iMovR vs. Deskhaus vs. Uplift 

If you work at home for extended periods of time every day, one of the best investments you can make for your health is a standing desk.

An electric or motorized sit-stand desk employs motors in the frame to raise or lower the desktop so that you can adjust its height to be perfect for either a sitting or a standing position. This allows you to keep changing your position throughout the workday, successfully avoiding the negative health effects that come with sitting down for too long. 

If you are in the market for a motorized standing desk, there are quite a few manufacturers that make excellent products you can consider. In this review, we will be taking a look at three popular manufacturers of standing desks — iMovR, Deskhaus, and Uplift.

While these three companies have very different approaches when it comes to their products, features, and pricing, they are stellar companies that have served thousands of customers with excellent products. 

In this roundup, we will take a look at their product lines, typical pricing, and some of the unique features and selling points that can compel you to opt for one of these based on your requirements. 

Quick Comparison 

The most crucial difference between the brands under discussion is pricing and the way they have put together their product line.

Uplift makes the most affordable desks of the three and most of their popular products are priced within the $1,000 mark. The Uplift V2, the most popular offering from the company and often considered one of the best all-around standing desk models currently available in the market, starts out at a base price of $599.

While Uplift has products in the range that go all the way to over $3,500 depending on the options you choose, most of their desks are good-value products that will not set you back much in terms of budget. This is awesome when inflation is sky high and other economic indicators such as gas prices are not on your side. 

iMovR is known as a more premium brand, often being hailed for its made-in-America quality standards and highly innovative designs. While their base models start from around $750, their most acclaimed models are more expensive, often crossing the $2,000 mark with the proper options.

Unlike Uplift, iMovR is well-known as a tech-forward company that creates desks that often push the boundaries in terms of technology. While it does make mass-market desks, there is a whole degree of customization options, and you can create a desk truly your own using these. 

Deskhaus is more of a boutique brand of standing desks, creating fashion-forward desks that have no compromise in terms of build quality and features. While their basic model starts out from under $700, it is not uncommon for Deskhaus offerings to cost upwards of $3,000 according to the customization options you choose.

Customization is the USP of Deskhaus as, although they do have a bunch of pre-configured models for sale, you can customize and configure every single element of your desk on their website, making sure that you end up with a desk that is truly your own. 

While the price can well determine which of these brands you go for, you also need to choose based on the requirements of your use case.

If you want an all-around desk at a great price, go with an Uplift desk. If you need a quality, tech-forward product, choose iMovR. If you want a boutique product built to your exact specifications and do not begrudge the extra budget required, go with Deskhaus.

Product Range 


The Uplift product range starts with their reliable V2 desk, which is available with two frame options, the standard and the commercial. In fact, these are the two frame options that power all of their products irrespective of price.

The differences are in the frame designs, the desktop choices, and the extra features. The basic V2 model can be customized in many ways, but there are also a number of other pre-configured options available. Notable among them are the curved corner standing desk that uses a static post on one corner to provide a larger, curved work area. 

You can also opt for the many L-shaped options if you are looking to fill a corner area or need to place more than one system on the desk. Stemming from this, Uplift also has a number of other unique models, including a 120-degree standing desk, a craft table, and a conference table.

Solid wood and custom-made versions come at a higher price. They also sell a number of accessories, including standing desk converters. 


iMovR divides its products into several product lines, starting with the least expensive, the Jaxson line.

Available in standard and compact forms, the Jaxson desks make use of advanced brushless motor technology for seamless and jerk-free motion. Brushless motors also have a longer life and a significantly lower rate of failure.

With the Jaxson line, you get the performance and reliability of the brushless motors, in addition to different desktop materials and finishes, class-leading technology like Bluetooth connection, NFC, high-sensitivity collision monitoring, infrared presence detection, and a companion smartphone app. 

The signature product of the iMovR collection is the Lander line, which comes with a built-in “health coach” feature that can help guide users regarding the ideal times to sit or stand during work. These come in solid wood finishes and also form the base for their U-desk and L-desk series of products.

Along with all the technology you find in their Jaxson line, you also get a slew of other features, including their patented SteadyType ergonomic keyboard tray solution. Also included are integrated lighting, high weight capacity, anti-tilt detection, and their famed durable 3D laminate desktops.

If you want most of these features at a lesser price point, they offer their Lander Lite line of desks. 


Deskhaus promises endless possibilities when putting a desk together, with a high degree of customization that can help you choose every element and every characteristic of your desk from scratch.

With that said, they also have a number of pre-configured models, starting from the budget Detroit model. Then, there are models available at various price points including the Lancing, Rockford, Grand Haven, and the Grand Rapids, their most expensive model. 

If you opt for the pre-configured options, you have limited choice with the color and finish of the desktops. These usually come with a cable snake for better cable management and paddle switches that help you control the height.

Higher-end models also come with an integrated power brick solution to help you power all your devices. 

Customization and Features 

With the Uplift desks, you have multiple customization options, down to the colors of the specific components that make up the desks. Depending on your use case, you can also opt for the standard controller or the upgraded controller which has preset buttons that can be used to store and recall specific height presets.

The Uplift desks also have a unique mounting system for accessories, and there is a wide range of those available that can help you get even more utility and function from the desks. 

With the iMovR desks, you have several options regarding the material and finish of the desktops. The desks come with a host of features, the most important of which is the Bluetooth connectivity and the companion mobile app.

By tying into the mobile app ecosystem, these desks come with many health features including notifications and reminders and remote control of the height. Not a bad deal! That’s like finding out Michael Bay is making another Transformers movie!

Moreover, the health companion can also schedule your working day for you and provide alerts when you need to change your posture. 

You can choose several 3D laminates and solid wood finishes, with or without cable grommets. The desks also come with ANSI/BIFMA and Mayo Clinic NEAT certification for better reliability and proven health effects.

iMovR provides very generous warranties and the desks have advanced safety systems, including collision detection, presence detection, and tilt detection, making for a very safe usage experience. 

With Deskhaus, you can customize and configure every aspect of your desks, including the color and design of the frame, the material, color, and design of your desktop, and many other features and options. The laminate desktop models come with a variety of finishes, including black driftwood, weathered ash, natural teak, and bright white.

As you go into the higher-priced models, you can also get to choose between different desktop sizes and a variety of solid wood finishes, both natural and treated.

The configuration process is simple. You start out by choosing a frame. Depending on the size and orientation of the table and how much weight you need it to support, you can choose a basic two-legged frame or go all the way up to a large six-legged frame for added support. Then, you choose your desktop material and finish and add the accessories you need. 

Your Call, Your Life 

All of these three brands are known for making quality products that can deliver great utility.

Depending on your budget, usage requirements, and the degree of customization you need, you can use the information provided here to choose between the three, keeping in mind that a standing desk is a large investment and something that you will be using on a daily basis.  

For a good all-around product, especially for anyone that is just now dipping their toes into the world of standing desks, the Uplift V2 is tough to beat.

If your budget is a bit larger and you want a best-in-class standing desk that is also made in America, iMovR and Deskhaus both make incredible products.