Schlage Connect Keypad Not Working – [How to Fix]

If you’ve moved into the future of home safety and security, you will likely have a smart lock of some kind. And if you value “smarts” without sacrificing on build quality, the Schlage Connect smart lock is as good a choice as any.

The keypad offers an effortless way to manage and control the locks in your home, even if you’re not there. 

Unfortunately, like with all technology, sometimes things don’t work quite as they should. But we’re here to help. 

Let’s explore how to fix your Schlage Connect keypad if it’s not working properly. 

Quick Answer: How to Fix a Schlage Connect Keypad

If your Schlage Connect keypad isn’t working, here are the key steps to consider:

  • Change the batteries: Start with the easiest solution.
  • Check Vacation Mode: Make sure the keypad isn’t deactivated.
  • Factory Reset: If necessary, revert your device to its original settings.
  • Re-add to Smart Hub: Disconnect and reconnect the keypad to your smart hub.
  • Adjust Programming and User Codes: Change the codes if you suspect they might be the issue.
  • Check Installation: Ensure the lock has been installed correctly.
  • Contact Schlage: If all else fails, reach out to customer service or consider a product replacement.

How To Fix Your Schlage Connect Keypad

Turn off vacation mode

If you can’t get your Schlage Connect Keypad to work for managing your locks remotely, then the keypad might be in vacation mode. 

Vacation mode on your keypad makes it inactive until you disable this mode. You won’t be able to enter any code, let alone try to program your keypad.

In order to disable vacation mode, you’ll need to insert the correct Programming Code. The lights will then blink twice in green and beep twice. 

If that all happens successfully, you can insert your user code. 

Reset the factory settings

This is a basic reset of your entire device. Restoring factory settings will restore the keypad to its settings when you first get it. 

Here’s how to get a factory reset done:

  • Remove the batteries manually.
  • Press and hold the Schlage button for around 10-15 seconds. 
  • Put the batteries back in while pressing the button. 
  • A green light should appear along with a beeping sound. This indicates the device has reset. 
  • Find the default Programming Code; it’s usually located on the back of the user guide or the device. 
  • Press the outside Schlage button and enter the code to see that it is reset. 
  • The Schlage keypad will start setting up; give it a few minutes to do its thing and wait until the lock stops moving. 

Change the batteries

One of the more straightforward issues is that you might have dead batteries. If your Schlage Keypad malfunctions, removing and replacing the batteries could work. 

Your best option is to go with Alkaline batteries, which are high quality and last. Rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries can cause issues with your device. 

Your Schlage keypad has a notification system to give you a heads-up if the batteries are running low. However, this won’t happen if the batteries are totally drained or aren’t working correctly, to begin with. 

Once your new batteries are in place, the keypad should start working as expected. If not, the batteries might not be the problem, but it’s the easiest fix, so try this first. 

  • If you have new batteries which are fully charged, it might still help to disconnect and reconnect the battery to verify the installation.

Remove and re-add the device

If you’re using any smart device to control your Schlage Keypad, then it’s possible that the app is not working as it should. 

A simple solution is to remove the keypad from the app and try to re-add it. 

Once removed, take out the batteries of your keypad and leave it to take a break for a few minutes and then re-insert the batteries. 

Then you can re-add the keyboard to your smart hub. But be sure you have all the correct settings to ensure it doesn’t start glitching again. 

Change the codes

Programming codes

Changing the default programming code might help. To do this, you should:

  • Press the Schlage button and pop in the default program code; it’s six digits long. 
  • Press the number three.
  • Enter your new code; it should also be six digits long. 
  • Re-enter this code to set it completely. 

The lock will blick twice in green and give two beeps to let you know it’s up and running. You can use your new code to perform any other programming functions.

User codes 

You can also delete the default user codes to enter codes that work better for you. To delete the user codes:

  • Select the Schlage button and insert your new Programming Code from above. 
  • Press the number six and enter the Programming Code again to delete the user codes.
  • Once complete, you can now enter your unique user codes. 

To add new user codes, you can:

  • Press the Schlage button and enter the Programming Code.
  • Select the number one and insert your unique user code; it should be between four to eight digits. 
  • You must re-enter your new code. 
  • Look for the green indicator light to blink twice and listen for two beeps. 
  • You can repeat the above process to add more than one new user code. 

Please note that whatever you select as your first code, the second code will need to be the same length. 

Ensure the installation is correct

This could be a little tricky if you didn’t install the device, to begin with. However, there are some basic things to look out for. 

The first thing to check is if there is a loose wire or connection to your device. If you see this, you’ll have to have the device re-installed to ensure it can work properly. 

If you do this yourself, then be sure that you re-connect the wires securely. Your device has a user manual to instruct you on the best way forward. 

If you want to check that your lock is working right, you can do the following:

  • Rotate the thumb and turn downward. 
  • Once it turns, the lock retracts.
  • If this happens, the installation is complete.

If this doesn’t happen, the installation is unsuccessful, and you’ll need to re-install the lock from step one to ensure you don’t encounter any locking issues further down the line. 

Try the physical key

The good news with your Schlage Connect Keypad is that in the event that things genuinely go haywire, there is a physical key to open the door. 

But, hopefully, you won’t need to use it if you’ve tried all the above solutions. 

Clear a Jammed Deadbolt

Sometimes your smart lock can become “confused” when it isn’t sure whether or not the lock is engaged. To rectify this, simply lock and unlock the deadbolt a few times and then close the door again.

Occasionally, this can function as a “reset” and get the keypad activated once more.

Activate “Auto-Lock” Mode

Schlage smart locks have an “auto-lock after 30 seconds mode” which does exactly what you would expect. For some reason, which we can’t totally explain, the keypads tend to function better when this mode is enabled.

If your “auto-lock” mode is disabled, try enabling it now.

Contact Schlage — This is a Documented Design Flaw!

Hopefully your lock is repaired already and you have stopped reading by now!

But if you are still having issues at this point, it is time to contact Schlage. Keypad issues are common with these locks, and Schlage has excellent customer service which seems to have acknowledged the prevalence of this issue. With any luck, you can get a free or discounted replacement!

Final Thoughts

Once your Schlage lock is installed and ready to go, you shouldn’t have an issue. However, there may come a time when your keypad isn’t working as it used to. 

The first call is changing the batteries. If it’s not that, you may need to re-connect the keypad to your smart device or check to see that the installation has been done correctly. 

Overall, fixing your Schlage Connect keypad shouldn’t be difficult if you follow our guide. 

Your last option, however, will always be a skilled technician or replacing the product.


How to fix Schlage locks that are not working?

There are a few ways to do this: insert new batteries, re-connect the keyboard to your smart device, change the user code, ensure there isn’t a loose wire, and change the Programming Code. 

Is installing a Schlage smart lock difficult? 

No, installing your new Schlage lock is pretty simple, and you can do it yourself by following the user manual that comes with your keyboard. 

Can I choose a new code for my Schlage Connect Keyboard? 

Yes! You don’t have to use the code provided with your Schlage Connect Keyboard. You can choose new user codes (4-8 digits) and new programming codes (6 digits) to keep things simple and hassle-free for you. 

What happens if I forget my Schlage Connect lock code?

If you forget your code, you can reset it by following the steps outlined in the manual that came with your lock. If that doesn’t work, you should contact Schlage customer service for assistance.

Can I control my Schlage Connect smart lock when I’m not at home?

Yes, when paired with a compatible smart home system, you can control your Schlage Connect from anywhere using the corresponding mobile app.

Is the Schlage Connect smart lock weatherproof?

The Schlage Connect is designed to withstand the elements. However, like any electronic device, extreme weather conditions may affect its operation over time. It is recommended to install the lock under an awning or other protective covering if possible.

How secure is the Schlage Connect smart lock?

Schlage Connect is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified, which is the highest residential security rating. It uses secure encryption techniques to prevent cyber-attacks, making it a highly secure choice for your home.

Can I integrate my Schlage Connect smart lock with my home security system?

Yes, Schlage Connect is designed to work with most home security systems. This allows you to have a unified, automated home security setup that adds an extra layer of convenience and safety.