Roborock Won’t Connect to WiFi – [8 Possible Fixes!]

Seemingly every electronic device has become wireless and “smart” in this internet and Bluetooth age. Even vacuum cleaners nowadays can clean your houses and establishments without close supervision.

A simple connection to your WIFI and smartphone will do all the cleaning tricks, from vacuuming to mopping to cleaning — without any human intervention needed.

In recent years, it seems that nearly every company makes a robo-vacuum. Roborock could reasonably be considered the “Tesla” of robot vacuums — with a premium price tag to match.

But like any internet-connected wireless device, one of the common issues that Roborock users experience is an inability to connect to WiFi.

Some primary causes are compatibility issues with routers and router settings that interfere with Roborock setup. We will delve into these fundamental concerns.

This article will provide you with general troubleshooting steps to try for any Roborock unit, while also including some model-specific advice (particularly with the Roborock S7 series).

Quick Troubleshooting Tips: Roborock Won’t Connect

To save you the trouble of reading the whole article, we will first rapid-fire some possible fixes. Hopefully, one of these will get you back online!

  • Be certain that your WiFi is using the 2.4GHz band only — Roborock doesn’t work with 5.0GHz
  • Make sure you are using Mi Home app rather than Roborock app if your device supports it
  • Disable your VPN and/or Adguard during the setup process
  • Grant Roborock location access on your phone
  • WiFi encryption should be set to WPA2
  • Reset (or factory reset) your Roborock
  • Reset (and rename) your router
  • Adjust your device location as needed
  • Uninstall & reinstall the Mi Home app

WIFI Connectivity Issues for Roborock Vacuums: General Troubleshooting Steps

Before going to model-specific troubleshooting procedures, let us first check and apply the universal steps you can try if you experience WIFI connection issues.

Reminder: Roborock devices do not support 5GHZ WIFI connectivity; it only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Check your WiFi settings and ensure that your network works at 2.4 GHz. Otherwise, your Roborock vacuum cleaner won’t connect regardless of what troubleshooting steps you try.

1. Check the WIFI Settings of your Network

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone or laptop
  • Then go to the WIFI connection Settings
  • From there, you will see the list of the available wireless networks in your vicinity.
  • Tap your network name or the information button to check your network configuration
  • *Roborock does not work on WEP encryption mode — instead, your configuration or WiFi encryption method should be on WPA2. Some routers allow you to change this setting manually. If not, we recommend contacting your internet service provider to change the configuration for you.
  • Consider changing your DNS settings: If you have a decent feel for adjusting router settings, you can change DNS to on the router’s setting page. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, it is best to avoid changing settings. For a full breakdown on DNS settings and why they matter, see here.
  • While in the “Network Settings,” check your WIFI password. Obviously, your devices won’t connect if you are entering the wrong password. But one less-appreciated bit of advice — if your password has the following special characters (*&$#-+=) or non-Latin symbols, change your password immediately to plain Latin symbols and numbers. Special characters and non-Latin symbols can cause connection problems.

2. Ensure You Are Using the Correct Phone App

One of the main concerns regarding poor WIFI connectivity with Roborock vacuum cleaners is the phone application compatibility issue. Ensure you use the correct application installed on your mobile phone for your specific Roborock model.

It would be best to remember that several Roborock models are compatible with the Roborock app, while the rest only work with the Mi Home app. Below is the list of the models compatible with the Roborock app.

  • Roborock S5 Max
  • Roborock S6
  • Roborock S6 Pure
  • Roborocks S6 MaxV

While those models compatible with the Mi Home app are:

  • Roborock Xiaowa E2
  • Roborock E3
  • Roborock E4
  • Roborock S5

Reminder: Both applications (Roborock and Mi Home apps) have similar features and user interfaces. However, the Roborock app is much faster and consumes less phone memory than MI Home.

3. Check the Region and Location Permission Settings

Another setting you can check on either Roborock or Mi Home app is the region or location permission. If the location selected is different from yours, it causes an unstable WIFI connection or, to some, no connection. So if you are in the US, ensure it is set to the US and not other places.

Go to your app settings and ensure that you have selected the correct region or country. If not, change them to your correct location.

*If your location is set correctly but your device won’t connect, another trick to attempt is changing your device’s location to a different country. We don’t really know why this works, but often it does.

*Lastly, after checking your Roborock app, go to the phone settings and check the location permission option. Make sure it is set to “Enable.” Because if not, no matter how you try, you cannot pair your Roborock without the location permission.

4. Reboot your Roborock WIFI and Router

After setting the WIFI encryption to WPA2, installing the correct app compatible with your specific Roborock models, and setting it to the correct location, you still might experience issues. We will now proceed to one of the last resorts of all the troubleshooting steps — resetting the Roborock and router.

Below are some of the common steps to reset your Roborock WIFI.

  • Open the top cover of your Roborock vacuum cleaner, and you will see a WIFI indicator.
  • Press and hold both the power and home (it is a button with a house symbol) buttons simultaneously until you hear a voice prompt that says, “Resetting WiFi.” Then the indicator light flashes slowly and enters the network configuration mode. Your WiFi connection is expected to enable after said procedure.
  • For the router, check its back or side panel for a physical reset button. On some units, you can find the reset button if you turn the unit upside down. Once you have found it, press and hold it for 5 seconds till you see the indicator lights blink several times. Once the lights become stable, the router has been reset successfully. (Different routers have different reset methods, so be sure to look up a specific guide for your router).
  • Turn on your robot vacuum again and check if the connection has been restored. 

Reminder: Each Roborock vacuum cleaner has different WIFI resetting procedures and buttons. The preceding steps provided are the common ones.

If you have yet to find those buttons on your model, or if you press them and nothing happens, your Roborock model likely has a different resetting procedure. Please refer to the instruction manual for reference.

5. Restore to Factory Default

If after doing the WIFI resetting procedure the issue persists, we recommend you do a factory reset. Please be reminded that after performing said procedure, all the settings you customized and personalized (password combination, etc.) on your Roborock will be return to default.

Below are the steps to factory reset a Roborock. However, your best bet is probably to search for a video that is specific to your model of Roborock. This will be the clearest way to find a reset guide.

  • Open the top cover of your Roborock vacuum cleaner to see all the light indicators.
  • Then press and hold power and home keys together until you hear a voice prompt, “Restoring Factory Settings.” The power light indicator will flash several times, slowly indicating that the unit has been restored to the factory setting. If you hear a voice alert “Resetting WiFi,” ignore it.
  • Then open your Roborock or MI Hope app and check if your vacuum cleaner is now connected to your WIFI and application. Ideally, it should be.

The troubleshooting steps provided are considered the general procedures for most Roborock vacuum cleaners. However, the following steps that we will provide are specific to particular Roborock models.

For the Roborock S7 or Max V Ultra Models

You have to note that the earlier Roborock models do not have a docking station. They only have the base (like phone chargers) where the machine returns to charge.

However, the S7 series and newer models have docking stations to charge, clean the vacuums, and unload the dirt and dust they gathered.

It is also the docking station that is responsible for WIFI connectivity and communication between machines. Therefore, before performing the general troubleshooting steps provided, the first thing that users of S7 have to do is to check the position of the Docking Station.

Place the docking station where it can get enough WIFI signal to be communicating with the machine. Users often position their docking station too far from the WiFi router. In that case, you have to reposition it for it to function properly.

If there is no way for you to change the position of your docking station, your best course of action is to buy a WIFI range extender to boost the signal distribution all over the house.

Once done, do the reconnection again between your router and docking station.

6. Disable VPN and/or Adguard

If your home internet or cell phone uses a VPN, you will want to disable it during the connection process of your Roborock.

Likewise with ad-blockers such as Adguard.

Once your Roborock is connected, you should be able to turn the VPN or Adguard back on — but these programs will greatly interfere with setup!

7. Un-install & Re-install the Roborock/Mi Home app

It is possible that the Roborock (or Mi Home) app may be corrupt. In this case, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall it on your phone.

The process is as simple as it sounds. After completing the install, you may want to reset your phone and/or Roborock for good measure.

8. Reset & Rename Home 2.4GHz WiFi

Again, this step is just as simple as it sounds. Reset and rename your WiFi, making sure that you are using the 2.4GHz band. As mentioned above, be sure to avoid special characters in your user name or password.

Tips for Maintaining Your Roborock for Optimal Performance

After you have successfully connected your Roborock vacuum to your WiFi network, you can start enjoying the convenience it provides. However, to ensure its optimal performance and longevity, it is crucial to maintain your device regularly.

Here are some maintenance tips that every Roborock owner should know:

  1. Regularly Empty the Dustbin and Clean the Filters: Over time, the dustbin of your Roborock can get full and the filters can become clogged, which might impact its cleaning performance. Make it a habit to empty the dustbin and clean the filters after every few uses. If you own a model that supports it, use the automatic dustbin emptying feature in the docking station.
  2. Clean the Brushes: The main brush and the side brush of your Roborock can collect hair and debris, which can hinder its cleaning operation. Detach the brushes and remove any debris entangled in them.
  3. Inspect the Wheels and Sensors: Check the wheels and moveable parts of your Roborock regularly for any obstructions. Similarly, clean the cliff sensors and charging contacts with a dry cloth to ensure proper functioning.
  4. Keep Software Up-to-Date: Roborock frequently releases firmware updates that include improvements and bug fixes. Ensure that your device is always updated to the latest version. You can check for updates using the Roborock or Mi Home app.
  5. Regularly Refresh the Map: If you move furniture or make significant changes to your home’s layout, consider remapping your home on the Roborock app. This will ensure that your Roborock can navigate and clean your home efficiently.

By adhering to these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Roborock vacuum cleaner remains in its best condition for years to come. Remember, preventive care is always better than facing problems down the line, which may require complex troubleshooting or even professional help.

Final Thoughts

In some cases, you don’t get a fix even after performing every troubleshooting step. In this case, there is a high likelihood that your Roborock is defective.

At this point, we will give you the typical advice — contact Roborock technical support if your device is under warranty, and try advanced troubleshooting techniques if your DIY skills allow it.

Lastly, don’t forget that Roborock vacuums actually have decent functionality even without WiFi. While you won’t be able to set cleaning schedules or adjust advanced settings, you can still do cleanings and a number of other tasks even in the absence of WiFi.


Can the Roborock operate without WiFi?

Yes, a Roborock can operate without WiFi. It can be manually started for a standard cleaning cycle. However, without WiFi, you lose access to advanced features such as scheduled cleaning, zone cleaning, and real-time tracking.

Can Roborock be connected to multiple devices?

Yes, your Roborock vacuum can be connected to multiple devices. Each device needs to have the compatible Roborock or Mi Home app installed and be logged into the same account that was used to set up the robot vacuum.

Will changing my WiFi password affect my Roborock?

Yes, changing your WiFi password will require you to reset the WiFi settings on your Roborock. You’ll need to go through the network setup process again with your new WiFi password.