Sengled Smart Bulb Won’t Connect

The emergence of Smart technology has undoubtedly made our lives even better and more convenient. The evolution of smartphones alongside the use of WIFI and Bluetooth technology has opened many opportunities in house lighting systems.  

Sengled Smart LED bulbs offer innovative solutions to make your house lights controllable using an app wherever you are. Sengled bulbs allow users to operate their lights in various ways using its Sengled Home app installed on their phones or through partner applications such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Users, through the use of said apps, can turn the smart bulbs on and off, schedule lighting changes, and even dim their bulbs. They can also control the lights using voice command.  

Regardless of how advanced and “smart” the technology is, we still need to consider the possibility of technical problems and concerns. Technology is always in constant innovation and evolution. 

So, it is quite likely that you will eventually run into the issue of your Sengled smart bub failing to connect. When this inevitably happens, don’t despair — we’ve got you covered!

Quick Answer: How to Fix a Sengled Smart Bulb That Won’t Connect

If you don’t want to get too far in the weeds on troubleshooting, here is the simplified version of the necessary steps. Simply work your way down this list until your Sengled smart bulbs are connected once again.

  1. Reset the Bulb 
  1. Power Cycle the Device 
  1. Double Check the Power Status 
  1. Take into Consideration the Given Pairing Window Interval 
  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Sengled Home App 

Common Problems of Sengled Smart Bulbs 

One of the complicated concerns Sengled Smart Bulbs have been receiving is that each user faces different issues with their bulbs. There is no one-stop solution to everything.

For some users, lights take longer to light up. For others, scanning using the QR code won’t recognize the Sengled bulb. However, the focus of this article is connectivity issues. 

Several concerns involve connectivity, like the failure of smart LED Element touch bulbs to connect to Smart Hubs, or the bulbs not pairing correctly, or the bulbs not connecting to Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. We will provide solutions to all those common connection issues below.     

Smart LED Element Touch Won’t Connect to Smart Hub

This is one of the common technical issues widely experienced by Sengled Smart users.

Thankfully, fixing the issue usually requires just one simple step. You only need to reset the bulb. 

To reset the Element touch, the user has to hold down the small button that can be found on the side of the bulb for more than 20 seconds until you see both the indicator power and Ethernet lights on.  

If you see both lights are on, the bulb has been successfully connected to both the smart hub and power. 

*Note that all other Sengled smart bulbs have a different reset process. Only the Element Touch has a physical reset button.

Sengled Smart Bulb Won’t Pair Up with its Hub or Mobile Device

There are various steps to fix this problem. We will start with simpler and more common steps and work our way from there.

1. Reset the Bulb 

The most basic troubleshooting procedure that users normally use with Sengled Smart Bulbs (and other gadgets and electronic devices) is to reset the unit. 

Normally, the pairing issue is resolved by resetting the bulb.

To reset the bulb, quickly turn the bulb on and off ten times. There is no need to wait longer between turning the bulb on and off — the required procedure is to do it repetitively and rapidly, every second for ten times (ten seconds equivalent).  

The bulb should be on after the 10th repetition. Otherwise, it won’t work.

If the proper procedure has been observed, the bulb will flash five times after the last repetition.

If, after trying the procedure up to 10 times, the bulb is not flashing, it only means that the resetting procedure failed. In this case, you will have to repeat it.  

A bulb that is flashing is an indication that it is in pairing mode. Once the flashing is done, the bulb turns off. Remember to turn it on when you see an instruction from your Sengled Home app. 

2. Power Cycling the Router or Modem Device 

If resetting the bulb didn’t resolve the problem, we will carry on to the next step.

Another procedure you should try is to power on and off the router or the modem itself. Even if your WiFi appears to be working with other devices, you should try resetting it at this point.

3. Double Check the Power Status 

After turning on and off the device, and checking your WiFi router, you should now double-check the power status of the unit. Difficulty pairing could have something to do with an inconsistent power response from the device. 

You should ensure there is nothing wrong with the power supply. Normally, this problem occurs if you are using a dimmer switch. Please consider that most of the Sengled bulbs have compatibility issues with dimmers.

You should change your power source/fixture if you use a dimmer. 

4. Take into Consideration the Given Pairing Window Interval 

You should also know that the pairing process has a limited time interval. All Sengled Smart bulbs have only 3 minutes to complete the pairing. After this time, they exit pairing mode.

If you fail to do the pairing within the 3 minute window, you have to repeat it and complete the pairing procedure before 3 minutes elapse. Make sure to do the pairing once you have plugged the smart bulb into the outlet.  

It is a common issue that occurs for many users; once you complete it in a timely fashion, your pairing issue is resolved.  

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Sengled Home app 

Another common concern regarding pairing issues is the app itself. If you have already tried the first four steps that have been provided and none resolved the issue, it only means that the one causing the pairing problem is the app installed on your phone. 

Uninstall the Sengled Home app on your mobile phone, restart it, and reinstall it again. 

Once reinstalled, log in to your Sengled account and do the pairing again with your Smart bulb. 

Sengled Smart Bulbs Won’t Connect to Alexa and Third Party Apps

Another impressive feature of Sengled Smart bulbs is its function to follow a voice command from the users through the Alexa app.

From changing the lamp’s brightness and color to turning it on and off, you can unlock a lot of functionality by using Alexa. However, at times, the feature also encounters technical problems. 

Below are some basic troubleshooting steps that users can follow once they encounter connectivity issues with Alexa. 

1. Ensure Wall Switches are On and Internet Connection is Secured  

Before trying any advanced troubleshooting procedures, start with the obvious.

Ensure all the switches that involve your Smart bulb are on. Secondly, check your internet connection both on your smartphone and computer. Remembering that the voice command function (Alexa voice assistant) only works with a stable internet connection would be best. 

2. Use your Alexa app Voice Command on Other Devices.  

Reminder: This only applies to those users who paired their Alexa app to another device with a microphone. 

If your smart external speaker is paired to your Alexa app, use it on other functions, such as voice commanding your television to turn on. The main purpose is to determine whether your Alexa app is working on other units. 

If the Smart television works using the Alexa app, it means that the issue only occurs on your Smart bulb. 

3. Reset your Sengled Bulbs 

Suppose you can use the Alexa voice command on another smart device besides the smart bulbs. Therefore, there is something wrong with your smart bulbs. 

Do the reset procedure by turning off the Smart bulb unit (it can be done by unplugging the power cord or turning off the wall switches). 

Alternatively, you can turn the power light on and off about 20 times using the switch. 

Once you have seen the bulb blinking in all its colors, it means that it has been reset. 

Then wait for at least 20 seconds before turning on the device. Once it is on, try controlling the system again using the Alexa app. 

4. Place the Router in another Location 

One of the issues causing the Alexa app and Sengled bulb to not connect has to do with a weak WIFI signal. So you have to ensure that the router is positioned in a place where the two components can communicate with each other well.  

Make sure that no equipment blocks the signal that might cause a signal jam or poor signal connectivity between your mobile device and smart bulb. 

If you have a spacious house or your router is positioned in other rooms or floors different from where your Sengled bulb is installed, we recommend you buy and install an extender. This will help the router boost the distribution of WIFI signals to all parts of your house. 

5. Contact Technical Support 

After doing all the provided troubleshooting procedures, you still might have a bulb that needs to be fixed. In this case, if you aren’t ready to purchase new smart bulbs, we recommend you contact a technical support specialist. Specifically, the internet service provider (ISP) can be contacted to check whether there is a connection compatibility issue. 

You may also contact the Sengled support team here.

Final Thoughts

The main advantage of using Smart bulb technology is having full control over your lighting system, even if you are away.

However, to ensure that you will continuously enjoy the benefits and convenience of Smart bulb technology, you always have to be mindful of its WIFI connectivity and pairing connection to the controlling app, such as smart hubs and Alexa. As long as the connection is stable and secure, you never have to worry again about re-installation processes.