Logitech C920 vs. C922 vs 920s vs 920x: Clearing the Confusion

Logitech is a top manufacturer of webcams, but their product line can be intimidating.

From the beginner-friendly C920 to the newer C920s, C920x, and C920e, to the upgraded C922, to the further upgraded C930, it is almost impossible to choose which webcam is right for you.

Continue reading for further discussion, and assistance in making a buying decision.

  • Logitech C920: Reliable starter webcam
  • Logitech C922: Offers minor upgrades, excels in low light conditions
  • Logitech C930: More expensive but offers significant improvements such as wider field of view, better digital zoom, and sharper video quality.

A Worthy Upgrade
A Worthy Upgrade
02/17/2024 10:01 am GMT Lasso Brag

C920 vs C922: Comparing Logitech’s Beginner Webcams

Logitech released the C920 in 2012, and the C922 is the nearly-identical 2016 updated version. 

Each webcam (C920 and C922) has the same 78 degree field of view, and the hardware and build quality is nearly identical between the two.

Both models feature a built-in microphone, but the audio quality is nothing special. If the device will only get light use, the microphone is sufficient. But if you plan to stream or do a lot of video conferencing, I would recommend purchasing a higher quality stand-alone microphone. I didn’t notice any quality differences in the audio between the C920 and the C922.

The main differences between the two models are:

(1) The C922 can record at higher frame rate in 720p

(2) The C922 has updated firmware that provides a background removal tool, via its compatibility with a 3rd party application

Frame rate differences

Both the c920 and the c922 can record in 1080p high definition. In 1080p, both webcams record at the same 30fps rate. The c922 can record at a faster 60fps rate in 720p.

However, in our testing, this higher frame rate did not result in a clearer or smoother video. And you will be able to take better videos at 1080p, so either camera will record at 30 fps in high definition.

For this reason, we don’t recommend spending any extra money on the C922 for the higher frame rate.

Firmware update & background removal tool

C922 has updated firmware, but the background removal tool is lacking. Although Logitech markets this feature, background removal (basically equivalent to green screen technology) requires the use of a third-party app.

Many users find this misleading, since Logitech markets this technology as if it was a feature of the webcam itself. Instead, the webcam just supports this third-party software.

To make matters worse, the software is very unreliable. In perfect lighting, when the subject is stationary, the green screen is sufficient. But if lighting is less than ideal, or if there is much movement on the screen, performance suffers. Overall, we found this technology to be lacking. So, I wouldn’t recommend buying the C922 for the background removal tool, either.


Buying guide – C920 vs C922

Logitech C920 is a great starter webcam. And even though the original model is nearly a decade old, the product is still supported. The number of refreshes and re-releases since the initial product launch shows that there is huge demand for this device, and I don’t see it becoming obsolete anytime soon.

Logitech C922 has updated firmware, but most of the “improvements” won’t provide you with much value. The faster frame rate only applies to 720p video, and didn’t improve video quality during testing.

And you want to use this device in 1080p whenever possible, anyway, so higher performance at lower resolution doesn’t help.

The background removal tool is a nice feature when it works, but it really doesn’t justify the increased purchase price.

In fact, the only real improvement we saw in the C922 was the fact that video quality is better in low light environments. If your office is dimly lit, it may be worth spending extra for the C922. Otherwise, save some money by purchasing a C920.

C920 vs. C920x vs. C920s vs. C920e — sorting out the confusion

Logitech named these products in a confusing way, and then didn’t offer any real explanation of the differences. Here is the short explanation:

C920/C922: This is the standard, base model of each device.

All of the other versions (C920x, C920s, and C920e) are the same product physically, but have minor differences in accessories and software.

C920x/C922x: These are the same webcams as the C920 and C922, except it comes with an XSplit license (3 on C920x, 6 month on C922x). XSplit is a video streaming, recording, and editing app.

C920s/C922s: Again, this is the same webcam as the C920, but it includes a cover aperture (basically, just a privacy cover). This was released 7 years after the original C920, but is ultimately the same device with an added attachment.

C920e/C922e: This is the C920 with a privacy cover, and it has enhanced security because the microphone is disabled unless overridden. 

C920 vs. C930: Is the C930 worth the upgrade?

To this point, we have been discussing subtle changes between the 920, 920x, 920s, 920e, and 922. Most of these products are identical, or very similar, and the function is almost the same.

Here, we will compare these products to the Logitech C930, which is an upgraded version that is markedly different from the 920 and 922 series.

The C930 is a newer product than the 922, although the design is quite similar. It has a wide-view lens that offers a 90 degree field of view. This compares favorably to the 78 degree field of view on the 920 and 922. For video conferencing and group calls that require multiple people to appear on-screen, the expanded field of vision makes a huge difference.

This device also has stronger digital zoom, and performs much better than either the C920 or C922 in low light conditions. Like the 920, it can record in 1080p at 30 frames per second. Although the 930 still records only in 1080p (you need to upgrade to the Logitech Brio for 4k recording), the video quality is definitely sharper on the C930. Primarily this is a combination of more crisp colors and the low-light correction.

C930 features H.264 video compression, which was previously available on both the C920 and C922. However, sometime in 2018, Logitech started making the C920 and C922 without H.264. This means that it is possible to find an old C920 with H.264 compression, but a new model won’t have it.

The built-in microphone sounds clearer than the microphone on the C920 and C922. Still, if you plan to stream or video conference, purchase an add-on microphone and the sound will be noticeably better.

Without a doubt, the C930 is a higher quality product than either the C920 or C922. If your budget allows, we would recommend choosing the C930. However, if you can find a good deal on a quality add-on microphone, purchasing a C920 and a dedicated microphone might provide a better value.

A Worthy Upgrade
A Worthy Upgrade
02/17/2024 10:01 am GMT Lasso Brag

Frequently asked questions

Can you use a headset with c920?

Yes, even though the C920 has a built-in microphone, we recommend purchasing a dedicated headset if you plan to do much streaming or video conferencing.

Anyone listening to you will experience less distortion and more crisp audio if you purchase a higher quality microphone as an add-on, rather than relying on the built-in microphone on the C920.

Does c920 have a port to connect a headset?

No, the Logitech C920 doesn’t have any output ports for headsets. 

Does Logitech C920 have H.264 encoding?

No, this feature was removed from all models 2018 and newer. You can still find older (pre-2018) versions of the C920 and C922 that have H.264 compression. And the C930 and other upgraded models still have H.264.