Updated Feb 03, 2020

Wyze vs. Blink Camera: Which Offers Better Security for Your Home

Mike Swifty

Getting an affordable and dependable security system is a dream for every homeowner, you inclusive. You want a security camera that provides an excellent wireless experience, low cost, and one that is easy to use and install.

Now, with countless smart cameras in the market today, you don’t have a reason not to have one. The problem comes with making a choice especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Wyze and Blink are among the most sought-after smart camera brands that offer great benefits in and out of your house. Looking at these two, you have the option of going for the more affordable and effective Wyze camera or the smarter Blink Camera.

In this review, we’ll look at what each camera offers so you can make an informed choice

First Impression

When you take your first look at Wyze Cam, you’ll fall in love with its pretty white color and some gray coloration at the base. You’ll also notice that it swivels all round from its base which doubles up as the wall mount. Looking at the back, you’ll notice the USB port which means you can store your recordings locally.

Just like Wyze, Blink is an easy to use and install security camera that makes a great choice as well. The camera has 2 models, the original Blink and Blink XT which is an enhanced version of the original camera. Though Blink is only available in white color, Blink XT is available in black, utility gray, brick red or trim white. 

Wyze vs Blink: Similarities

Before diving into what sets these security cams apart, here is a look at their similarities:

Ease of Use

One of the key considerations when buying a smart camera is the ease of setting up and usage. 

For Blink Cameras, all you need is to connect the camera module to the routers. And since neither Blink Original nor Blink XT requires wiring, you’ll find it easy to set it up. As a fact, you’ll take 15 minutes or so to set it up. If your home is extensive, you can connect up to 10 cameras with one module.

To set up Wyze, you’ll follow the available guide which makes it quite easy to set up. In short, you’ll download the app, create your account, and then add your preferred device using the QR code. You will then plug your camera into the power outlet using the USB device. 

Do not forget to connect your camera to the Wi-Fi once you complete the setup. This may seem like a lot of work but the entire process will take less than 15 minutes.

Live View

Both Blink Cam and Wyze allow you to view what goes in and out of your home thanks to the amazing 1080p HD. Using your Android or iOS devices, you have the option of accessing live views whether you are at home or not. 

Whether you want to monitor your kids as they play outside or you want to know when the delivery guy drops a package, the cameras will make it possible. 

Night Vision

Do you sometimes coil in fear as a result of strange noises in your backyard? Well, when you install either Wyze or Blink security cams, you’ll no longer live in fear of the unknown.

The cameras offer a great view even in the dark of the night which will enable you to know when your security is at risk.

Motion Detection

Whenever the camera detects some motion in its viewing field, you’ll get an alert on your Android device. This will allow you to check it out on time and take necessary measures if there is a security threat.

Network Connectivity

Both Wyze and Blink security cameras require Wi-Fi connection which should be at least 2.5GHz. if this is not available, the Cam will not be able to send alerts to your mobile device which could compromise the security of your home.

Field of View

A good security camera should have a great viewing field as this determines the area it’ll cover. The bigger the area a single camera is able to cover, the better as this means you’ll need fewer cameras for your home.

Now, for Wyze Cam and Blink, you’ll have a 100 degrees coverage which is not so bad. However, if you prefer cameras that have more coverage, you may need to consider other camera options.

2-Way Audio

This is where it gets even better! Using either camera, you’ll be able to communicate with people even without opening the door. Also, the person will be able to speak back to you whether you are in the house or away. 

This option will come in handy when the intruder is a security threat as he’ll know you are watching him. 

Wyze vs Blink: The Differences


In regards to power, you can use USB cables to keep the cameras running which means you need a power outlet nearby. If the power supply is far, you’ll need a power extender.

For Blink Camera, however, you can use two lithium batteries as the primary or alternative power supply. As a result, Blink Cam offers up to 2 years of continued use and also, eliminates the need for multiple cables.

Temperature Sensor

In addition to showing live happenings around your home, Blink Cam is also able to provide accurate temperature readings. The smart temperature sensor will help in making the right choices regarding your kids and pets even when away.

Wyze does not have a temperature sensor which means you’ll need to make wild guesses regarding temperatures if you have traveled.


Despite having great features like person detection, night vision, 2-way audio, Alexa Integration, and more Wyze Cam is quite affordable. With as little as $25.98, you’ll get yourself a Wyze Camera.

Blink Camera is more expensive at $99 for Blink original or $199.99 for Blink XT Camera.

Operating Temperature

When buying your Wyze Camera, do not forget the fact that it is only partly weatherproof. However, this should not stop you from buying it as you can get skins to keep it safe from some external elements.

Wyze has an operating temperature of 32 degrees – 104 degrees whereas Blink can operate in temperatures between -4 degrees – 113 degrees.

If you need a smart camera you can use both in the house and outside without compromising its effectiveness, go for Blink Cameras.


 In addition to cloud storage, Wyze Camera also has a local storage option. The USB option at the back of the camera allows you to store your recordings locally which is quite convenient. 

In addition, the local USB storage will ensure that your camera keeps recording even when there is no network connection. And when you need to access the recording in the future, you’ll do so with ease via the USB device.

Still on Wyze, you have an option of 14 days free cloud storage which is more than Blinks 7 day’s free storage on the cloud. Blink does not have local storage which means Wyze takes the lead in this.

If your Wi-Fi connection is poor, Blink Camera will still record the happenings around your home. However, the information will not be transferred to the cloud storage for future reference.

Sound Sensor

Despite being more affordable than Blink, Wyze has an impressive sound detecting ability. Through this, the camera will be able to identify different sounds around your home which will make life easier. For instance, if your home’s smoke alarm goes off, the camera will be able to recognize this sound at once.

Blink lacks a sound sensor and unless the source of the sound is within its coverage area, you may not know the source.

Smart Home Integration

Though both Wyze and Blink Camera are compatible with Alexa, Wyze camera goes a step further by being compatible with Google Home. If you are more into Google hub, Wyze will be the perfect choice of smart camera for your home.

The Verdict

As you can see, both Wyze and Blink Cameras have their strengths and weaknesses. You will get immeasurable benefits regardless of your choice. 

However, if you need a smart camera that is more affordable, going for Wyze will be the best for you. Wyze also has a local storage that allows you to store your recordings even without a network connection.

But if you don’t mind spending a lot more, Blink Camera is better as it has more superb options such as temperature sensors. 

When buying Blink, you can choose the original Blink, Blink XT or use both at the same time. This will allow you to keep your home safe inside and out. Blink Classic (Original) is for indoor use since it does not have a solid weatherproofing like the Blink XT counterpart.

The truth is, both cameras are short of some great features that other cameras have. However, you cannot dispute the fact that the cameras have a lot to offer in matters of home security. 

The ball is in your hands now… you can go for the cheaper Wyze Cam or the pricier Blink Camera.