Smart Locks That Work With Apple HomeKit: Top Choices

Upgrading to smart locks is the next logical step for a connected home. If you’re looking for convenient automation, then it makes sense to get locks that work with your preferred hub or ecosystem.

Apple enthusiasts will find a lot to like with these top six smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit.

Yale Assure Lock SL Touchscreen Deadbolt

First on the list is the smart and sophisticated intelligent lock by Yale. The Assure Lock SL model is a premiere HomeKit smart door lock with a slim and aesthetically-pleasing design. You can get it in classic black or silver to match your home decor.

Yale’s smart lock replaces your existing deadbolt with a modern device and features a touchscreen keypad and keyless entry. To enter, all you need is the Yale Secure app or to enter the correct code into the keypad.

For those who constantly worry about whether they locked their front door when they leave, there’s the Auto Relock and a status indicator via Siri.

You can lock and unlock, as well as share access codes through the Yale Secure app. Further, you can create entry codes to share with family members and loved ones. It works on any deadbolt-compatible door, including your basement door, garage entry door, front door, and more.

As far as HomeKit integration is concerned, you’ll find plenty of things to do, including a ‘Goodnight’ HomeKit scene that locks your smart doors at night.

What we like about the Assure Lock SL is that it’s tamper-free and features ANSI 2 grading for secure, quiet, and fully-motorized operation. In other words, even though it is a smart lock, you still get the safety and durability of a deadbolt that is made by one of the world’s premier lock makers.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is an achievement in engineering minimalism – it’s just the size of a jar cap and yet it’s smart enough to protect your home from unwanted intruders.

This HomeKit-supported smart lock has its wi-fi component built-in, which eliminates the need to buy an extra accessory or bridge to conduct away-from-home controls.

Download the August app and you can remotely unlock or lock your door, check its status, and set up profiles for guests and family members. From there, you can see the comings and goings and create virtual guest keys as needed.

HomeKit integration means you can control the smart lock using your HomePod, Apple TV, iPhone, or Apple Watch. It’s worth noting that you can add facial recognition or phone fingerprint as added security before you can unlock the device remotely, something that other smart locks may not have.

The August Smart Lock features DoorSense sensor technology, TLS, and AES 128-bit encryption and requires two CR123 batteries to work. It’s a great first purchase and one that will last a long time.

Level Lock Touch Edition

Level Lock is one of the most interesting HomeKit locks on the market today.

It’s designed to be ‘invisible’. You see, the product actually replaces the innards of your traditional lock mechanism, which means added privacy and security. To anyone that approaches your door, the deadbolt will just look like a simple, traditional lock.

A close-range Bluetooth automatic mechanism allows your smartphone and the smart lock to interact with each other. If you want something fancier, you can have yourself or family members carry around NFC cards that are similar to hotel keycards.

Last but not least, you can spring for a wireless keypad for an extra cost and install it for keyless entry. However, this ruins the ‘invisible smart lock’ feature that we like.

With a HomeKit device, you’ll find that you can ask Siri to lock or unlock the front door when guests or a delivery package arrives without having to get up from the couch. Installation may take a bit longer since you’ll be swapping out a lot of parts, but the end result will be well worth it.

Even if you have family members that use other smart assistants such as Alexa or Google, they’ll have more than one way to get in.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage has quite an imposing presence with its Sense Smart Deadbolt. The all-black metal exterior will make anyone who doesn’t have business getting inside your house all sweaty and nervous, and chances are that they’d abandon the idea altogether.

The manufacturer has added several bells and whistles that make it a top smart lock that works with Apple HomeKit. Reinforced hardware is always a nice plus in our books, and there’s even an alarm built in whenever it detects a forced entry. You’ll get better sleep knowing your house is in good hands.

To unlock the device’s full capability it’s recommended that you get the Sense adapter. With HomeKit integration, you’ll be able to command Siri or use your iPhone or Apple TV to check its status. You can even set up automated commands so you won’t have to double-check or manually turn the lock before you sleep.

With the Schlage Sense app, you can create and assign access codes and view the history, or delete them when an Airbnb guest has left the rental. The product comes in several finishes too depending on what you want.

Level Bolt Smart Lock

The Level Bolt smart lock is similar to Level Lock in that it’s mostly invisible or masquerading as a normal lock. However, once installed you get smart lock functions and automation. Plus, you can still use your existing keys to gain entry into your front door or apartment.

Level Bolt works with traditional locks and makes them smart so they can be controlled using your iPhone. For remote commands, you will need a HomeKit hub and a wifi connection.

There’s a good chance that your existing deadbolt is compatible, but if you want to be sure you can read through the product description on the official website.

Surprisingly, the HomeKit smart lock is easy to install, thanks to adjustable backset profiles. A single screwdriver should be all that’s needed to get it into place, and from there you can download the Level app to complete the setup.

Quality is top-notch and as expected of a popular brand, with the Level Bolt featuring a 6-stage gearbox for security and lock strength.

Aqara N200 Smart Door Lock

Last but not least, we have the N200 smart door lock by Aqara. Offered primarily in non-U.S. markets, it’s a high-tech device that offers seven different ways to get in your house. These options include entering a password, through Bluetooth, NFC (with compatible phones), fingerprint, key, temporary pass key and of course, HomeKit.

The N200 is a notable improvement over its predecessor, with a longer standby time and compatibility with the Mijia app. What the N200 smart lock has is a unique fingerprint reader built into the door handle- if your or any authorized family member places their thumbs there, the lock activates in just 300 milliseconds. There’s also a doorbell button at the top for audible notifications.

As for safety and security, the HomeKit smart door lock doesn’t disappoint. It can handle tampering, and inside is a Level C Safety Lock Cylinder with a lock bolt sensor that can tell you if your door is open or closed. You get notified if you need to change the batteries (a grand total of eight AAs, mind you) and it has a capacity of up to 50 fingerprints and passwords.

Features that Matter

Deadbolt/Lock Compatibility

First, you need to decide whether your smart lock will operate on the deadbolt or door handle position. Most options above are used in the deadbolt position.

Next, some locks will require the replacement of the deadbolt and/or door handle, while others (like the Level Bolt) can retrofit inside an existing deadbolt.

Entry Methods

Smart locks can offer a head-spinning number of methods of entry. From biometric/fingerprint access, to NFC, to keypads, to companion apps, to position sensing, there is no shortage of options.

Be sure that the lock you purchase provides the options you need. If you host an Airbnb, having the ability to set time-constrained keycodes from an app will be invaluable. If your aging parents can’t remember to lock their door at night, an auto-locking option with phone notifications could be life-changing.

Smart Locks that Work with Apple HomeKit FAQs

How do I add a lock to HomeKit?

Usually, you will need to add the smart lock as an accessory to your Home app. It’s recommended that you put in batteries on your lock first to power it on so it can be detected.

From there, you can either tap the plus sign or choose ‘Add Accessory’, then choose the model from the list. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your smart lock.

Can smart locks get hacked?

The best smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit come with security and safety measures to deter hacking and physical vandalism.

However, they’re not completely hack-proof, especially if your wifi network has a weak password or security. Make sure to make your wifi passwords more complex or get a smart lock that offers greater encryption.

How long do smart locks last?

A typical smart lock will have batteries that last for six months to a year. The type of battery will depend on the manufacturer, and it can be anywhere from double AA batteries to CR123s, among others. With proper care, many smart locks will last 5 or more years.

Is a smart lock waterproof?

Not all smart locks are waterproof, but you can tell if it is by reading the product description or manual on the official website. Look for locks that have an IP65 waterproof rating if you plan on installing them outdoors.

How much does it cost to replace a smart lock?

You can expect to spend somewhere between $250 to $400 to get a smart lock installed in your front door. You may need to spend a bit more to get remote functionality through hubs and adapters if the device doesn’t have built-in wifi.


Nothing says ‘I have a smart home’ more than a smart lock installed in your front door. If you prefer to control your lock using HomeKit, then the six items listed above should serve you quite well.

After setting it up in the Home app, you can choose to lock or unlock using your Apple Watch, iPhone, or Apple TV.

For those of us that operate within the Apple ecosystem, there are fewer things scarier than branching out. Thankfully, with these smart locks, we will never have to!