Karaoke Machine for TV: Our Top Choices

Whether you want to keep dinner parties at a livelier pace or you simply can’t contain your inner rockstar, we have assembled some incredible karaoke machines for your television.

When buying one of these fun party accessories there are a few important factors to look for when shopping around.

You are going to want crisp, clear sound quality for your speaker and your microphones if you get nothing else. Then you have to consider how many microphones come with it, how efficient it is to keep in your home, how affordable of a price tag you will be looking at, the simplicity of installation, and much more. 

In the interest of keeping your life simpler and cutting down on several hours of research, we have listed our top five karaoke machines that you can connect to your television. Regardless of what you need out of a karaoke machine, we have every walk of life covered from kids and parties to personal use! 

TONOR PA System Wireless Karaoke Machine 

Outfitted with an 8” subwoofer and two 3” inch tweeters, the sound quality on the Tonor PA System is almost entirely unmatched when it comes to its karaoke competitors. It boasts a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz which allows every inch of sound to be heard beautifully and without crackling, distortion, or any other auditory obtrusions. It’s designed like the sickest suitcase you’ve ever seen and comes with a rooftop disco ball and an LED screen to not only work as a karaoke machine but also as party lights! 

This is a slick piece of tech that has combed through every inch of what you would want from it. This device is equipped with two microphones, 3.5 mm & RCA ports, an audio cable, a place to hold your tablet, four foam covers, a remote control, and it even comes with a black storage bag! You can connect it via Bluetooth, USB, or through the auxiliary input which means you never have to worry about forgetting a cable. If you are looking for a high-quality karaoke machine that is easy to move without sacrificing anything “under the hood” then you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the TONOR PA System. 

The downside to this impressive machine is the price point which is sitting in the ~$250-350 range, which may be a difficult cost for those looking for more budget-friendly systems. While TV connectivity is fairly simple and little more than connecting your RCA cables, you may find Bluetooth pairing to be arduous, especially when you first attempt to pair the system with your smartphone or tablet. 

Sound Town Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System 

For those who already have their own personal sound system that want a more reasonable cost, the Sound Town Karaoke Mixer System is a perfect choice! This machine is very self-aware and works excellently at what it is made for — karaoke.

It comes with up to sixteen different audio channels, echo and tone controls, and includes two wireless microphones. It offers Bluetooth that is built into the mixer as well as HDMI and auxiliary cable (3.5mm) compatibility. The volume control also has independent volume dials for each microphone so if one person is belting out lyrics while the other is whispering through a chorus, you can adjust them so both can be heard simultaneously. 

The positives of this system are the multitude of options you have when connecting it (this guy can also work with soundbars) as well as a far more advanced volume control than you are likely to get with other karaoke systems. The sound quality is very solid and with the sub-$150 price tag, you are really getting a notable amount of bang for your buck. 

The downside to this machine is that if you don’t have external speakers or a soundbar this system is simply not going to work for you. Soundtown has stated explicitly that for owners of smart televisions you are going to need some sort of external volume output device to make sure that the system works smoothly.

It also doesn’t come with LED lighting which is becoming a sort of standard for karaoke systems. While this isn’t necessarily a negative (especially if you aren’t keen on bright lights) it is certainly something to consider for potential consumers. 

Singing Machine SML385UW 

If you are looking for karaoke machines you are gonna have a hard time avoiding Singing Machine brands. They permeate the industry with several quality products.

Our personal favorite is the SML385UW for its affordable price tag, vocal effects, USB compatibility, LED effects, and Bluetooth connectivity. Sitting at a comfortable sub-$100 price tag, this machine will get you all the different features you require while being affordable and easy to use. 

It comes with all the bells and whistles you would want from a budget-friendly karaoke machine. The CD Player is compatible with regular discs and karaoke CDs (these offer graphics on your television while the song plays) along with USB, RCA, and Aux inputs. It offers the ability to record your vocal solos so you can hear them back and has two microphone inputs with a wired microphone included in the purchase. You can also download the company mobile app that offers a number of different karaoke songs. 

The downsides that must be talked about are the low quality of the speaker and the fairly cheap wired microphone. Several reviews have discussed that the quality of the microphone and the speaker leave a lot to be desired and the quality of the speaker is not listed anywhere on the product. Though for the price point, it is hard to expect a high-end audio system. We would have also liked to see two microphones included that are wireless instead of a cheaper wired microphone. 

Bietrun UHF Dual Dynamic Handheld Karaoke Mic System 

One of the biggest complaints that people have when purchasing karaoke systems is that the sound quality of the microphones is very poor and often times feels very cheap. Bietran has seen this concern and answered it with the UHF Dual Dynamic Handheld Karaoke Mic System, which is as clear in sound quality as the name is long.

Offering nearly universal support that offers a wide variety of options which not only include your television but entertainment systems, speakers, and far more! 

We have to discuss the fact that this is one of the most easily mobile units listed in this article. It is small and very minimalist in design for those that find the Crayola-colored LED lights particularly nauseating.

The mixer system comes with a number of different volume controls that include echo, bass, and treble which is really nice to see from such a budget-friendly system, coming in with a sub-$100 MSRP. On top of this, it also offers two microphones for those duets I keep going on about, which is a nice touch. 

The cons are fairly minor — I really like this product quite a bit. The AA batteries are not included (this has caused global outrage) and some reviewers have noted that the ability of the microphone to pick up sound is not as ideal as they would like. This is likely due to the company’s emphasis on making sure background noise was canceled out so most of the sound it receives is directly towards the front of the microphone as opposed to 360 degrees of registering audio. 

Karaoke USA Karaoke System 

For those that want a more simplistic, straight-to-the-point machine that comes preloaded with enough songs for you and friends to sing for months to come, the Karaoke USA System is ideal. It is uncomplicated, offers a place to sit your phone, gives two microphones which both offer volume control, and is under two hundred dollars.

If you want a small mixer that you can connect to a PA system so profoundly large that lollapalooza is looking to rent your set, this is likely not for you. But if you want a machine that does everything a karaoke system needs to do that can be easily connected to your television with minimal instruction, then you’ve found your product. 

The benefits of this machine are undoubtedly the 300 karaoke songs (with graphics) that come bundled with the product, as well as two wired microphones and an easy way to record your own voice over a song. It is compatible with USBs and SD cards to store the audio you record and can be used seamlessly with its RCA and Auxiliary cable that comes included in the product.

It does also offer a small screen to use if your TV is out of commission, which is a pleasant backup should you need one. To add a cherry on top, you can also charge your phone or tablet with the USB input this karaoke machine provides. 

The downsides can be minor to pretty serious depending on what you are going to use this item for. If you are trying to do karaoke through Bluetooth or from your smartphone several people have reported that lyrics will not be able to be seen. This means that the product will have to be used entirely through your television, which may be a breaking point for some. On top of this, it would benefit you to use a separate speaker as the one provided with the system is by no means above-average and can be very quiet at times. 

Features that Matter


Needless to say, the most important feature is a reliable connection with your TV. So be sure to verify that the inputs & outputs correspond between your karaoke machine and TV.

Keep in mind, too, that some karaoke machines include speakers, whereas other machines rely on a connection with an additional speaker (such as your television’s speakers or a soundbar).

Included microphones

You usually save money by purchasing a karaoke machine that includes the necessary microphones along with the device. If you need multiple microphones, find a device that includes this with no additional charge. There is no point in paying hundreds for a karaoke machine and then having to spend more for additional microphones.

Wired vs. wireless microphones

The microphones themselves play a large role in the karaoke experience. So, be sure to choose the right ones.

Deciding between wireless and wired is important, and changes your setup quite a bit. If you choose wireless microphones, be sure to choose a reliable microphone with good reviews and a solid connection.

Party lighting

Some karaoke machines include vivid party lighting to enhance the experience. Usually, this will come at an additional expense.

And another consideration here is that the machines with party lighting are often larger and heavier. On the other hand, you can skip the party lighting and go for a lightweight, slim-line machine instead.

Adjustable frequency & volume

Depending on your desired usage, you will want to consider the adjustability of the acoustics. If you just need a simple karaoke machine for young kids, it probably won’t matter much. But if you really want to belt out the vocals, or spend some time on your duets, a lot of karaoke machines allow for helpful audio adjustments.

Connection range

With wireless microphones, this is an important specification. With wired microphones, obviously you will just be limited by the cord length.

Sound quality of built-in speaker

If you are going to be using the built-in speaker on a karaoke machine, be sure to choose a model with a quality speaker. With the number of options available, there is just no reason to do karaoke through a cheap, poor-quality speaker.

Built-in battery vs. Constant power source

If you can find a karaoke machine that has a built-in battery (hint: this isn’t particularly challenging to do), this will be one less plug-in needed in your living room. I don’t know about you, but my outlets feel pretty loaded between the TV, speakers/soundbar, video game consoles, cable box, etc.

Pre-loaded music

Modern karaoke machines have seemingly endless ways of playing music. Some have pre-loaded tracks, others require a karaoke disc, and others can connect to YouTube or other sources to allow you to play any song you can find.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and your budget, it really isn’t challenging to find a quality karaoke machine that connects to your TV. The advantage of doing karaoke with a TV connection is that you can use the large and vivid screen of your TV rather than trying to read lyrics off of a cell phone-sized screen on the karaoke machine.

Be sure to verify before buying that your preferred connection method will work with your setup, whether it is Bluetooth, RCA, or aux cables. And from there, just decide the features you need — multiple mics, wireless mics, party lighting, etc.

Setup on the above-listed devices is incredibly simple, and once connected these machines can add an unforgettable activity to your parties.