How To Restart App on Samsung TV

Those precious few hours we get to ourselves at the end of a long day are hard to come by. So when an application on your television refuses to work, it’s hard to blame you for getting felonious with your Samsung.

Thankfully, there are several comprehensive solutions we can look at and utilize before opting for very aggressive and deliberate percussive maintenance.

A malfunctioning television application has some telltale signs that you can use to understand whether or not it is glitched or in need of a reboot. If the television screen stays black, refuses to load a page, repeatedly stutters or lags behind, or shows an error message – you need to restart your application.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to efficiently run down a number of different ways to restart an application as well as discuss possible reasons for television difficulties. There are several issues in electronics that are often considered unfixable — this is nowhere close to being one of them.

If you want to restart your application and diagnose it in the next five minutes, continue reading!

How To Reset an Application on Samsung Televisions

If you are having problems resetting your Samsung device, you are in good company. Several folks have expressed growing concern about their inability to restart the applications on their television.

The solutions to the problem are incredibly simple, despite not being very easy to figure out. The following are all the different ways you can successfully reset an application on your Samsung device.

Below this category, we will be going more in-depth on why applications could be malfunctioning in your Samsung Television.

Select Another Application

This is listed above everything else because of how unbelievably easy it is to do. As the title of this solution suggests, the easiest way to reset the glitchy application is to open up any other app on your TV. The operating system of Samsung devices can’t run applications in the background, so once you select a new one – the glitchy app turns off.

For the sake of being thorough, we will be offering a step-by-step guide on every solution. Admittedly, some may feel a bit more simple than others.

  1. On your Samsung remote, select the Home option.
  1. Choose a different app than the affected one and select it.
  1. Allow a moment for the app to boot up.
  1. When it has completely launched, hit the Home option.
  1. Choose the affected app and see if the issue has resolved itself.

While this solution may take less than thirty seconds, there are going to be a good majority of people who this will not work for. For those this did work for, congratulations – you are good to go!

If you are still having issues with your application, don’t lose faith! This solution is rendered completely ineffective if the app froze your screen or made remote inputs non-responsive.

Reboot The Samsung TV

If switching the application is unable to fix the problem, it’s time to focus on power cycling the television itself. This can be done through the comfort of a reclined position and a raised remote or by manually shutting the television off by hand.

We will be going over both ways below with a step-by-step guide for each. The remote solution will absolutely be more convenient, though may be useless if the screen is frozen or unresponsive.

If changing the application did not work because the app was frozen or unresponsive, we strongly recommend going straight to the second method.

To reset the television with a remote, do the following:

  1. Press down the power button on your television remote. Do not let go.
  1. The television will turn black and begin the reboot.
  1. You can let your finger off the power button when the television has fully rebooted and turned back on.
  1. Select the glitchy app and see if the problem persists.

To reset the television by hand, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Samsung television.
  1. Remove the Samsung power cable from the outlet and wait for half a minute.
  1. When thirty seconds have elapsed, you can connect the power cable to the wall.
  1. Turn the television back on and select the Home option.
  1. See if the application has resolved the problem

This is likely the most bulletproof method of reliably resetting applications. Your television might freeze, the remote might stop working, the application could relay text in Aramaic and you can still count on the trusty reboot.

We will still discuss alternate ways to reset an application on your Samsung television, though these top two ways are both the quickest and most thorough by far. If these haven’t resolved the issue with your application, it may be time to uninstall it.

Remove and Re-Install Problem App

If you have followed the previous solutions and the application is still slow to work as intended, you are going to have to uninstall the application in its entirety.

Sometimes the integrity of an application is not where it should be and the data can become corrupted. When this happens, the quickest and most effective way to fix it is by removing and reinstalling the software.

Write down any important user information from the app before removing it if the software requires login credentials.

  1. Select the Home option on your TV remote.
  1. Go to Apps then select the Settings icon in the upper right.
  1. Click on the malfunctioning application, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  1. Select the Delete option to remove the application.
  1. Select the Home option once again.
  1. Go to Apps once more, this time clicking the Search icon (magnifying glass).
  1. Look up the application and select Install.
  1. Navigate to the application either on your Home screen or through the Apps menu.
  1. Launch the application.

This is a valuable tip you can utilize across several platforms, not just on your Samsung television. Oftentimes the best solution is simply bringing a product or software back to its “factory” settings.

If this did not fix your application, the problem is more than likely a bit more trouble than a reset can solve. Before we get into that though, let’s take a look at a couple more fixes.

Reset The Smart Hub

This solution can prove very chaotic to the overall ease of use of your Samsung television. It should be said prior to anyone committing to this solution that this will essentially delete all your saved settings. If that is more than you are willing to risk losing, it may be worthwhile to look for more focused solutions for the individual app below.

This is absolutely a way to restart an application on your Samsung television, but it really can suck. Just to be clear, this will wipe your accounts, clear your saved passwords and remove everything but the factory settings. It can also help to write down all your apps so you don’t have to try and recall all your different subscription services. Now that we have settled how problematic this can be, let’s move on to how to do it.

If you are okay with losing your saved settings, usernames, and passwords – do the following:

  1. Select the Home option on your Samsung remote.
  1. Navigate and select the Settings option.
  1. Select Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub.
  1. You will need to enter the PIN for your television. If you haven’t set a PIN, it is 0000.
  1. The Smart Hub has now been reset.

For those wondering about all the different ways you can reset a Samsung television – you can now scratch the last one off the mental checklist. Samsung has done a solid job of offering multiple ways to reset their televisions. This is excellent for consumers, as it is one of the more common maintenance tasks that come with owning a smart TV.

Update The Television

For those that have already given their television a thorough reset, the next best way to get all your applications on the straight and narrow is to update your TV’s software.

If an application is outdated or even just an update or two behind, it can cause issues down the road. The process of updating your applications is incredibly simple, however.

  1. Select the Home button on your remote.
  1. Go to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  1. Select the Update Now option.
  1. Allow the update a few minutes to complete.
  1. Test your application to see if it is working normally.

While this certainly is not going to reset any software you have on your device, it may help get it running more smoothly. The only reason this was tacked on at the end is that it falls slightly outside the confines of what this article is focused on – even if it is relevant.

The next time you have an app that is unresponsive or slow to work, try seeing if it can be updated.


There is always something to be said for resetting electronics when they decide not to work. From the cartridge video games of some of our youths to the applications we rely on throughout all our technology, few things beat a quick reset.

Samsung has offered four reset methods, which is a good amount of variety considering how much can go wrong with a TV and its remote.

While it may seem like tech companies are only creating new problems with new products, things are getting better.

For those that remember the CRT televisions, you had to do everything short of inviting a few buddies over to straighten it out before it gave a clear signal. Now with smart televisions, you can shout obscenities at your TV from the comfort of your chair as the application malfunctions.

It may seem annoying now having to reset an application, but it beats having to break out aluminum for the antennas!