Smart Locks That Work With Apple Watch [Top Picks for 2023]

Ten years ago, the idea of unlocking your front door using a high-tech watch was reserved only for spy movies. Today, every connected home can set up their Apple Watch to open smart locks wirelessly or even as they approach.

Here are six smart locks that work with Apple Watch.

Schlage Encode Plus

Lock manufacturer Schlage was one of the first ones to add Apple Home Key support to its smart lock lineup, which means you could use your Apple Watch or iPhone’s NFC as a tap-to-unlock solution. What’s impressive is that NFC works even if you have a dead iPhone in the event that you forgot your key code.

The smart wi-fi deadbolt works especially well with an Apple Watch – just point your watch’s screen to the signal icon and the lock will activate without further input. As for HomeKit connectivity, you can have Siri tell you the smart lock’s status and automate the task through HomeKit or with the Home app.

Keep in mind that NFC unlocking is only supported in the Plus model, so if you really want this feature then that means spending a few extra bucks. Wi-fi technology is already built-in, thereby eliminating the need to purchase a separate adapter or hub. There’s also a keyed entry option for those who are inclined to the traditional ways.

Schlage is nice enough to offer several styles and finishes that complement its own branded door hardware. Installation should be a breeze as long as you can follow the instructions.

Level Lock+

Level Lock+ has the same premise as the Encode Plus – if you have an Apple Watch or iPhone, just put the device near the smart lock and you can get in without the need for a key. The Level Lock lineup is exclusive to Apple and can be bought directly at their official website.

HomeKit adopters will find a lot to like in Lock+ since it plays very nicely in the Home app and Siri. You won’t have to scroll further down Home when adding the smart lock – it’s right on top of the recommended devices as soon as you open the app.

Make sure, however, that you’ve slotted the CR2 battery so it will be detected. After installing, you can set up Home Keys and generate an NFC code to lock or unlock your front door using your Apple Watch.

The beauty of Lock+ is its elegant and intuitive design. It looks like a high-end premium lock with an impressive gray or black finish. What’s more, it’s graded AAA by the BHMA for durability, finish and security, so you can rest assured that the smart lock will last a long time.

Tedee Smart Lock

Tedee aims to ‘make doors smart’ with its innovative smart lock. The device itself is just roughly the size of a bottle cap, but once it’s set up you can control it remotely or automatically via HomeKit automation.

To get full functionality you’ll need to purchase the Tedee Set and bridge. The smart lock is compatible with most smart home systems and voice assistants, including Google, Alexa and Siri. With the bridge, you can receive notifications, share access codes and have your door automatically open once the lock detects the nearby presence of an Apple Watch or iPhone.

The Tedee app offers a plethora of functions for access, including temporary and permanent digital keys, the ability to unlock remotely, an auto-lock mechanism and more. What’s cool is that you can set it up so that each family member or loved one with an Apple Watch can enter or leave as needed and not need any key to do so.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to choose the correct Tedee Smart Lock variant depending on your door type. Luckily, the site has a helpful resource to point you in the right direction.

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock

The Kwikset brand is known for high-quality, durable locks, and the Premis is no exception. This smart lock does things a little better than the others, including several quality-of-life improvements on how you lock and unlock your door.

For one, the keypad touchscreen is backlit so you won’t need to hold a light or your smartphone’s flashlight app to enter the correct code. Or, you can do away with that and just have your device unlock the door for you.

Most users prefer an iPhone or Apple Watch for this, but you can use any other compatible Apple device, including an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod. Keep in mind that the Premis is exclusively made for Apple – it doesn’t support Android phones or Google’s smart ecosystem.

With a HomePod you can ask Siri to lock or unlock the front door. The app offers remote access and notifications on the comings and goings of people and family members. The smart lock comes with a traditional keyhole or a safe-style code unlock too.

Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure Lock looks like an iPod Touch that’s mounted to your door. Compliments aside, we like how responsive the smart lock is, and how quiet the locking and unlocking mechanisms are. There’s barely any audible click, but once you turn the handle or knob you’ll find that it’s already open and waiting for you to enter.

Yale’s smart lock is compatible with an Apple Watch through a Yale network module upgrade. The extra cost gives you added functions, such as HomeKit integration (for hands-free Siri commands) and remote access using the Home app or Yale Access app.

You can retrofit in a 54mm hole and replace a mechanical deadbolt in just a few minutes with a regular screwdriver. There’s no keyhole to speak of, and you can create up to 25 unique pin codes for family members, guests and relatives.

August Home Smart Lock Pro

The Smart Lock Pro is another noteworthy mention for those who want a smart lock that supports Apple Watch. The rounded cylinder design does away with digital keypads and traditional keyholes and instead focuses on the digital aspects of a smart lock.

Set up the Smart Lock Pro right and your front door will automatically unlock as you get near, for example. You can also ask Siri for hands-free commands when you have an armful of grocery bags. In the same vein, there’s a convenient auto-lock setting when you leave the house so you won’t have to worry or waste time going back and re-checking.

DoorSense is an amazing feature and something we’d want to see in every smart lock product. If you’ve left the door open, the sensor will pick it up and notify you through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

As far as automation is concerned you can set up a HomeKit scene and have your Smart Lock Pro lock at night on its own. Each purchase comes with the Connect wi-fi bridge, but if you want a keypad then you’ll have to pay extra.

Smart Locks that Work with Apple Watch FAQs

How do I unlock my smart lock using Apple Watch?

There are two things you need to do before you can unlock your smart lock with an Apple Watch. First, you should have a Home Key set up within the Home app, and the smart lock should have been added to the system. Make sure that you have a bridge or adapter that allows for remote unlocking as well.

Do all smart locks work with Apple Watch?

Not all smart locks work with an Apple Watch, but it’s easy to determine if a particular model is supported or not. You can check on the official product page and in the descriptions if the device works with HomeKit or Apple Watch. If a lock says that it supports Home Key then it should work with Apple Watch NFC technology.

Why upgrade to smart locks?

Smart locks offer several advantages to homeowners, property owners and rental managers. A physical key can be lost or stolen, and if this happens you will need to replace the lock. Plus, you won’t have to copy and give a key to every family member or guest. Perhaps the best feature is how you can lock it remotely even when you’re away on a business trip or vacation.

I’m having trouble installing my smart lock. What should I do?

Smart locks are usually compatible with existing deadbolts and similar locks, but not everyone will have the know-how to install them properly. If this is the case, then we’d recommend the help of a professional.

Why is my smart lock not working with Apple Watch?

Your smart lock must support NFC unlocking using Apple Watch or iPhone for it to work. Also, you should have a Home Key created in the Home app and activated on the smart lock and your Apple Watch.

Final Thoughts

We are now at a point where it’s possible to just tap your smartphone or Apple Watch to unlock your front door. If that’s not convenient enough, you can tell Siri to unlock the door as you pull up to the garage or driveway.

If these things tickle your fancy, then it’s in your best interest to buy HomeKit smart locks that work with Apple Watch.