How to Reset Eufy Robovac [Simple, Quick, & Easy!]

Eufy is a smart-home company that makes everything from robot vacuums to smart-home cameras. They’ve become a trendy alternative to iRobot, makers of the Roomba — and the ability to link all of their devices into one mobile companion app is a compelling reason to choose Eufy over iRobot.

However, as with any electronics company, there comes a time when a device ceases to function correctly.

One of the most common troubleshooting steps regarding consumer electronics is factory resetting your unit. Doing this resets all the settings to the “out of the box” state. Unfortunately, it also wipes any memory caches and data saved on the device or in its companion app.

But issues with your device will often be solved by setting it back to the factory settings. Here, we will get straight to the point and show you how to reset a Eufy Robovac.

Why Should I Factory Reset My Eufy Robovac?

Understanding why you should factory reset your Eufy Robovac starts with understanding what a factory reset is and why it can benefit your device.

Factory resetting is deleting all user data from a device and restoring it to the settings with which the manufacturer ships the product. It can be a beneficial tool for resolving software discrepancies arising from consistent device use.

What Is a Factory Reset?

As we mentioned, a factory reset is a process in consumer electronics of deleting all user data, wiping all memory caches, and restoring the software settings to the ones with which the manufacturer ships the unit. Some literature refers to factory resets as “hard resets,” “hardware resets,” or “master resets.”

Factory resets will remove all of the following data:

  • User data
  • Application data
  • Third-party data
  • Companion data
  • User-modified settings

What Does Factory Resetting Fix?

Factory resets are often used to fix minor software errors that occur from the long-term use of a device. Your devices are running thousands of lines of code per minute to keep all their processes running.

They also store information in their memory to allow them to multitask inside their “brains.” However, when so much data is being processed and passed through memory, there’s always a risk of something snagging on another data piece.

When you factory reset your device, it deletes all the unnecessary data produced by regular usage. It also changes all the settings back to the original factory settings, which can help your device start functioning as intended again.

While factory resetting your device is rarely the first step, it’s a common step that people take when diagnosing consumer electronics. Typically, suppose a device can’t be fixed by factory resetting it. In that case, it indicates a more severe problem requiring professional repairs.

What Data Gets Reset When I Factory Reset My Eufy Robovac?

Eufy Robovac units don’t actually store that much user information. Typically, when you reset your Eufy Robovac, the only thing that gets reset is the Wi-Fi connection.

When you reset your Eufy Robovac, it will delete your Wi-Fi settings. You’ll have to set them again using Eufy’s companion app.

Since Eufy units don’t save much user information, not much gets deleted when you reset. However, suppose you have your Robovac set to clean on a schedule. In that case, you’ll want to note this and any other personal settings you’ve set up for your vacuum so you can re-enter them when you’ve completed the reset.

How to Factory Reset Different Eufy Robovac Units

Eufy’s Robovac series doesn’t have a standardized method of factory resetting the units. So, you’ll need to consult your unit’s manual if you still have it to find out how to factory reset the unit. However, we’ve compiled all the data on resetting Eufy Robovac units for you here.

Factory Resetting the Eufy Robovac C-Series (Wi-Fi Enabled)

The Eufy Robovac C-series is one of Eufy’s older Robovac models. They no longer sell the Robovac C-series units on their website but retain the diagnostic manual and driver information.

  • To reset the Eufy Robovac C-series, you’ll want to press and hold the Auto clean button for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, the Robovac will play a tone, and the Wi-Fi status light will start to flash.
  • Once your Robovac’s Wi-Fi Status light is flashing, you can follow the setup instructions for setting up your vacuum’s Wi-Fi connection.

These instructions are valid for the Eufy Robovac 15C, 25C, 30C, 15C Max, 25C Max, and 30C Max units.

Factory Resetting the Eufy G-Series (Wi-Fi Enabled)

Like the C-Series, the Eufy G-Series Robovacs are an outdated model that Eufy no longer sells. However, the diagnostic information remains freely available on their website.

  • To reset a G-Series Robovac, you’ll want to press and hold the Start button for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, the vacuum will play a voice prompt, and the Wi-Fi light will slowly flash blue, indicating that settings have been reset to factory standards.

These instructions are valid for the Eufy Robovac G10 Hybrid, G20, G20 Hybrid, G30, G30 Edge, G30 Verge, and G30 Hybrid.

Factory Resetting Eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid

Eufy Robovac L70 Hybrids have two methods of resetting the units. One is a soft reset that only resets the Wi-Fi connection, and the other resets all the settings to factory standards.

  • You’ll want to press the Start and Charge buttons to reset the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Hold them for 3 seconds until you hear a voice prompt, and the Wi-Fi status light slowly flashes blue.
  • Once you hear the voice prompt and the Wi-Fi status light is flashing, your Wi-Fi connection has been reset.

If the above reset was insufficient to solve the problem, proceed with a factory reset.

  • If the face buttons aren’t responding, reset the device using the recessed reset button under the hood. The reset button is just beneath the hinge, and you’ll need a pin to press it down.
  • Next, take your Eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid off the charging dock and leave it for a few minutes to ensure the unit is not electrically charged.
  • Then open the hood and press the button to factory reset the unit.

Factory Resetting the Eufy Robovac X8 Series

There are two units in the X8 series, the X8 and the X8 Hybrid, which features mopping capabilities. Luckily the factory reset function of these units is standardized within their series.

  • For example, to reset the X8 Series Robovac units, you’ll need to press and hold the Power and Charge buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds.
  • Then, when the unit has been factory reset, it will play a voice prompt, and the Wi-Fi status light will slowly flash blue.

What to Do if Factory Resetting Your Eufy Robovac Doesn’t Work

Suppose factory resetting your Eufy Robovac doesn’t resolve your issues. In that case, you’ll want to contact Eufy to see if professional repairs are possible.

Unfortunately, while iRobot continues to service and repair depreciated models of the Roomba, Eufy hasn’t been quite as comprehensive with its repairs. So, you may need to invest in a new Robovac if they no longer take your model for repairs.

However, they do have a comprehensive literature library about servicing their Robovac models. So, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you somehow.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t easy when your electronics don’t work as intended. It’s especially difficult when you rely on those electronics to help keep your home clean and traversable.

Luckily, resetting your Eufy Robovac isn’t exceptionally difficult. They’ve done an excellent job of keeping the process relatively standardized over their different models, even if the method is slightly different for each model.