HYPR vs. Scuf PS5 Controllers [Compared Side-by-Side]

If you’re seriously into gaming then you’ve definitely heard of Scuf. Their controllers are loved by pros and amateur gamers alike. On the other hand, HYPR was only founded in 2021 but is already impressing gamers with its highly customized controllers.

We thought it’d be a good idea to put the new kids on the block up against a gaming institution. So, we’re going to compare 2 of the best custom PS5 controllers that are available right now.

We’re going to closely examine the rear buttons, programming, appearance, thumbsticks, and price to determine which controller is our winner. Settle in and let’s take a look.

HYPR Overview

HYPR makes highly customized PS5 controllers allowing you to fully design each aspect of your own controller to enhance your gaming experience.

As well as adding or removing features like adaptive triggers you can also make major aesthetic changes to get the look you want.

The 3 basic models from HYPR are the Tournament FPS, Signature PS, and the Signature FPS. For the purposes of this comparison, we’ll be focussing on the Signature FPS Ps5 controller.

Scuf Overview

Scuf controllers are quite customizable, similar to HYPR controllers, and allow you to design certain aspects. They offer 3 PS5 controllers which are the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and the Reflex FPS. Each model is essentially built on the DualSense controller platform.

For this comparison, we’ll be reviewing the Reflex Pro as it’s the most popular Scuf controller and is in a similar price range to the HYPR Signature FPS.

HYPR Signature FPS VS Scuf Reflex Pro


Signature FPS

The HYPR Signature FPS is priced at $189.99 when ordered from the HYPR website. As many gamers consider this to be one of the best controllers on the market this isn’t too expensive.

Reflex Pro

A Reflex Pro controller will set you back $229.99. As far as custom PS5 controllers go this is around the mid-price range but it’s still a little bit more expensive than the Signature FPS.

Rear buttons

Signature FPS

As HYPR controllers are so customizable the rear button setup will differ greatly depending on how you’ve chosen to customize your controller. If you add hair triggers, for example, this will lead to performance changes when playing FPS games.

The preconfigured Signature FPS controllers come with mechanical, ergonomic rear buttons that are ideal for competitive gaming. They also have QUICK triggers which are just as responsive as hair triggers.

All of the rear buttons are programmable so that you can remap them to suit your gaming style.

Reflex Pro

On the back of the Reflex Pro controller is a wide bump that houses 4 programmable paddle buttons. They extend downwards along the inner curves of the grips making them convenient to use.

When the Reflex Pro is in your hands you’ll notice that your middle fingers naturally rest in between the two paddles on the sides. This allows you to pull any of the four paddles easily.

If you’d rather remove the paddles then this can be easily done. You simply need to firmly pull on them and they’ll come out of their holes.

You can’t remove the bump itself but this doesn’t really matter. It sits between the grips and the triggers, and won’t cause any issues whilst playing.

The adaptive triggers also offer nice haptic feedback that gives them the feel of a regular PS5 controller.


Signature FPS

The preconfigured Signature FPS controller comes with HYPR’s Glide Rings. These are reasonably thick which allows for good control when playing first-person shooters. They’re slightly concaved so that your thumbs slot into them nicely.

However, if you’d rather change the thumbsticks on the preconfigured model for something else there are a couple of other options. You can opt to install interchangeable thumbsticks instead or you can choose the same thumbsticks as a regular PS5 controller.

Reflex Pro

The Reflex Pro controller comes fitted with convex thumbsticks. If you prefer concave sticks this isn’t a problem as the controller also comes with concave interchangeable thumbsticks.

To remove them, you need to take off the plastic panel that sits just below the touchpad. You’re then able to pull out the sticks and replace them with the concave ones.

Sometimes interchangeable thumbsticks are loose when fitted and feel like they’re always just about to fall off. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this controller.

The ridged sides and smooth centers of the sticks mean they’re comfortable to use without sacrificing control. This reduces the chance of your thumb slipping during crucial moments of gameplay.


Signature FPS

As all of HYPR’s controllers are designed to be used for competitive gaming they’re all highly programmable. You can remap the buttons to any configuration you like.

Depending on what type of game you’re playing you can reprogram the controls to enhance your performance.

Reflex Pro

The Reflex Pro is much more limited when it comes to reprogramming. A button located on the rear bump allows you to switch between 3 different control profiles. The modes are indicated by glowing green, red, or blue.

The 3 profiles are presets designed for different types of games. You have the FPS mode, the racing mode, and the sports mode. However, the Reflex Pro does allow you to program each paddle for any of the modes and create your own profiles.

Programming is where the Reflex Pro really is inferior to the Signature FPS. You can only manually map the rear paddles and there is no other customization software.

The other controls can’t be remapped, you can’t program macros, and the sensitivity curves for the triggers and sticks can’t be adjusted.

Although a regular DualSense controller also doesn’t have these features you’d expect a custom PS5 controller in this price range to have more customization software.


Signature FPS

The preconfigured Signature FPS controllers come in 4 solid colors which are gray, black, orange, and blue. However, you can opt to design your controller yourself. This gives you the choice of a seemingly endless variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

When it comes to appearance, the sky is the limit with HYPR controllers.

Reflex Pro

The appearance of the Reflex Pro offers a tremendous amount of customization. It comes in several different colors including orange, red, gray, blue, white, and black. When ordering, you can choose different faceplate designs, trim colors, and button colors. In terms of shape, it’s essentially exactly the same as a DualSense controller.

The D-pad, face buttons, and grips are almost identical to a regular PS5 controller.

HYPR Pros & Cons


  • Very reasonable price.
  • Buttons are fully reprogrammable.
  • Highly customizable.


  • The wait times can be pretty long.

Scuf Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable to use with convenient rear paddles and haptic feedback.
  • Behaves like a DualSense controller with similar features.
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks.


  • Full button remapping isn’t available.
  • Accessories are limited.
  • No customization software for trigger and stick sensitivity curves.
  • Fairly expensive.


Are Scuf controllers expensive?

Scuf has 3 different models of PS5 controllers in different price ranges.

The least expensive model is the Scuf Reflex which costs $199.99. The Scuf Reflex Pro is the mid-price range controller and comes in at $229.99. The most expensive option is the Scuf Reflex FPS which costs $259.99.

Although the Reflex FPS is expensive it’s still cheaper than other custom controllers on the market with similar performance levels. For example, the Hexgaming Rival Pro is $289.99.

Are Scuf controllers used by pro gamers?

Scuf controllers are very popular amongst pro gamers. Scuf claims that 90% of pro gamers use their controllers. Whilst this is hard to verify they are the official partner of many major gaming leagues such as MLG, CDL, UMG, ESL, EGL, and Gfinity.

Scuf also makes apparel and accessories that are designed for pro gamers.

How long is the warranty for Scuf controllers?

All controllers that are purchased from the Scuf online store come with a 6-month warranty. The warranty begins from the date the controller is shipped to you. This is a fairly standard length of warranty for custom PS5 controllers.

Final Thoughts

So, which controller comes out on top?

The Reflex Pro is a solid controller that’s comfortable and convenient to use. It doesn’t have many flaws but the lack of customization software is its downfall. Given that it’s more expensive than the Signature FPS you’d expect it to have this software.

The preconfigured Signature FPS has many of the same upsides as the Reflex Pro but its buttons are fully remappable. Due to this, its low price, and how customizable it is, HYPR definitely takes the crown on this occasion.