How Much Does a Jukebox Cost? Ultimate Guide

For many, Jukeboxes can bring back memories of a bygone era.

That unmistakable retro vibe of a large, vibrant machine mechanically changing records and letting people pick out individual songs to dance to has largely become lost in the modern times of streaming services and round-the-clock availability of music.

Based on this, for those who love the classic vibe of jukeboxes and would love to have one for home use, office use, or to put inside a special venue, it is entirely possible to get one. 

Modern jukeboxes bring to the table many added features, provide excellent sound quality, and are available across various price points. Many audio technologies have come and gone since the heyday of jukeboxes, and you can see an amalgamation of those features in modern jukeboxes.

If you are looking to buy a modern jukebox, one central question needs answering – how much does a jukebox cost? There is no one correct answer here, as modern jukeboxes come in all shapes and sizes.

Here, we will take a deep dive into modern jukeboxes, their qualities and characteristics, and their prices to give you a concrete idea about what to get. We will also explore jukeboxes that are good for specific needs, and get into properties like size, sound quality, and additional technologies.

Quick Answer – How Much Does a Jukebox Cost?

While jukebox pricing is complicated and depends on a number of factors, they can definitely be broadly categorized into three budget groups.

If you are looking for a budget option, smaller digital jukeboxes, replicas, and Bluetooth jukeboxes can be found for as low as a starting price of $50. The more you spend, the better build quality, sound quality, and extra features you can get. This price range goes up to $1,000, where you can have quality digital jukeboxes, full-size digital jukeboxes, and even some models of CD changing jukeboxes with great sound quality.

For midrange jukebox models, you are looking at an average price range of $1,000 to $5,000. In this range, you can definitely find high-quality digital jukeboxes with all kinds of premium features. Quality CD jukeboxes can also be had in this price range. Finally, in the upper range of this price range, you can also find some vinyl jukeboxes. For most practical purposes, purchasing a jukebox within this price range can bring a great balance between price, quality, and features.

At the high end, you are looking at a price range of $5,000 to $10,000, with some classic, vintage, or collectible vinyl jukebox models going up to as much as $15,000. At this range, you can have large, workhorse jukeboxes that you can easily put in a venue. Old, vintage models are typically expensive, and jukeboxes that work with vinyl are often times the most costly in this category which can be hurtful in inflationary and high gas price times.

Budget Jukeboxes

If you have about $100 to spare, you can get your hands on a mini jukebox that will do the job fairly well. If your budget is anything within $1,000, you can actually walk away with a respectable deal. These mini or replica jukeboxes come loaded with modern features and can provide satisfactory, pleasant sound.

At this budget range, you can expect brands like Steepletone offering their entry-level replica jukeboxes from as low as $150.

These aren’t full-size, freestanding jukeboxes, but they are much more approachable from a price standpoint. Quality brands like Victrola also have models in this range.

For a sub-$120 price tag, you can find a Victrola countertop jukebox that resembles a jukebox in nearly every way — just a miniature version. You get tube style LED lighting for the vintage feel, with modern upgrades like a radio tuner, aux input, and bluetooth capability. The only “catch” is that the device is only 15″ tall, so you sure won’t be able to play vinyls!

The Jive Rock Sixty mini replica model (another Steepletone model) comes in two color options and can be a great choice for a small home. With this, you get a variety of input options like AUX in, USB, SD card, and FM radio. Moreover, there is a front-loading CD player and Bluetooth support.

The Jive Swing 90 is a full-size freestanding model with the same features. At around $350, it also brings in color-changing LED mood lighting, remote operation, and an LCD display.

Pureline is another brand that makes great-looking retro replicas with prices starting from around $600. With these, you again get a number of input options including CD and Bluetooth, and adjustable lighting. In fact, you can even get into vinyl at a budget price with Pureline models like 105V Retro and the 128V Retro.

The Roxby Retro MSRPs for under $1,000 but packs quite a bit of punch in a “full-size” frame. However, be sure to look at the dimensions — it felt much more “half-size” than “full-size” to us. In addition to inputs options via bluetooth, CD, SD card, and USB, this jukebox also has an FM radio and, more importantly, gives you the ability to play records.

Midrange Jukeboxes

At this price point, you have a wealth of options including CD and vinyl varieties. This is also the price point where manufacturers are starting to incorporate modern features and designs. A great example of this is the Touch Rock 50 Two from Steepletone, which presents the full-size retro look with adjustable lighting. This jukebox can play MP3 files, read CD and DVD disks, and also work with SD cards, USB, and Bluetooth.

However, the standout feature is a built-in Android tablet and a touchscreen supported Wi-Fi remote that come bundled with the product. These options help you play video content and easily manipulate the music and lighting control using the touchscreen interface. It is also incredibly easy to connect this jukebox to a hi-fi audio system, a television, or a projector, significantly increasing its possible applications.

The more you move towards the upper limit of the midrange budget, the more you will see a focus on pure audio quality and retro construction, with brands like Pureline, Victrola, and Crosley making some exemplary models that will surely serve your purpose. This is also your entry point for high-end fully digital jukeboxes that operate using touch control, with models like the Lightning and Curve from NSM which look and feel modern.

~~~ Check Price: Victrola Mayfield Full Size Jukebox ~~~

~~~ Check Price: Crosley CR1215A Full Size Jukebox ~~~

High-end Jukeboxes

At the higher end of the price spectrum, you can get real quality, genuine retro feels and exceptional sound. The Sound Leisure Rocket and Digital Rocket are great starting options at around $8,500 featuring premium wooden construction, a thoughtfully laid-out multi-speaker array for great sound, and quality amps and crossovers. Both these models, while integrating modern features, retain that old-world charm of retro jukeboxes.

The Sound Leisure Digital Nostalgia, Gazelle, and Melody Slimline carry on this theme with excellent retro designs and builds, with prices veering towards the $9,000 mark.

If you have the budget to spend $10,000 or more, you can opt for some of the most sought-after brands in the jukebox space, including a number of Rock-Ola models. The Bubbler, the Gazelle, and the Peacock are all well-known Rock-Ola models among jukebox enthusiasts that can satisfy even the most discerning users.

As you move higher, you can explore different premium models from brands like Rock-Ola, Ricatech, Marshall, and Sound Leisure, many of which also incorporate vinyl players to preserve that old-school retro sound signature.

If you are looking for quality high-end jukebox from a recognizable manufacturer, Crosley and Victrola both have full-size high-end models. The Crosley CR1208A and Crosley 1213A are essentially modern versions of the Wurlitzer 1015. For anyone unfamiliar, the Wurlitzer 1015 was a 1940s jukebox that is still considered the “gold standard” for jukeboxes.

The only difference between these two Crosley models is that the CR1208A plays CDs, while the Crosley 1213A plays full-size vinyls.

~~~ Check Price: Crosley CR1208A (CD) ~~~

~~~ Check Price: Crosley 1213A (vinyl) ~~~


Do they still make jukeboxes?

Jukeboxes are still extremely popular, both for casual home use and putting in a large venue. You can choose from a large selection of digital, CD changing, and vinyl jukeboxes across a variety of price points from vendors like Amazon.

There are options available from both lesser-known brands and reputed, large brands. These options range anywhere from a $50 tabletop jukebox up to $15,000+ Wurlitzer 1015 replicas.

How heavy is a typical jukebox?

While modern jukeboxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most of us think of the old-school, large format, freestanding jukeboxes as the original design. When it comes to those models, you can expect a typical weight ranging between 100 to 200 kilograms for the popular and well-known brands.

What are the most expensive classic jukeboxes?

When it comes to classic jukeboxes that have become expensive collectors’ items, a few classic brands and models come to mind.

A lot of the classic Wurlitzer models from the 1930s and 1940s are much sought-after, with the Victory Model 950 being a popular one that would garner a price of around $45,000 today.

The Wurlitzer Model 35 is another cult classic, with an average current evaluation of $70,000.

One of the most remembered and revered classic models would be the Rock-Ola 1414 President, which has been known to be valued well over $130,000.

How much does it cost to ship a jukebox?

Since jukeboxes are typically large and bulky, shipping costs can be high. Pertaining to this, you can be on the lookout for specialist stores that often provide free shipping for specific geographical areas. This can help you get your jukebox shipped without additional cost.

Are there budget-friendly jukebox models?

Take a look at entry-level offerings from Steepletone, Victrola, Crosley, Roxby and Pyle, all brands that make mini replicas and freestanding retro replicas at very affordable prices. If vinyl is an absolute requirement, you would have to spend a little more.

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In Conclusion

Jukeboxes were all the rage many decades ago.

With that said, the fun factor and unique music listening experience can still have a place in the modern age, especially with the cutting-edge features in modern jukeboxes.

Manufacturers now do a golden job of preserving the retro feel with the wooden construction and classic design while infusing modern features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with touchscreen control.

If you are looking to purchase a modern jukebox and wondering how much does a jukebox cost, this guide will help you get your bearing and learn about your options.

With the information provided here, you should be able to pick a jukebox that fits your needs, whether it’s for your home, an office, or a large venue for public use.