How to Pair TOZO Earbuds with Any Device!

While Bluetooth earbuds tend to be a little sturdier than their wired counterparts, they also present unique challenges for users that weren’t present with wired headphones.

Pairing your new Bluetooth headphones with your devices can be a challenge since there’s no standard way to initiate pairing mode and different devices have unique interfaces to interact with Bluetooth devices.

Here, we will provide a detailed guide for pairing TOZO earbuds, which should work with any products in the TOZO lineup. Whether you use a PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone, we’ve got you covered.

How to Put TOZO Earbuds in Pairing Mode 

Removing both earbuds from the charging case will automatically initiate pairing mode for Tozo earbuds. However, if they’ve previously been paired with a device, they’ll automatically re-pair with that device.

If you’re trying to pair them with another device, you’ll need to turn Bluetooth off on your original device so it doesn’t pair with the headphones. 

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Workstation Pairing 

Many people pair Bluetooth headphones with their workstation to give themselves a little bit of background noise while they work. For many, this improves their focus and allows them to produce better results.

Tozo headphones are generally pretty easy to pair with devices, and devices up to Windows 10 will work just fine.

There’s currently an issue with Windows 11 PCs and Tozo earbuds that have been documented with at least the Tozo T6 and the Tozo T10 headsets. 

How to Pair Tozo Earbuds with a Windows PC

If you’re trying to pair your earbuds with a Windows PC, you’ll want to start by putting the headphones into pairing mode by taking them out of the case. Then you’ll want to hit the Windows Key and type in “Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings.” 

Once you get to the Bluetooth and other devices setup, you’ll need to find the “Add Device” button. It should be at the top just below the option to turn Bluetooth on or off. (Be sure to confirm that this option is toggled to the “On” position).

Open up the “Add Device” dialogue and select the “Bluetooth” option as this is the same dialogue you’ll use to pair your computer with any wireless device. 

Select your Tozo headphones and they should pair automatically whenever you take them out of the case.  

How to Pair Tozo Headphones with MacOS Computers

MacOS computers use a similar system to Windows computers.

However, the Bluetooth option is located in the status bar. If the Bluetooth option doesn’t show up in the status bar, you can turn the Bluetooth option on from the Control Center menu. 

To get to the Control Center, go through the Apple Menu and select Bluetooth options. Here you’ll find the “Show Bluetooth in Status Bar” option and you can use this to turn the option and off. Selecting the Bluetooth option in the Status Bar is a shortcut to the computer’s Bluetooth options in the Control Center. 

Once you’ve gotten to the Bluetooth options, you’ll want to hit the connect button next to your Tozo headphones and the computer will connect to the system. 

Mobile Devices 

Connecting Your Tozo Earbuds to Android

To connect your Tozo Earbuds to an Android device, start by ensuring that the Android device’s Bluetooth connectivity is turned on. If Bluetooth is on, you’ll usually see a little Bluetooth symbol in the notification bar. 

If you’re unsure whether your Bluetooth is turned on, open the expanded options menu by dragging down the top of the screen. This will open the notification bar and the extended options. The Bluetooth symbol will be blue if it’s turned on and say “On” underneath it. 

You’ll want to pull the menu down again to get access to the Bluetooth options. Tap the word “Bluetooth” beneath the Bluetooth symbol in the menu to open the Bluetooth options.  

That will open the Bluetooth menu.

Tap the name of your Tozo headphones to pair them with your Android device.

How to Pair Tozo Earbuds with an iOS Device

Pairing Tozo earbuds with an iOS device is similar to pairing them with an Android device. Start by going into your Apple settings and search for the Bluetooth settings.

Simply tap your Tozo earbuds in the Devices menu and the device will pair to the Tozo headphones. 

My Headphones Are Connected, But There Is No Sound

There are many reasons you may experience soundlessness even though your headphones are connected. On mobile devices, the device may automatically turn off media sounds, assuming you’ve connected headphones for the purpose of making a phone call. 

Start by checking your headphone settings to ensure that media sounds are turned on if you can’t hear your music or videos when using your headphones. 

Additionally, you may experience driver issues that result in your headphones not playing sounds when connected to an input device.  

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Devices on Windows 

At the time we wrote this—6 May, 2022—there’s a huge problem with Tozo headphones and Windows 11.

At the moment, there’s a flood of issues present with the connectivity of Tozo headphones and according to Microsoft the problem has nothing to do with them! Despite the fact that the issue has been affecting hundreds to thousands of users who use Tozo headphones, Microsoft continues to insist that the problem has to do with the users’ hardware that worked fine with their headphones until they upgraded to Windows 11.

So, if your primary audio device is a Windows 11 device, you might want to choose a different device since Microsoft seems to have no intention of fixing the problem. 

We’ll do our best to update this article if there’s an update from either Microsoft or Tozo that fixes this issue. 

Start by seeing if you can run the audio troubleshooter. Hit the windows key and search for “Find and Fix Problems with Playing Audio.” Select your headphones and run the troubleshooter to see if the system can fix the problem. 

If you have Windows 11, your headphones may not even show up as an option to troubleshoot. If that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do besides waiting to see if Tozo or Microsoft releases an update that fixes the problem. 

How to Troubleshoot Audio Issues on MacOS Devices 

Most of the issues that occur between MacOS and headphones have to do with which audio device is selected as the default device.  

Start by navigating to System Preferences and go to the Sound options. Click on your Tozo headphones to activate them. 

If you still have no sound in your headphones after you’ve activated them, head over to the Bluetooth Settings and remove the headphones from the device. Then re-pair the headphones and see if that clears up the issues.  

How to Troubleshoot Audio Issues on Android Devices 

Audio issues with Android devices are mostly caused by the media audio being turned off. Open up your audio mixer by hitting the volume buttons and then pressing the three dots at the top of the volume bar. This will open the volume mixer options. 

Once you open the expanded options, there should be four bars. The third one is the media volume and the fourth one is the volume of the phone. 

Final Thoughts 

It can be frustrating trying to pair your Bluetooth headphones with your devices since there’s not been a push for standardization of the Bluetooth interface.

While hoping for a standardized Bluetooth interface might be on your list, you probably won’t see a return on that any time soon.

So for now, it’s important to just keep up with the times and always learn new systems! The above information should be sufficient to get your TOZO earbuds connected to any PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone!