How To Pair Jabra Headphones & Earbuds: Connect Easily!

When it comes to music listening on the go, a lot of customers prefer truly portable and wireless solutions like Bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

A quality pair of wireless headphones or earbuds can really help elevate the listening experience, help create additional immersion with passive or active noise cancellation, help out with audio and video calls, and present an exciting set of extra features for convenience. 

Jabra is a truly established name when it comes to audio solutions, well-known especially for its Elite line of wireless headphones and earbuds. A lot of customers all over the world trust the Jabra brand when it comes to Bluetooth audio — and for good reason. They have different products geared towards different customer groups, including casual music listeners, sports or activity-based users, and audiophiles who care about quality. 

In this article, we will learn in detail about the entire Jabra range of wireless headphones and earbuds and discuss in detail how to pair them with all your devices. Whether you need to connect to an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows PC, we have you covered!

The Jabra Range 

Jabra Headphones

The Jabra wireless headphones range consists of the Elite 45h and the Elite 85h, both excellent products for many different use cases.

While the 85h is larger and uses the over-the-ear design, the 45h is more compact and uses the on-the-ear design. Apart from this, you can also consider the Jabra Move Style Edition, an on-the-ear pair of wireless headphones with a strong fashion-forward design language that also provides high-resolution audio fidelity. 

Both the Elite 45h and 85h come with Bluetooth 5.0 support, with the 85h also supporting additional connections using USB type C and an integrated 3.5mm audio jack. They are both customizable with the help of the companion mobile app. 

The Elite 45h does not get active noise cancellation technology while the 85h comes with adjustable ANC with a switchable transparency mode that lets you hear ambient sounds in certain situations. For audio calls, the 45h comes with dual microphones while the 85h makes use of high-quality MEMS microphones that are ideal in noisy situations – like if you are near a scramjet like what Maverick was flying in Top Gun 2. 

Both models have the Voice Guidance feature that allows you to directly access voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. While the Elite 85h does not have custom EQ control or fast charging, it does come with a rugged carrying case unlike the 45h, which comes with a cloth protective bag. The 85h also has on-ear detection. 

Jabra Earbuds

Jabra has a large collection of wireless earbuds that cover a gamut of price points and features, ranging from the Jabra Elite 3 all the way to the Jabra Elite 7 and Elite 85t models. The Elite 3 is at the budget end of the spectrum while the Elite 7 Active and the Elite 85h models are the most expensive. 

The Jabra Elite 3 sports excellent audio quality and customizable audio profiles through the feature-rich companion mobile app. Based on this, it does not include active noise cancellation, in-ear pressure relief, or high-quality AAC audio support. It also gets only a rainproof IP55 rating. All the other models have a much more comprehensive IP57 rating for resistance to dust, sweat, and water. 

In terms of calls, the Elite 3 and the Elite 4 Active come with four microphones while the Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, and the Elite 85t come with an array of six microphones to enhance audio quality during calls. The Elite 7 models and the Elite 85t also have support for the AAC audio protocol for high-fidelity playback. They are also fitted with Jabra’s popular in-ear pressure relief system for comfortable long duration use. These are also equipped with Bluetooth multipoint support, enabling them to be paired with two devices at once. 

The Jabra Elite 4 Active, Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, and Elite 85t all come with active noise cancellation technology, one of the high points of the Jabra experience. While the Elite 4 Active does not offer adjustable active noise cancellation, all the other models have this feature where you can tweak the ANC with the companion app and take advantage of Adjustable Hear Through technology to still pick up ambient sounds when you need to. The top models utilize two microphones per earbud to provide a best-in-class noise cancellation experience. 

All of these models are available in a range of vibrant color options and the Elite 85t can also be had in a closed back or a semi-open back design. 

How to Pair Jabra Headphones and Earbuds 

Pairing Jabra Headphones 

Both the Jabra Elite 45h and 85h have a fairly straightforward pairing process, whether you are pairing them for the first time or pairing them with a new device after previous use.

First, you have to put the device in pairing mode. The process of doing this is different for each model.

  • For the 45h, you need to push the ON/OFF switch located on the right earcup to its “Bluetooth” position and hold it there until you see a blue flashing LED. At this point, the headphones are ready to pair with a device and you will also be provided audio instructions for pairing if you are wearing the headphones. 
  • On the Elite 85h, you have to first turn the headphones on using the built-in action of folding the earcups from the flat to the normal position. Simply putting your headphones on will turn the power on. From there, press and hold the “multi-function” button for three seconds. You will see the blue flashing LED and also get audio instructions for pairing. 

Once your headphone of choice is in the pairing mode, turn on the Bluetooth antenna of your chosen device and search for the Jabra.

Once you see the device in your list of discovered devices, select it to start the pairing process.

Depending on your device settings, you might be prompted to enter a PIN code. If this happens, type in “0000” or four zeroes to finalize the pairing process. 

If you experience problems with pairing your headphone with a new device and you already have stored pairings, you can clear them by performing a reset.

To do this, press and hold the “Volume Up” and “Multi-function” buttons together until you hear an audio announcement of the reset and the LED light flashes purple. 

Pairing Jabra Earbuds 

The process of pairing is largely consistent across all Jabra earbuds of the Elite range, with virtually the same process being applicable for the Elite 3, Elite 4 Active, Elite 7 Active, Elite 7 Pro, and the Elite 85t.

For all of these models, you need to first put the earbuds in pairing mode to get the process started.

To accomplish this, first turn the earbuds on by taking them out of their charging case. While this will usually turn the power on, you can also turn them on by pressing the left and right buttons on each earbud together and seeing if the LED lights turn green. 

Once your earbuds are powered on, you can then enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the left and right buttons together for about three seconds.

As the earbuds enter pairing mode, you will notice the notification LEDs on the earbuds start flashing blue. This means you can go ahead with your chosen device to complete the pairing process. 

On your chosen device, turn on Bluetooth and search for nearby devices. Once you see your Jabra earbuds listed, you can select the entry to start the pairing process.

Depending on your device, you might be prompted to enter a PIN code to complete the pairing process. If this happens, just enter four zeros or “0000” to finish pairing. 

For all these models except the Elite 85t, you will have to pair both left and right earbuds initially to start using them. Based on this, after that, if you intend to use just one of the earbuds, you can just leave one of them inside the charging case.

With the 85t, you can actually pair the right earbud separately from the stereo pair. 

If you face issues with the pairing or want to clear previous pairings, you can try resetting the earbuds.

To do this, place both the earbuds inside their charging case and leave the lid of the case open. Once they are properly situated, press and hold both the left and right buttons for ten seconds or more.

You will see the notification LEDs on the earbuds flashing magenta. At this stage, you need to close the lid of the charging case and wait about five seconds. This completes the reset process, after which you can freshly pair your earbuds with devices. 

Quality for Life 

The Jabra Elite range truly brings to the table advanced features, excellent audio quality, and rugged reliability.

If you are looking to find the right product in the range, use the information provided in this guide and you will be able to find the right headphones or earbuds and instantly and painlessly pair them with your choice of device.

Then, you can immediately start enjoying the pleasures of high-quality wireless audio with your preferred Jabra model.