Sony XP700 vs. Sony XV800 vs. Sony XV900: How to Choose?

In a world that thrives on music and movement, the perfect party speaker becomes an essential part of the entertainment mix. Among the many available options, three models from Sony, the XP700, XV800, and XV900, have made quite an impact on the market.

These speakers are large and powerful, almost akin to a loudspeaker, and yet portable. Let’s delve deeper into their specific attributes and compare them on various fronts.

Sony XP700, XV800, & XV900: Key Points to Know

In case you would rather skim the article than read it in its entirety, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview:

  • We’re focusing on the Sony XP700, XV800, and XV900, all of which are robust, portable party speakers equipped with party lighting. Each one brings a unique sound experience and features to cater to different user preferences.
  • The XV900 is the priciest model among the three with an MSRP of $900, followed by the XV800 priced at $650, and the XP700 at $550. It’s important to keep in mind that with higher cost comes a richer feature set and improved sound quality.
  • The XV800 and XV900 models are designed with wheels for easier mobility, a thoughtful touch considering their size. However, some users might find the wheels a bit clunky and tricky to maneuver.
  • The XP700 and XV800 models have an IPX4 waterproof rating, a useful feature if you’re planning an outdoor event. Unfortunately, the XV900 doesn’t share this trait.
  • All models boast of an impressive 25-hour battery life according to Sony. However, real-world tests suggest a practical battery life of around 10-12 hours when using the speakers at higher volumes and with the lights on.
  • The speakers come with a MEGA BASS feature, but it’s not recommended to use this as it degrades the sound quality. Instead, consider using the adjustable equalizer via the Sony Music Center App.
  • In terms of volume capabilities, the XV900 takes the crown, boasting more tweeters than the XV800 and XP700.
  • The XV800 offers a superior sound quality experience relative to the XP700 but still falls behind the XV900. Thus, it can be seen as a middle ground in terms of both price and performance.
  • All models are equipped with a power bank feature, USB play & charge, and mic and guitar inputs, reflecting Sony’s efforts to meet varied user needs.
  • The XV800 and XV900 models feature a stylish top touch panel, while the XP700 has a simpler, traditional design.
  • All the speakers have pleasant party lighting which isn’t the most robust or extreme party lighting you will find, but it does its job well and enhances the esthetic of the speakers

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Design Considerations

Aesthetics and design are crucial aspects to consider when investing in party speakers. All three models are housed in a traditional party speaker design, mixing plastic bodies and metal grills. Although they are not immune to scratches, their durability stands out.

Size-wise, the XP700 and XV800 are more compact and lighter than the XV900, which may be a factor to consider if portability is important to you. The XV800 and XV900 both have wheels to enhance their portability. All three models, however, have a built-in handle for easier transportation.

Weatherproofing and Battery Capabilities

When it comes to outdoor events and pool parties, weatherproofing becomes a factor of consideration. The XP700 and XV800 models come with an IPX4 waterproof rating, making them a safer bet for outdoor use. The XV900 model, however, doesn’t have a waterproof rating, which might limit its utility in certain scenarios.

Though Sony advertises a 25-hour battery life for all three speakers, tests suggest you’re more likely to get around 10-12 hours if you’re running the speakers at high volume with lights. Still, Sony’s quick-charge feature that delivers 3 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes is a definite plus point.

Sound Quality and Performance

Each speaker boasts Sony’s MEGA BASS feature and X-balanced speakers. However, if you’re an audiophile, you may want to skip using the MEGA BASS feature. It significantly reduces sound quality, making the adjustable equalizer in the app a better choice for tweaking the audio to your liking.

When it comes to volume output, the XV900 reigns supreme, courtesy of its higher number of tweeters. This ability to create louder sounds may justify its higher price for some users. Meanwhile, the XV800 and XV900 models deliver good-to-great sound quality, while the XP700 is slightly lacking in this department.

Additional Features and Functionality

When it comes to additional features, the XV800 and XV900 models offer a sleek, modern touch controls with their top touch panels. The XP700, on the other hand, keeps it simple and user-friendly with a more traditional design.

All three models also come with party lighting, a pleasing touch that isn’t too extreme but adds to the overall ambiance. They’re all compatible with the Sony Music Center App, a decent app that enhances user control over the speakers. Another interesting feature is the ability to connect up to 100 compatible speakers via Party Connect, opening up possibilities for massive sound setups.

Final Words: Making Your Choice

Navigating the world of Sony’s portable party speakers, the XP700, XV800, and XV900, each model has its strengths and unique selling points.

If you’re after a portable, waterproof speaker that’s also wallet-friendly, the XP700 fits the bill. While it can’t compete punch-for-punch with its larger siblings, the XV900 is fully twice the price of the XP700 at the time of publish. Admittedly, the XV900 brings more volume and higher sound quality. But the speakers are similar enough that you should at least consider saving a few hundred dollars by opting for the XP700.

For users looking for superior sound quality and additional features, the XV800 and XV900 models could be worth the higher price tag. If you want the best-of-the-best, the XV900 is a clear winner among the three speakers, price difference notwithstanding.

As always, the ultimate choice depends on your unique needs and preferences. Consider factors like volume, sound quality, portability, waterproofing, and price before making your final decision.

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Can these speakers double as power banks?

Indeed, all three models – the Sony XP700, XV800, and XV900 – are equipped with a power bank feature. This allows users to connect and charge their portable devices, a handy feature during long events or outdoor settings.

Is the MEGA BASS feature recommended for use?

While all three speakers come with the MEGA BASS feature, using it might lead to a decrease in sound quality. Instead, we recommend using the adjustable equalizer through the Sony Music Center App for a more refined control over your sound experience.

Is it possible to connect these speakers with other devices for a louder sound?

Yes, all three models come with Sony’s Party Connect feature, allowing them to connect up to 100 compatible speakers. This capability can come in handy for larger events or for those seeking a more immersive sound experience.