Soundpeats T2 vs. Soundpeats T3 vs. Soundpeats Air3

The Soundpeats noise cancelling lineup features decent true wireless earphones for mixed-use. They provide solid performance at a fair price.

These in-ears are comfortable and block a reasonable amount of background noise, making them ideal for the workplace and commuting. While they aren’t the perfect earbuds, you shouldn’t be expecting perfection when it comes to noise cancelling earbuds under $60.

Their sound characteristics may be better suited to bass-heavy music, but most customers will be content with them. Their compact, tiny form makes them easy to transport and sturdy for athletic activities.

Unfortunately, their pairing technique can be tricky sometimes, and you may occasionally experience sound cuts when using them. Sound quality isn’t anything to brag about, and both the T2 and T3 are lacking any companion app.

On the plus side, for inexpensive headphones, they are of quality and should please the majority of buyers.

Here, we’ll review Soundpeats T2, Soundpeats T3, and  Soundpeats Air3. Keep reading to discover the differences between the three models.

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Let’s look at the sound differences in the Soundpeats T3, Soundpeats T2, and Soundpeats Air3.

Soundpeats T2

The audio quality for Soundpeats T2 is a bass head’s fantasy since it carries some serious deep bass. The Soundpeats T2’s bass is punchy, powerful, and highly defined (compared to similarly priced ANC earbuds). It’s comparable to or marginally superior to the Soundpeats T3 audio.

The overall sound rates as “good” within its category. Clarity is unspectacular, but audible distortion is minimal. Rather, you just won’t be blown away by the clarity.

Soundstage is pretty impressive, and sounds better to most users than the separation on the “new and improved” T3s.

You could appreciate the earbuds’ compelling deep bass and lack of distortion. Again, don’t expect perfection at this price point.

Soundpeats T3

On the other hand, Soundpeats T3 sound quality varies depending on how loud you love your music. At lower levels, they sound amazing. But, as you reach 50% volume and above, they distort dramatically, particularly in the peaks.

So, if you’re used to listening at higher volumes, first and foremost, protect your hearing. Secondly, they may not be suitable for you. Consider how they feel at a reduced volume. It has bass, but it’s not as punchy.

On the T3, the separation is decent. Of course, don’t expect massive soundstage or precision, but the quality-vs-price is impressive. At below $50, they’re an excellent alternative to higher-priced options.

Soundpeats Air3

The Soundpeats Air3 can undoubtedly justify the price. The bass is full-bodied, and the trebles stand well. Clarity is lacking, especially as you increase the Air3s volume. The 14.2 mm drivers function better at low to moderate volume levels, which allows them to draw effectively and feel well proportioned, with a pronounced bass.

The soundstage comes across as relatively wide (compared to other budget earbuds).

Overall, the Air3s aren’t ideal for fine detailed or accurate listening. But they’re enough for a bit of background music and regular podcasts from a chart mix.

Sound Comparison

While the T2 doesn’t have the deepest bass, it has a more pleasing sound than the T3, with more detail in the lower mid-tones, a warmer undertone, and an overall sharper audio experience.

Sound Winnner: Soundpeats T2, followed by Air3


While sound is arguably the most important feature, let’s consider the design too.

Soundpeats T2

The charging case for the Soundpeats T2 Wireless earbuds is well-constructed. It’s tiny, meaning it’ll fit perfectly in your jeans. The magnetic closure holds the case securely closed. 

The earbuds are simple to remove and insert into the casing and fit perfectly on the charging points. The case is chargeable through USB type-C and doesn’t enable wireless charging.

It has three indicators on the exterior of the case that display the charging state and remaining battery storage capacity. Once charged, the earphones’ battery lasts roughly 10 hours and is extendable up to 30 hours by utilizing the case.

However, their usage durations will decrease if you start utilizing the background or ANC mode.

Soundpeats T2 Wireless buds are barrel-shaped earphones with a shorter neck that’s remarkable for comfort and stability. The buds lack any type of blocked-up sensation, and you can use them for high-intensity runs and exercises with less frustration than you would expect from budget earbuds.

They’re only available in black. The earbuds have a bud-style shape, so there’s no stem sticking out of your ears, and they have a matte plastic finish and branding.

Soundpeats T3

The Soundpeats T3 appears to be what you would anticipate for the price. If you compare the casing for Soundpeats T3 vs. Air3, you’ll realize they’re both matte black and appear rather cheap. This product is also a little larger – possibly too wide to comfortably fit into a pocket.

The controls included within the earphones are one of the earbud’s best features. A multipurpose button is on the rear of each pod’s body. With this, you can control all essential audio features and loudness with various finger touches, including:

  • Changing between ongoing calls
  • Ending conversations
  • Enabling voice assistant
  • Playing the next song in your playlist

If you take the buds out of your ears, they don’t detach from the mobile. It’s convenient since it won’t interrupt you or interfere with phone conversations.

Soundpeats Air3

You can hang the Soundpeats Air3 in the ear minus silicone tips, much like their structural predecessors, and they feature a comfortable, airy, and loose design. However, this doesn’t stop background noise from mixing with your listening.

The Air3 may fit too loosely, necessitating persistent pushing, which might cause the remote actions to become triggered with bothersome frequency. Otherwise, the Air3s provide an inconspicuous, pressure-free fit while also being waterproof.

The Air3 buds are a mixed bag in regards to comfort and fit. But, there isn’t much distinction between these and many other wireless earphones, including the Soundpeats T2 and Soundpeats T3.

For one thing, because it’s bottom-heavy, it stays in place during workouts. Another advantage of solid construction is that it’s simple to clean. There’s no need to be concerned about earwax or debris getting caught inside.

Design Winnner: Soundpeats T2


The Soundpeats are of sound construction and surprisingly durable for a pair of inexpensive earphones. Because of their moderate size, they’re dense enough to withstand a few accidents without suffering too much harm.

The T3 has the best durability. It fits snugly, and while it lacks an official waterproof certification, it can stay in place throughout workouts and runs.

Durability Winnner: Soundpeats T3


Below we compare the battery life of the three Soundpeats models.

Soundpeats T2

The Soundpeats T2 features includes a portable compact charging device that can charge the buds three times before recharge. A USB-C charging connector drives it. On the front of the casing, three lights display the charging state.

Every pair of T2 earbuds contain a built-in battery that may last up to 10 hours on a single charge. The vast majority of budget earbuds on the market have shorter lifespans. When you enable ANC, your efficiency drops to eight hours (per the manufacturer), which is still fairly impressive.

You may expect six and a half hours in the ANC setting. These batteries are excellent in every way. Even more, the charging package includes an extra 30 hours of power.

The earphones are also quick-charging. It takes roughly two hours to charge an empty gadget to maximum capacity after putting in the USB Type-C connection.

Soundpeats T3

T3 Soundpeats’ case boasts up to 16.5 hours of battery life, but this is misleading because it includes two full reloads from the case whenever the earbuds are empty. The earphones’ playtime is significantly shorter: roughly 5.5 hours with the noise canceling feature turned off and four hours with ANC active. When the case is flat, it’s rechargeable through USB-C.

Soundpeats Air3

The advertised duration of five hours for Soundpeats Air3 suits most people’s needs. However, the buds’ online usage duration may extend to 17 hours when factoring in the charging case. The charging case includes an additional 2.5 charges, which is a very strange feature.

Battery Winnner: Soundpeats T2 (by a massive margin!)


All Soundpeats use similar software. Connecting gadgets can customize functionality and improve user experience.

The T2 feature Bluetooth 5.1, while T3 and Air3 both feature Bluetooth 5.2. Although the 5.2 version is better on paper, I wouldn’t make a purchasing decision based on this largely irrelevant difference.

However, of the three models listed, only the Air3 is app-enabled. Despite Soundpeats having an audio app, it isn’t compatible with either the T2 or T3 earbuds.

With the Air3, through your phone, you can control the following features:

  • Headset mode
  • Volume

The app also allows users to:

  • Install the newest firmware
  • Select presets
  • Reset the headset

The program is simple and reliable, ensuring data confidentiality and protection. This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

If you’re an Android phone user, you may obtain and install apps from the Android app store.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the ideal Soundpeats earbuds for your needs is hard. They have various features, making it difficult to choose one. Comparing the design, price, and sound of the Soundpeats T2 vs. T3 and Air3s is critical in selecting the right option for you.

The price for Soundpeats T2 vs. T3 varies. Strangely, T2 costs more than the updated T3. T2 also has better active noise cancellation (ANC), excluding brighter and darker sounds from your environment. However, some users report hearing processing noise. 

The T2 offers up to double the battery life on a given charge. It also performs better in outside calls than the T3.

We hope we’ve provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about Soundpeats earphones.

Ultimately, if you need a companion app, the Air3 are pretty impressive noise cancelling earbuds for under $60 MSRP. If the companion app isn’t important, the T2 actually outperforms the Air3 in quite a few categories.

And lastly, I would recommend steering clear of the T3s, unless you find them at a nice discount. During testing, T3 doesn’t seem to upgrade on T2 in any noticeable way.

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