

The can opener can be a bit of push too, it’s more of a jimmy than something you could open a closed can with. At the best of times, this ‘can opener’ can only achieve what a normal key could anyway. The ruler is similarly a bit of a stretch.

The ruler can only measure one inch, and, again, doesn’t achieve anything a key can’t in terms of a straight edge or measuring up to an inch, most keys are an inch on their blade anyway.

But we can’t blame them for making the most out of the tool, and some will find this super useful.

For what this is, in terms of engineering and materials, you would expect it to be relatively cheap.

Rather, Geekey choose to compete with other market prices, which we can’t hate them for. But, this does mean this product certainly isn’t inexpensive.

The Final Word

We were really surprised by this product. What looks gimmicky on the surface is actually one of the best multi-tools we have used. The ease of use and accessibility is really what sells it.

The amount of jobs you will get done with this by your side will really surprise you, and it will probably get more use than your tool box has seen in years.

While expensive for what it is, it certainly is worth your money more than other multi-tools on the market purely in terms of usage.

At the end of the day, time is money. So, what’s stopping you from giving the Geekey Multi-Tool a try? Get rid of all the excuses stopping you doing those jobs round the house with this multi-tool.