Xbox Power Cord Replacement: Everything to Know

While PC gaming has always been the mode of choice among many gamers, console gaming has been steadily catching up. In fact, the popularity of console gaming has been skyrocketing so rapidly that, according to a report by, it has now surpassed PC gaming in market share for three consecutive years. Needless to say, home console gaming has come to be a staple when it comes to entertainment technology.

Xbox is one of the biggest names in the console gaming industry, with a whopping 100 million active users as of 2020. Owned by Microsoft, the brand comprises not only five different consoles but also streaming services, games, and an entire development studio called Xbox Game Studios. Through multiple generations and smaller reiterations, Xbox has finetuned and upgraded its technology to provide the optimal and most immersive gaming experience possible.

The most recent Xbox models come with a wireless controller, an HDMI cable, two AA batteries, a power cord, and a quick-start guide, with the Xbox One coming with an additional power brick.

In this article, we discuss everything there is to know about the Xbox power cord and address some of the most common questions about it. For anybody that needs to replace or purchase a new power cord, this information will be worth reading!

The Xbox Range

Xbox has a total of four generations of gaming consoles, with the models of the first two generations and the Xbox One from the third generation having eventually been discontinued.

The original first-gen Xbox was the first console to use a built-in hard drive. It also had support for Dolby Digital encoding in real time. The second generation of consoles consists of the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 Slim, and the Xbox 360 E.

The third generation of Xbox started with the launch of the Xbox One, a console that had support for 720p and 1080p video output along with the standard HDMI, as well as an impressive 8 controllers. Taking this into account, this model was discontinued following the launch of its successor, the Xbox One S.

The latter improved upon some of the features of the Xbox One, such as the GPU, and also included support for UHD Blu-Ray and 4K. The last console of this generation is the Xbox One X which featured certain hardware improvements and a brand-new design. This model, too, was later discontinued.

This brings us to the fourth and the most current generation of Xbox, comprising the Xbox Series X and Series S. These two consoles have rightly been referred to as powerhouse consoles, packing in quite a punch in terms of features and capabilities. In essence, these models perform almost as well as a gaming PC, with the Series X having the ability to support not just 4K at 120 FPS but also 8K at 60 FPS.

The Xbox Power Cord

Depending on the generation of Xbox console you have, the power supply setup can be completely different.

From its inception till the Xbox One model, the console had been using an external power supply or what is commonly known as a power brick.

With that said, since the One S and later iterations, the power supply has been moved to the internals of the unit. This means that any of these later consoles can be directly connected to wall power using a simple power cord.

Pertaining to this, for older models, you will need the exact power brick model for reliable operation.

The original Xbox One model used an external PSU, a fan-assisted unit that was available in three configurations—one for 100V to 110V use for the American market, another for 220V to 240V use in the European and other markets, and one universal power adapter that could operate at anywhere from 100V to 240V.

The power brick took an AC output through a standard, three-pin AC cable and converted it to DC 12V, with a current range of 1A to 2.5A. The cable from the power brick would then terminate into a barrel plug, which would plug into the actual console.

With the original unit, you get a 1.1 meter long DC power cable and a 1.2 meter long AC power cable. The main unit also had a built-in fuse for overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

In relation to this, this was not a replaceable fuse and you would have to replace the whole power supply if the fuse tripped. These power supplies, much like the console models, are no longer manufactured. If you need a replacement, you might have no option but to opt for a third-party alternative.

Starting with the Xbox One S, all subsequent models have a built-in PSU. This means that you can use any quality three-pin AC power cable with a properly grounded power outlet at home to power the device.

Since the One S, all Xbox models also come with an in-built surge protection feature, which can protect the device internals in case of a surge. The latest models also have advanced spark detection. For more on the in-built surge protection, see here for a discussion of gaming during power supply interruptions.

This means that you can use a three-pin power cable with quality components to power the newer Xbox consoles. (Though if you are in Europe or California you may not have any power at all but that’s another topic.)

Depending on the geographical region, the wall plug might be of different shapes. In accumulation of this, the function remains the same.

Xbox Power Cord FAQ

Can I use a PS4/PS5 power cable?

Yes, you can definitely use a power cable from the PS4 or PS5 with newer models of the Xbox consoles. This is because the power supply is located inside the console itself, and the power cord for all of these consoles is just a standard three-prong AC power cord.

Just plug one end into your Xbox and the other end into a grounded wall outlet and you should be good to go unless you live in an area with rolling blackouts but let’s discuss that on another day.

Can I use the Xbox One X power cord for Series X and/or Series S?

Yes, these can be used interchangeably. Since Microsoft started integrating the PSU unit inside the main console body with the One S, the power cord is just a normal three-pin AC cable. Using one from a One X will provide the same functionality as those that come bundled with the Series S and the Series X.

Can I buy a replacement from Microsoft?

If you own an Xbox One or older, the power supply unit is an external power brick. This is specifically designed for and calibrated to the console it ships with.

For this reason, you should always prefer a replacement from Microsoft if your current one stops functioning. Microsoft also warns users against using any third-party power accessories for these consoles.

The process for ordering a replacement power brick is simple once you have your product registered on the Xbox website. From your product page, you can directly opt to replace one or more of the included accessories, which includes the power brick. For newer consoles, you should be fine with any standard, non-polarized, three-pin AC power cord.

Can I buy a replacement elsewhere?

For any recent Xbox console, you can replace the AC power cable from any reputed, trusted source. Just make sure that it is a replacement non-polarized, three-pin AC power cable that is rated for the voltage in use in the area where you live. Microsoft has OEM accessories on offer but a quality third-party one should work just as well.

How to fix the orange light issue in the Xbox One power brick?

If you see a flashing orange light in the power brick, this is indicative of an issue. If this happens and your console is not turning on, you can try power cycling the PSU by unplugging it, waiting for a few seconds, and plugging it back in.

You can also reset the PSU by power cycling it without connecting to your console. Moreover, if these do not fix the issue, you need to replace your power brick.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using the Xbox Power Cord

To ensure that your Xbox power cord remains functional for as long as possible and to avoid any accidents, it’s integral to keep the following things in mind when handling it:

  • Avoid exposing the power cord to any heat source
  • Ensure that the power cord is not being twisted, bent, pinched, or stepped on repeatedly
  • When disconnecting the power cord from the power source or the Xbox, make sure to pull it out not by the cord but by the plug
  • Ensure that the frequency and voltage of power of the power supply and the wall outlet are the same
  • Inverters, generators, or any other non-standard sources of power are not to be used; the only recommended power source is a standard electrical outlet
  • If you have an Xbox One or earlier model, do not wrap the power cord around the power brick

The Xbox power cord is a key component that is integral to the smooth functioning of your Xbox. This guide tells you all that you need to know about the power cord so that you can avoid mishandling it and can get the most out of it.

Make sure that you take the necessary precautions while handling the power cord to prevent electrical accidents. No one wants to end up like Fire Marshal Bill!