Best Vertical Monitors (for Writing, Gaming, & Coding)

Vertical monitors have existed for many years, but have only recently become trendy in the world of computing. While it may be a new concept for many computer users, coding enthusiasts, software developers, and writers have long known the benefits of a vertical monitor for improving productivity.

Adding an extra display is one of many ways to increase efficiency while working on a computer. The process is simple, and you can now walk through an office and see many desk workers utilizing a display with two monitors.

However, when using two landscape monitors (the standard orientation), you typically are not doubling the efficiency of the screens, even though you are doubling the amount of visual display, When both monitors have the same orientation, one monitor becomes the “dominant” monitor, and the other serves as an overflow that is less frequently used. This is because the two monitors are the same size, shape, and have the same function.

By having your second monitor set up as a portrait monitor (vertical orientation), it is possible to actually double the efficiency of your display. When each monitor has a separate display size/shape, you can utilize each monitor for tasks that are most appropriate. Lists (such as blog posts or emails), long text documents, and Excel spreadsheets are often much more user-friendly to scroll through with a vertical monitor.

The best vertical display monitor, of course, has crisp graphics with a fast refresh rate. Almost any computer is powerful enough to support two (or more) displays, so there is nothing stopping you from adding another monitor.

But, you need the best vertical monitor to get the best performance. Because so many vertical monitors have been brought to the market in recent years, this may not be as easy as you would think.

There are many brands and models that claim to offer the best vertical displays. This, in turn, makes it pretty confusing to decide which unit to choose. Combine this with the fact that vertical monitors, being a trendy, “coding-friendly” and “gamer-friendly” product, charge premium prices.

Continue reading, as we have rounded up a list of the best vertical monitors to help you choose.

What makes the best vertical monitor?

Vertical monitors, also called vertical display monitors, are just displays turned on their side to make them taller and narrower than a standard monitor.

It’s just like switching from landscape mode to portrait mode when using a camera or smartphone.

Although these products are often marketed as “vertical monitors,” you can usually change these displays to horizontal formats quickly. This capability (useable as either a traditional monitor or vertical monitor) is one of the unique features a vertical monitor boasts.

The best vertical monitor provides the following benefits:

• Easy to install (and easy to change back to landscape orientation if you desire)

• Excellent performance

• Comprehensive color display

• Precise, high resolution display

What features of a Vertical Display Monitor are essential?

A vertical monitor is simple to understand. But how do you select the best unit? It is simple — determine the features that matter to you, and make sure to purchase a monitor that checks every box. Here are the essential elements to look for in your next vertical monitor.


This is the number of physical pixels a digital monitor has. The higher the number, the more precise the image you’ll get. A monitor with a larger resolution offers sharper images and videos. You’ll also enjoy a more clear and readable text.

Consider a vertical display with a higher resolution. Go for a unit with at least 1080p. Not many years ago, 1080p was a futuristic, high-definition screen that was beyond a reasonable person’s budget. Now, 1080p has become standard, and the bare minimum for most quality products.

UHD, or 4K UHD, monitors are a more advanced version of “high-definition,” with a display that is significantly improved from 1080p. However, these also command a premium price. For anyone on a budget, I recommend a display with two 1080p monitors, rather than a display with a single 4K UHD monitor.

Monitor Size

The display size is another vital feature to consider when buying a vertical monitor. A monitor that offers a more lavish display will provide you with additional space for your work. As a result, you can have a clearer view of the objects from an excellent viewing distance.

With the popularity of computer gaming, monitors as large as 34″ can be found. This is a major upgrade from the 13″ – 15″ laptop screens many of us are accustomed to using.

Connectivity Ports

Most people who use a monitor with vertical orientation are people that really put their computer to work. In other words, you probably aren’t the sort of person that only uses a device to scroll through Facebook or watch Youtube videos. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose a monitor with extra ports.

Most displays boast HDMI and VGA ports. Be sure that a lack of connectivity doesn’t bottleneck your dream computer setup.

Interchangeable between portrait and landscape

Because there are so many vertical monitors commercially available, it only makes sense to choose a model that can easily change between a portrait and landscape orientation. Once you have used a vertical monitor, and especially a multi-monitor setup, you will probably want to tweak your setup in some fashion. Maybe you decide that you want the vertical monitor on the left side, rather than the right. Or maybe you opt for two vertical monitors. Or, maybe you get further consumed in your day trading, gaming, coding, or writing and decide that you need to add another monitor to your setup. Regardless of the circumstances, having a monitor that can convert between vertical and traditional can prevent frustration and save money by not having to replace it. Find a monitor that has an easy pivot, and also has a wide range of adjustable height.

Recommended Vertical Monitors

1. HP VH240a LED Monitor with Built-in Speakers & VESA Mounting

Special Features: Integrated speakers; HDMI and VGA ports; 4-Way viewing angles

HP VH240a is a solid all-around choice for the best vertical monitor. It has a 23.8 inch LED display. This monitor with vertical orientation also features full 1080p HD for crisp images.

It has a fast response time, scores well for user satisfaction, and includes audio speakers with adequate sound quality.

The frame is thin, allowing for a nearly seamless multi-display setup. Plus, it provides four flexible viewing positions to choose from.


• Affordably priced

• Built-in speakers

• Multiple viewing angles


• Sound quality is nothing special

2. ASUS VN279QL Full HD Ergonomic Monitor

Special Features: Wide viewing angle; 27-inch display size; Ergonomic monitor; 8 mm thin bezel

This product from ASUS features a 27 inch LED with a 1080p resolution. The monitor with vertical orientation is highly versatile. Thanks to its ability to change from landscape mode to portrait mode quickly, it supports multiple functions. Additionally, it works well as a primary display, and can handle any task without issue.


• Versatile to suit different functions

• Compatible with VESA for easy mounting

• Multiple ports


• Some users report dead pixels

3. Samsung Business SE450 Series Desktop Monitor

Special Features: 1080p; VESA compatible for easy mounting; Anti-flickering technology; Eye protection mode; DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI connectivity ports; built from recycled materials

This is another cheap vertical monitor to consider for writing, gaming, coding, or other tasks. It is a 21.5 inch display with a Full HD 1080p resolution. This unit also allows you to switch from landscape to portrait viewing modes.

Samsung’s SE450 Series vertical monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a 5 millisecond response time. This means it is a perfect choice for console gaming, intensive programmers, or casual gamers.

Moreover, this best vertical monitor boasts a technology that helps reduce flickering. It also enhances eye protection to avoid eye fatigue and strain.


• Faster response time makes it well suited for gaming and heavy tasks

• Easy to mount thanks to its compatibility with VESA mounting system

• Offers both vertical and horizontal viewing modes for ultimate versatility


• It has a thick frame


Why should I buy a vertical monitor?

If you spend most of your time working with your computer (as a programmer or writer), then a vertical display monitor will benefit you in numerous ways. A monitor with vertical orientation increases your productivity, especially as part of a multiple monitor setup.

With the best vertical monitor, you enjoy an excellent view of your text or work. These units save space on your desk. In a multiple monitor setup, vertical monitors are more compact and take up less horizontal space. This matters because it minimizes the side-to-side movement of your head, neck, and shoulders. For programmers, gamers, writers, and office workers, bad ergonomics at your computer are a significant occupational hazard.

Another benefit is that you can shift from vertical to horizontal viewing orientation to suit your needs. And importantly, vertical monitors are relatively inexpensive.

Can vertical monitors function in different setups?

Yes. Vertical monitors are versatile and practical for different monitor setups. It allows you to browse, write, or edit codes and much more without a traditional horizontal orientation. For 90%+ of people, the most productive computer setup will include at least one vertical monitor. A Google image search will give you ideas and inspiration for a number of different monitor orientations and setups. You can find 6 monitor workstations with two vertical displays at the center, and 5 monitor gaming displays with all vertical monitors. The only real limits are your budget and your creativity.

What is the best vertical monitor?

Different features qualify a display as the best monitor, and it really just depends on your needs. A high resolution of 1080p (or better) produces clear and sharp images. Find a display size that works for your needed tasks, and the amount of space you have available. A versatile design (including ports, interchangeability, hidden and tangle-free cables) provides for more functionality. And easy installation is always a bonus.


Computer users are looking for a system that offers higher productivity. It is for this reason that vertical monitors are growing in popularity each day.

Choosing the best vertical monitor shouldn’t be a tricky task. You can choose any of the above recommended vertical monitors and feel confident in your purchase. If you still face difficulties determining your perfect pick, use our essential features as a checklist.