Samsung Galaxy Buds Too Quiet: Can it be Fixed? How?

A good pair of earbuds should be able to produce adequate sound so you can hear the caller or movie dialogue clearly, as well as enable you to rock out to your favorite music at a satisfactory volume.

But what happens if you experience Samsung Galaxy Buds that are simply too quiet? Don’t throw out your precious headphones just yet, as there are several fixes you can do to make the volume normal again.

One reason that your Galaxy Buds are quiet even at max volume is that the audio volume on the earphones themselves is turned down — so even if volume is maxed on your phone, the earbuds sound quiet. The problem could also be caused by debris or blockage of the speaker, a low battery, firmware problems, or incorrect wearing.

Let’s explore all possible Galaxy Buds low volume issues, along with simple instructions on how to solve them.

Why are My Galaxy Buds So Quiet?

Samsung Galaxy Buds are premium earbud products that are designed to be used with smartphones, computers, tablets, and other music sources. Instead of the audio and sound coming through the device’s default speakers, the earbuds channel media directly to your ears for greater immersion.

Hearing too low a sound on your Galaxy Buds usually indicates improper ear positioning. More often than not, you might be wearing your earbuds the wrong way, or the earbuds aren’t pushed in adequately enough for you to hear the sound.

Also, the Galaxy Buds are unlike traditional earphones in that you’ll have to achieve a proper seal with the ear tips to make it work. Samsung’s wireless earbuds come fitted with medium-sized ear tips and wing tips by default, but you can swap them out with large or small-size ear and wing tips to get a better seal.

A common sign of an ill-fitting ear tip is when your Galaxy Buds keep falling off at the slightest motion. So, make sure to experiment with the included tips to get the best fit.

If this isn’t the problem, the next most likely culprit is that the volume on the earbuds, themselves, is too low. Even if the volume is maxed on your phone, you should still check the earbuds’ volume — which may be turned low.

How Do I Fix My Galaxy Buds’ Volume?

You may not know it, but your Samsung earbuds have their own internal volume control. You could be pressing the volume button all the way up on your smartphone and asking, ‘why is my earbud volume so low?’ without much success.

The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds have their own volume level, which you can control by going to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. This may be hard to believe since there are virtually no physical buttons on the earbuds, but the Galaxy earphones have touch pads that respond to commands that you can set via the app.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app, then select Touchpad and you’ll see what the current left and right touchpad commands are. You can choose either the left or right ‘touch and hold touchpad’ option to make a drop-down menu appear. Choose ‘volume up’ and exit the app, then you’ll be able to control the internal earbud volume.

We recommend you turn up the volume on your device as well while troubleshooting. A good setup will be to max the earbuds’ internal volume and just make volume adjustments using your smartphone.

As an added tip, you can go back to the app and set the touchpad control to what you were using before.

Galaxy Buds Low Volume in One Ear

Having an unbalanced Galaxy Buds can be very distracting, especially when you’re trying to enjoy good music. The situation could be that one earbud has a very low volume, while the other one is loud, or that one side doesn’t seem to work or keeps getting disconnected.

You may be wondering how to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds with low volume in one ear. In this case, there are three possible solutions to the problem. You may need to get the dust and dirt out, charge your Galaxy earphones or adjust Sound Balance in Bluetooth or Settings.

Adjust Sound Balance

There are several ways to check the left/right sound balance setting for your Samsung Galaxy Buds, including the Galaxy Wearable app and the Settings app on your smartphone.

Once the earphones are connected via Bluetooth, simply head over to the Settings and look for ‘Advanced’, then Media Volume Sync and Accessibility. Under Hearing Enhancements you’ll be able to adjust the balance and get your earbuds working again.

Here’s another tip – go to the Sound Balance menu while playing a song to get real-time feedback on the audio. Even if the slider is in the middle, try moving it all the way to the affected earbud’s side, then back to the middle and see if that fixes it.

Clean the Galaxy Buds Thoroughly

Muffled or blocked sound is most likely caused by too much debris in the tiny speaker channel. If you often use your Galaxy Buds during your daily commute, then you’ll encounter this problem frequently. Likewise if you run or exercise while wearing your earbuds.

Make it a habit to clean your Galaxy headphones regularly to prevent an issue with your Galaxy Buds volume dropping too low. It should only take you a few minutes, but the result is a more consistent audio experience.

You’ll need a cotton swab or dry brush, as well as a microfiber cloth to complete the process. While cleaning, make sure that the earbuds aren’t positioned in a way that allows loose debris to fall into the speaker mesh.

Start by removing the ear tip from the speaker, then cleaning the opening gently using a small brush (a toothbrush you won’t be using is okay) or a cotton swab. Work around the corners as most of the buildup will be stuck there. Wipe the mesh using a microfiber cloth and do it gently to avoid damaging the material.

Reassemble the ear tip once you’re done, and give the sensor and charging contacts a once-over with a cotton swab or clean cloth. As a side note, it’s best to avoid cleaning liquids such as soapy water or alcohol. If you choose to use these, keep the amount to a minimum to avoid water damage to your Galaxy Buds.

Charge the Earbud and Try Again

Galaxy Buds only have a finite amount of charge, and your earphones might go into a state where it’s conserving energy if the battery level dips too low.

If you experience frequent in-and-outs, or a Galaxy Bud that keeps disconnecting, then you should check the Bluetooth menu and its battery level. Put one or both earbuds in the charging case and allow the devices to pick up juice for half an hour or so. Then, test the sound again and see if that did the trick.

How Do I Make My Galaxy Buds Louder in Settings?

If after you’ve cranked the internal bud hardware volume all the way up, cleaned the earphones, and charged it to full, and you’re still not getting sufficient volume from your Galaxy Buds, here are five more things you can do.

Activate Media Limit and Set Parameters

Modern smartphones have safety features in place to prevent our ears from getting blasted by loud sounds. The good thing is that you can set the bar as to how loud you want your Galaxy Buds to go when paired to a device.

The fix is quite easy – go to your device’s Settings, then on Sound there’s an option called Media Volume Limit (or something similar). Get inside, then enable it and adjust the slider or set a custom limit.

Alternatively, you can keep pressing the volume up hardware button on your phone to force a prompt that you’re listening at a high volume. Simply accept it and you’ll be good to go.

Check for Software or Firmware Updates

Both software and firmware updates are important, since they tend to fix common problems and bugs associated with the Galaxy Buds. You will need to charge both your smartphone and Galaxy earbuds to full before you attempt this step.

Once both your mobile and earphones are fully charged, connect your Buds to your phone and turn on Wi-Fi or mobile network. Then, open the Galaxy Wearable app, head over to Settings and finally, tap the ‘About’ section. There should be a button that says ‘Update Software’ or ‘Download Update’. Wait for the download and software install to finish.

The earbuds must be inside the charging case with the lid open, and connected to the app to force manual updates.

You can also use a computer to update your Galaxy Buds. Install the Galaxy Buds app or Galaxy Buds Manager, then follow the same steps in regards to software updates.

iPhone users may be out of luck, since the original Galaxy Buds are not supported within the iOS Buds app. If this is the case, then you may want to use a computer or an Android phone instead.

Refreshing Your Galaxy Buds

Sometimes your ear buds may just need a refresh or soft reset once in a while to get them working normally. This step is easy and should only take a few minutes.

To start, place the Galaxy Buds in its charging case and close the lid. Wait at least 10 seconds before opening it again and pairing with your smartphone. As a side note, the charging case’s indicator light will tell you if either Bud needs charging.

Firmware updates are a bit more difficult to force. However, you can increase your chances by constantly having your Galaxy Buds connected to your phone and the Galaxy Wearable app and keeping the battery level topped up.

Alternatively, you can check for software and firmware updates as they happen with a Google Search or by visiting the official Samsung Galaxy Buds webpage.

Restart Your Device and Earbuds

Sometimes a good ol’ restart can fix your ‘Samsung Galaxy Buds too quiet’ concerns. This can be done on the connected device, e.g., a mobile, computer or tablet, as well as the Galaxy Buds themselves.

You’ll want to do the soft reset first and see if this resolves the low volume issue. Remove your Buds and place them in the charging case for at least 10 seconds, then open the lid and take them out. The accessories should auto-connect with your device.

After that, you should restart your device. Normally, you would have to press and hold the power button and wait for a prompt to restart or turn off your device. Choose either, then wait for your device to go back on. If Bluetooth is on, then the Buds should reconnect without any further input.

To do a factory reset, head over to the Settings on the Galaxy Wearables app and find the ‘Reset’ button. Confirm the action again, then wait for the process to be completed.

Download a Third Party Audio/Equalizer App

My personal favorite is “Bass Boost,” but there are multiple apps that you can download to increase volume “beyond 100%.”

On these apps, you can override the “max” volume that your phone and/or earbuds would typically allow. Does this involve some risk to your earbuds (including the possibility of a blown speaker)? Yes, absolutely — so you should make adjustments gradually.

The interface of the app will be slightly different depending on whether you choose the Bass Boost app or something different. But the general steps are to gradually increase the volume beyond 100%. Some apps will allow you to go to 200% or higher, but (again) you should be careful not to damage your speakers here.

Proper Fit Matters in Sound Quality

The way your Galaxy Buds fit into your ears can significantly impact the sound quality you experience. The design of these earbuds is intended to seal within the ear, creating a direct pathway for sound into the ear canal. If this seal isn’t perfect, it can result in a lower volume and a lack of bass.

The importance of achieving a good seal with your earbuds is often overlooked. Poor fit can lead to sound leakage, meaning that instead of all the sound being channeled into your ear, some of it escapes into the environment around you. This can cause your Galaxy Buds to sound quiet or lacking in depth.

That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’re using the right size ear tips and wing tips, and that you’re positioning the buds correctly in your ears. Take the time to test out different sizes and positions, because when it comes to earbuds, one size definitely does not fit all. The extra minutes you spend on this can significantly enhance your audio experience.

Final Thoughts

Fixing Galaxy Buds that have low or no volume shouldn’t be too difficult. All you need to do is follow our troubleshooting steps and figure out what setting needs to be adjusted for balance and loudness. If all else fails then you may need to request service or replace your Galaxy Buds.


Are the Galaxy Buds compatible with devices other than Samsung smartphones?

Yes, they are. While they are designed to work best with Samsung devices, Galaxy Buds can be paired with any device that has Bluetooth capability, including other smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even some TVs.

Can I use only one of the Galaxy Buds at a time?

Absolutely. You can use either the left or the right earbud individually if you want to keep one ear free.

Why do my Galaxy Buds disconnect occasionally?

This can happen due to several reasons including interference from other Bluetooth devices, your phone being too far from your Buds, or low battery levels. Try minimizing interference, keeping your phone close, and ensuring your Buds are fully charged to resolve this issue.

Can I use the Galaxy Buds for phone calls?

Yes, you can. The Galaxy Buds have built-in microphones that enable you to make and receive phone calls. You can also control calls using the touch controls on the earbuds.