Soundcore Motion Comparison: X600 vs. Motion Boom, Plus, & Boom Plus

Struggling to decide which Soundcore speaker fits your audio needs the best? We’re here to help you navigate through the labyrinth of the Soundcore Motion series.

We’ve dissected the Soundcore Motion X600, Soundcore Motion Plus, Soundcore Motion Boom, and Soundcore Motion Boom Plus, assessing them on five key parameters: Sound Quality, Design, Durability, Battery Life, and Software. Each of these speakers brings unique characteristics to the table, making the decision process a bit of a conundrum.

Let’s break down the specifics and delve deeper into the details, shall we?

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Sound Quality

All four speakers deliver impressive sound quality that belies their modest price tags.

The Motion Plus and Motion X600 stand out with their “Hi-Res Audio” designation, a nod to their superior sound resolution.

The Motion Plus, despite being the smallest of the bunch, packs a punch with its 30 watts of power, offering superb clarity, particularly in the mid-range frequencies.

The Motion Boom is a bass enthusiast’s dream. It’s the ideal party companion, offering impressive volume with its 30 watts, and a bass response that could make your heart skip a beat.

The Motion Boom’s larger sibling, the Motion Boom Plus, ramps things up even further, delivering an impressive 80 watts. The Boom Plus is noticeably louder and clearer than the Boom, making it the perfect party speaker.

The Motion X600 takes things to the next level with its spatial audio feature, courtesy of a center driver. This gives it a wide, immersive soundstage that could make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a live performance. Touting 50 watts, it sits comfortably between the Motion Boom and the Boom Plus in terms of size and power.

The X600 offers a nice blend of the crisp, clear audio of the Motion Plus and the bass-heavy performance of the Motion Boom. If the consensus is anything to go by, the X600 steals the show with its overall sound quality, edging out the rest in this round.


The design realm is where the Motion X600 truly shines.

With a totally redesigned, all-metal build, it exudes an air of premium and sophistication not found in the others. Between the metal design and choice of colors – black (which looks more gray), green, or blue – it makes for an attractive addition to any setting. Its solid handle adds a practical touch, while its larger size compared to the Motion Plus and similar size to the Motion Boom make it stand out.

The Motion Plus and Boom speakers follow a more traditional design route, with the Boom Plus sporting a useful shoulder strap for easy portability. Among them, the Boom seems to have the most durable and solid build.

However, if you’re after an elegant, eye-catching speaker, the X600 could be the perfect fit, taking the crown in this category.


When it comes to durability, all four speakers are impressive contenders. The Motion Plus and Motion Boom carry IPX7 ratings, while the X600 shares the same, offering solid water and dust protection. The Motion Boom Plus steps it up a notch with an IP67 rating, promising superior durability for all your outdoor adventures.

Despite their different ratings, all four speakers prove to be tough performers, but the Motion Boom stands out as the most durable of the bunch.

Battery Life

Battery life is another crucial factor to consider.

Here, the Motion Boom leads the pack with an impressive 24-hour battery life. The Motion Boom Plus, despite being larger and more powerful, offers a slightly lower 20-hour battery life. Both the Motion Plus and Motion X600 offer up to 12 hours of battery life, which, while decent, falls behind the other two.


Price-wise, the Motion X600, with an MSRP of around $200, is the most expensive, closely followed by the Motion Boom Plus at about $180. The Motion Plus and Motion Boom both have an MSRP of around $100.

However, the Soundcore brand often offers sales, making these speakers available for less than the MSRP.

Note that the Motion X600, being the newest release, might be harder to find on sale.

Final Verdict

These four speakers from Soundcore cater to different user preferences and needs. If you’re after the smallest and most portable device, the Motion Plus is your best bet, with the trade-off being slightly less powerful audio output.

For listeners who prioritize bass and durability, the Motion Boom is a great choice, offering the best bass for the price.

If you’re looking for a powerful party speaker, the Motion Boom Plus, with its 80 watts output and shoulder strap for enhanced portability, might be the best fit.

Finally, if you value a balance of powerful audio, attractive design, and the latest features (such as spatial audio and Bluetooth 5.3), the Motion X600 emerges as a solid choice. It combines the great features of the Motion Boom and the Motion Plus and elevates them with its unique additions.

In the end, the choice depends on individual preferences and needs. Regardless of the choice, all four speakers offer great sound quality, especially considering their relatively low price points. They all live up to the reputation of the Soundcore brand for delivering excellent audio performance, durability, and value.

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Is the Soundcore Motion X600 speaker good for outdoor use?

A: Absolutely, the Motion X600 (as well as the other speakers in the Motion series) is designed for outdoor use. They are all waterproof, with IPX7 ratings for the Motion Plus, Motion Boom, and Motion X600, and an IP67 rating for the Motion Boom Plus, making them able to withstand water splashes and dust, perfect for beach parties, poolside lounging, or camping.

Can I control the Motion X600 speaker’s sound settings with an EQ?

Yes, Soundcore provides an app that allows you to control the EQ settings of your speaker. With this, you can tweak the bass, mids, and trebles to fit your personal preferences or match the music genre you are playing.