Soundboks 2 vs. 3: Full Comparison & Buying Guide


The Soundboks 3 undoubtedly has lapped its older sibling in its overall design as well as the quality of sound reproduced through the speakers. The idea of paying a cool grand for a slight upgrade may strike an odd note with the more frugal audiophiles, however.

If you want the quickest explanation of which you should choose, get the second generation for a deal on a solid portable speaker. The third is a better choice technically, however, for a superior sound profile as well as a more efficient, durable package overall. The only downfall of the newer generation is its inability to create the same ground-level bass that the Soundboks 2 can produce. So if you want to break all the fine china in your apartment complex with nothing but the boom of low-tones, then the Soundboks 2 will work well!

Whether you are in the market for a new portable speaker that will make you the neighborhood pariah or simply want to know if upgrading to a Soundboks 3 is worth it, we will go over all of that and more in this comparison.

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Both generations of Soundboks pride themselves on having a volume notch that not only turns to eleven but produces volume at eleven. This is unequivocally accurate and cements both as the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market at the time of this article.

SoundBoks 2

This guy offers an impressive amount of bass for a portable speaker while also hitting absurdly high in volume clocking in at around 122 decibels. If you wanna know how loud that is, rev up your nearest chainsaw and put it directly next to your ear (don’t actually do that). It sits at a frequency range of 40Hz – 20kHz which all things considered is fairly good for what this product is meant to be used for, parties, and all other manners of social depravity.

It comes with two ten-inch woofers and an inch-long silk dome tweeter that is going to give you a clearer, comfy sound. The audio quality takes a hit in clarity when this portable beast pushes its volume limit, however, and you may experience crackling or lower quality. It is also outfitted with a Class D amplifier, which is going to offer more efficiency in battery life than quality in audio.

Soundboks 3

Coming in at 126 dB, this monster has somehow been made louder than its older model, if only marginally. Like its predecessor, it is outfitted with 2 10-inch subwoofers but boasts a one-inch compression driver tweeter. The sound is distinctly better at higher volumes, you will notice less crackling and more overall quality throughout. The frequency between the two of those speakers is the exact same at 40Hz – 20kHz.

It should be noted that the bass on this newer model falls short of its older model. Regardless of this one shortcoming, the sound quality and volume you find in the Soundboks 3 gives it a clear edge over the Soundboks 2

Verdict: The Soundboks 3

Design & Durability

Soundboks 2

The sleek, attractive coloring is offset by a fairly simple block design with aluminum balls on the corners. This inelegant yet intelligent design quietly speaks to the subtle toughness of this portable amp. The cabinet is made of Birch Plywood that is hidden behind a powder-coated aluminum frame. Those that want a speaker that is as loud in design as it is in volume won’t care for the overall look of the Soundboks 2, but for the subtler person, this design is simple yet durable.

Soundboks 3

You would be forgiven for not being able to notice the subtle differences in this model, design-wise the only difference is an altered company logo and a steel grill with octagonal holes instead of circular ones. The balls on the corners of the amp are now made of silicone, and the cabinet now boasts poplar in favor of birch. While these differences are subtle, they speak to the company’s desire to improve on its design.

To top it off, both speakers boost resistance to weather and splash, which is wise considering it is marketed for parties. These speakers know what they are, durable, portable amps made for parties that can survive a bit of wear and tear.

Verdict: Soundboks 3


Soundboks 2

The second generation can keep normal levels of volume for a full forty hours and Soundboks has claimed eight hours at full power. This may vary however depending on what you are playing and how loud that is played through the speaker. Many reviews of this product have spoken out saying it does not in fact do a full eight hours at full volume. Regardless, for a portable speaker, forty hours of charge is incredible. A recharge takes about three and a half hours.

Soundboks 3

The three are listed as having a battery life of forty hours with five hours at full volume. This seems to be a more reliable estimate of battery power though again you should keep in mind different music may affect battery life, well differently. At such a high level of volume (this thing can deafen you) to maintain that amount of juice is very impressive, though nothing special compared to the older model.

Verdict: Draw

Software & Features

Soundboks 2

This brick comes with an auxiliary input as well as Bluetooth capabilities and offers an indoor and outdoor mode to suit whichever environment you choose. It comes with the option of a backpack, which is nice considering that this guy is a bit hefty in weight. The battery can be removed very easily and separately charged so you don’t have to lug this monster around every time your charge runs dry.

Soundboks 3

They didn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to features for the newer model, they just shined the rims a bit. The battery is the same as the two so if you do have the older model you can use the battery from that as well. It comes with the same backpack along with the usual bells and whistles of any electronic. The indoor/outdoor mode has been thrown out and they have added app-compatibility and the new “pro panel” which allows more versatility in device inputs as well as the ability to connect multiple speakers. While it isn’t groundbreaking, Soundboks have comfortably upgraded the personal features of their speakers.

Verdict: Soundboks 3


If your guest house has a guest house and you want the loudest mobile speakers money can buy, then absolutely go with the Soundboks 3. It is designed more durable, has better and louder audio as well as highly optimized user features. If you are looking for something on the cheaper side (sub-$750 rather than closer to $1,000), the Soundboks 2 is a quality speaker that still boasts an impressive resume for a much more affordable price tag. While both are quality pieces of machinery, the Soundboks 3 has edged out its predecessor in almost every regard.

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Are Soundboks speakers waterproof?

While both Soundboks 2 and 3 are not entirely waterproof, they are designed to withstand weather and splash, which makes them suitable for outdoor parties and events. Soundboks claims that all internal components are manufactured to an IP65 rating, but the speaker itself is not submergible.

Does Soundboks 3 come with a backpack?

While neither Soundboks speaker comes with an included backpack, a backpack is available for additional purchase as an add-on accessory. The company often runs 50% off sales on accessories, which are handy for transporting this hefty speaker.

What’s the range of Bluetooth connectivity for Soundboks speakers?

The Bluetooth range for both Soundboks 2 and 3 is approximately 100 feet. However, obstacles and interference could potentially reduce this range.