Logitech z623 vs. z625: Is There Any Difference?


For anyone looking for a quality computer speaker system at a reasonable price, Logitech z623 and Logitech z625 are two options you have surely come across. Either product is a good purchase in the sub-$150 computer speaker price range.

Because the products are so similar, it makes sense to spend some time deciding which is right for you. Additionally, you should consider whether or not to spend another $10-$30 on the z625, or just stick with the less expensive z623.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the similarities and differences between the Logitech z623 and z625. We believe this will provide the most in-depth and accurate coverage of the two products anywhere on the internet.

Let’s get started.

Budget Choice
Optical Input Available
Optical Input Available
02/17/2024 02:31 pm GMT Lasso Brag

Quick Overview: Logitech z623 & z625

As mentioned above, either the Logitech z623 or z625 is a good purchase if you need a computer speaker system for less than $150. Neither speaker setup is a premium, hi-fi product, but they also never claim to be. 

Both the z623 and z625 include a powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The subwoofers provide 130 watts of power, and the satellite speakers each provide 35 watts, for a total of 200 watts RMS power for the whole system. For anybody still using monitor speakers or a cheap bluetooth speaker, the 200 watt speaker system will be a substantial step up.

Most everyone who reviews these speakers makes the same comment — great sound quality for the price. Here, we must also agree. If you are looking for premium high-fidelity sound, or a surround sound system with window-rattling output, both the z263 and z265 will disappoint.

But if you want a THX certified computer speaker system that sounds excellent, brings powerful bass, and remains clear at mid- and high-ranges even with the volume turned way up, either Logitech product will impress you.

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Differences between the z623 and z625

There is quite a bit of bad information available on this topic, including articles suggesting that the size, wattage, and sound quality are significantly different between these two speaker systems.

In truth, the only significant difference between the z623 and z625 is the fact that the z625 includes an optical input, whereas the z623 only has analog (RCA and 3.5mm) inputs. 

Using an optical (rather than analog) connection results in a cleaner sound with improved channel separation.

However, this is still limited by the source of your audio.

For example, a low-quality downloaded song won’t sound any clearer through a state-of-the-art connection than it will through a 3.5mm aux cable. An optical connection is certainly clearer than analog, but the difference is often overstated, and isn’t worth scaring you away from purchasing the z623.

The size, design, build quality, and output power is relatively similar between the two systems. This isn’t to say that the products are identical — only that you shouldn’t consider these minuscule differences when deciding which one to purchase.

Further discussion of z623 and z625

The z623 has an RCA jack and two 3.5 millimeter aux inputs. The z623 also has an RCA jack and 3.5 mm aux inputs, but includes an optical input. Both systems also have a headphone output.

Both systems provide a lot of volume (especially considering the price), and can be turned to high volumes without much distortion.

The mid- and high-ranges sound crisp and clear, but the powerful subwoofer makes the bass stand out above all else. Audiophiles may hear the mid-range on these speakers as somewhat flat and muffled, but that is comparing them to premium, $300+ speaker systems.

One great feature is that, in addition to a regular volume control knob, these speakers also have a bass control knob. There is no dedicated equalizer on these systems, so having a volume control knob gives you some degree of adjustability. You can also find third-party programs that allow you to use an equalizer with these speakers.

It is also important to recognize that these are not portable little bluetooth speakers. So, if you are expecting to get 200 watts from speakers the size of a coffee cup, the size of this system will be unexpected.

The speakers should fit easily on your computer desk, but the size of the subwoofer is large enough that you will need to have a dedicated space for it. This is obvious to some of us, but is nonetheless a common complaint about both the z623 and z625 — the speakers (especially the sub) are bigger than people expect when they are buying sub-$150 computer speakers.

Build quality is solid, but unspectacular. These systems are largely made of plastic, but were designed in a way that makes them fairly durable. And because the system has been around since 2010, we know that these speakers withstand usage reliably and for many years.

Setup is quick and simple for both the z623 and z625. One of the perks of the simple 3 piece sound system is the “plug-and-play” functionality. With $1,000+ surround sound systems, setup is slower and more challenging.

A downside of both products is that they lack any Bluetooth or Airplay ability. They function only through old-school, wired connections. Even though the z625 has a “more advanced” optical input, this is still a 1980s technology.

Thankfully, Logitech has heard the complaints about Bluetooth and responded to them. For ~$30 more, you can purchase either the z623 or z625 with a Bluetooth audio adapter. This is an excellent add-on, and I love that Logitech released this feature to prevent these excellent computer speakers from becoming obsolete.

Another complaint which applies to both the z623 and z625 is the lack of a remote. For some users, this won’t cause any frustrations. But, depending on how you use the speakers, a remote would add a lot of functionality.

Both devices also come with a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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z623 & z625 vs. z407 & z906

As mentioned above, both the z623 and z625 are solid choices in the sub-$150 computer sound system category.

If your budget demands a less expensive speaker, or if your budget allows a more premium setup, Logitech also makes other systems for you to consider.

Logitech z407 vs. z623 & z625

If your budget is tighter, the Logitech z407 has an MSRP under $80, and can occasionally be found for less.

Instead of the 200 watts RMS on the z623/z625, you only get 40 watts RMS with the z407. So, these speakers are much less powerful. However, they also include microUSB and Bluetooth connection capability, so you won’t need to spend extra to purchase the Bluetooth add-on like you would for either the z623 or z625.

The wireless controls are fun to use, and the smaller subwoofer saves a lot of space. However, you lose the headphone jack, which the z623 and z625 have.

Overall, the Logitech z407 are more budget-friendly and user-friendly computer speakers than z623 and z625. And they are available for about half the price of the Bluetooth-enabled z625.

However, the speaker output is much lower, and the speaker system really can’t compete with the performance of either the z623 or z625.

If you need convenience and bluetooth, Logitech z407 is an upgrade over the speakers that are built into your computer. But the z407 is, by no means, a competitor to the z623 or z625 when it comes to volume or sound quality.

Logitech z906 vs. z623 & z625

If you are able to spend more than $200 on a computer speaker system, the Logitech z906 is a powerful 5.1 surround sound system that packs a serious punch — to the tune of 500 watts.

The 6-speaker z906 system is also THX-certified.

Each satellite speaker delivers 67 watts, and the subwoofer delivers 165 watts.

In addition to including a control console, there is also a remote — a feature which none of the above Logitech computer speakers included.

With 5.1 Dolby Digital, you get a true surround sound experience from this setup. And the sound quality is incredible, a few steps above the z623 or z625.

The MSRP on the z906 is almost $400, but it is often on sale for closer to the $300 price range. If your budget allows, the z906 is a great buy. For ~2x the price of the z623 or z625, you get much more than double the system.

Final Thoughts

If you have $100 – $200 to spend on a computer speaker system, either the Logitech z623 or z625 is a great choice. If you are accustomed to using the built-in speakers on your computer, you will be blown away by the upgraded sound quality.

Despite what some reviews may say, there really isn’t much difference between the z623 and z625. The z625 includes an optical input, but the other differences are almost irrelevant. So, unless you really need the optical input, save the money and go with the z623 instead.

Budget Choice
Optical Input Available
Optical Input Available
02/17/2024 02:31 pm GMT Lasso Brag

Neither speaker system is perfect, and neither will compete with the $2,000 setups some people have. But, for the price, these are excellent speaker systems that provide a lot of bass, volume, and sound quality.

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