Best Professional Karaoke Machine

The karaoke machine industry is unfortunately ripe with several shoddy, poorly performing pieces of equipment that hardly serve a personal household, much less a professional setting. These companies are also quick to offer little to no actual information on the product and substitute important technical specifications with clever marketing phrases.

This can make it unbelievably difficult for a novice consumer in the industry to find a good piece of equipment, especially if you are looking for something of exceptional quality.

This is why we are here to give you the rundown of some fantastic, high-performing karaoke machines without a monetary incentive to stretch the facts of how this equipment performs.

In this article I will be going over some of the best commercial karaoke machines money can buy with a detailed list of technical specifications and features that will ensure you know exactly what you are spending your money on. Below that, I will offer a comprehensive buyers guide designed to give you all the details you should look for when shopping around!

Top Professional Karaoke Machines

Rockville Dual 15″

When it comes to professional karaoke setups, nine times out of ten people are going to have to shop around for multiple items to ensure that everything they are purchasing is high-quality. These Rockville Dual 15” speakers are the exception and offer everything you would need for a karaoke night outside of a working television.

These speakers output 1500 peak wattage with an RMS of 375, come with a power-saving class D amplifier and two 15 inch woofers that can comfortably fill a room of chatty people with a max volume of 125dB. For the audiophiles, this weightier piece of equipment comes with a 25mm compression horn driver and a frequency response of 45Hz – 20kHz. These speakers are really solid, although the lower levels of bass might not come through as clean as the highs and mids.

This machine comes equipped with Bluetooth capability, a USB and SD card reader that plays mp3s, built-in FM radio for breaks between the action as well as one wired microphone and four wireless. There is an equalizer built-in, two included stands for the speakers, RCA compatibility, an LCD screen built into the receiver, and each individual microphone as well has dials for volume, treble, and bass.

The downsides to this system are fairly minimal, it may run you upwards of 500 USD and that feels like a steal for the quality these provide. The speakers will work anywhere from a small bar to a banquet hall to an outdoor event. The lower end of audio or bass is not going to be picked up as well as the rest of the song, though unless you are looking for it you will likely not notice. Finally, these things are bulky and not easily mobile. In fact, the whole package weighs just under a hundred pounds so prepare in advance for a difficult move if you have to transport these speakers somewhere.

Singtronic Professional 2000W

The Singtronic Professional 2000W is a monster of a system that will confidently put your karaoke nights on another level. Costing a notably high 1,500 USD this is by no means a budget system, this is for those that are willing to pay the difference for high-quality, professional equipment.

Starting with the two speakers that are both stocked with a 10-inch full-range woofer, 2-inch high compression driver, and a max wattage of 2000 (1000W + 1000W), they boast a frequency response of 25Hz ~ 20kHz, allowing almost every bit of audio to be heard crisply throughout the highs, mids and lows.

The mixer comes with the ability to record and playback audio through a USB input, Bluetooth Compatibility, controls for master, depth, balance, hi, mid, and low as well as an echo switch. It comes with two microphone inputs and individual microphone volume controls, 2 audio inputs as well as outputs, 4k HDMI input and output, and a digital display to monitor music levels.

The set comes with two wireless microphones with 100 different channels per microphone, noise reduction, and an LCD display above both handles. To wrap it up both speakers come with two tripod stands included that can be adjusted from 43 inches up to 77. You also get an L.E.D. disco light should you choose to use it that offers a number of different color options

The downsides to this system as always are worth considering, especially at such a hefty investment price of 1,500 dollars. Speaking of, the price has to be a consideration for those looking to invest in this product. It is exceptional, it comes with everything you would need outside of a screen, though you are certainly paying for the bump in quality. This whole product also weighs about 150 pounds, so it’s not exactly built for portability.

Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System & VHF Wireless Microphone System

In the interest of those of you out there who don’t want to throw your back out trying to lug your new karaoke system around, here is a cheaper, more portable option that still offers impressive sound output. This system comes with a maximum SPL of 128 decibels with 2000 watts of maximum power (1000 RMS). It’s outfitted with two 10-inch subwoofers and a pair of 3-inch tweeters and offers a frequency response of 45 Hz ~  20 kHz.

Bluetooth compatibility is built into it as well as a USB and SD card reader. It comes with auxiliary (3.5mm) and RCA inputs, dual quarter-inch guitar or mic inputs, and an FM radio with scanning capabilities. It has a disco ball built into the top and LED’s equipped throughout the speaker as well as a remote and wireless microphone included.

This machine is battery operated via AA batteries and the wireless range of the microphone is estimated at around 100 feet. Unlike the previous entries, this system comes with detachable wheels at the bottom, convenient handles on the top, and weighs just under fifty pounds. This whole system with the included wireless microphone should be available for less than 300 USD.

This product is not going to offer you the same customization in sound as the previous entries did, nor will it provide the dual speakers that will offer sound from multiple locations. On top of this, in a professional setting, it is going to be unbelievably awkward if you have to switch out the batteries in the middle of someone’s air guitar solo. If you are looking to save a few bucks, however, this solo speaker produces admirable sound and gives you the basics of a decent system.

VocoPro KTV-3808

The Vocopro KTV-3808 is one of the better choices you will find on the market as far as professional karaoke systems are concerned. Keeping with tradition, let’s talk about the speakers first. These width-wide speakers come with a ten-inch woofer each, 2 three-inch mid-range drivers, and a one-inch cone tweeter, It has a peak wattage of 250 (120 RMS), a sensitivity of 90 dB, and a frequency response of 20Hz ~ 25Khz.

This system can identify DVDs, CDs, CD+G, MP3, HDCD as well as VCD. It offers three microphone inputs with individual volume controls and includes two wired MK-38 microphones. It offers AM/FM capabilities with 30 presets for both FM and AM, a 9-step digital key controller, and offers recording playback via USB. Finally, it offers echo control with repeat and delay.

It comes with two speakers, a mixer, a karaoke player, two wired microphones, and two speaker cables. The entirety of which will run you nearly 1200 USD and weighs in just a hair below sixty pounds. The reason this one made the list is the crisp sound quality that comes with these speakers as well as it offers the full spectrum of items needed for a professional karaoke set up at a price that won’t absolutely bankrupt you and all in a package that doesn’t require a hand truck and two strong friends.

The unfortunate part of this setup is while it does come at around 90 decibels it falls short of the previous candidates on the list who can put out a significantly higher volume. This is especially bad when you consider that Pyle offers a system that is a fourth of the total cost. Also just be wary of the microphones as karaoke tends to get a bit wild and the ones included will need to be plugged in.

Buyers Guide

Unfortunately, the process of searching out a quality karaoke system can be tough. One thing to consider when you are looking to buy one is that if none of the systems fit your needs, it is entirely possible to mix and match a few things together to make a system yourself. You will need a mixer, microphones, speakers, a screen and a way to play the music. To give you a better idea of what to look for, let’s go over the major concerns.

Speaker Quality

Nothing is worse than a karaoke song being drowned out by a talkative crowd. This can be especially difficult in social gatherings where drinks are flowing. You will want to make sure that your speakers not only sound good but sound good at a higher decibel than usual. If you are going to purchase a system or simply speakers for a system, make absolutely sure that the reviews and technical specs speak to a high quality in audio as well as volume.

For professional settings, I wouldn’t go below 90 dB for sensitivity on a speaker or you risk getting overpowered by an enthusiastic audience.

Wired Vs Wireless Microphones

One of the biggest conundrums a host will face when it comes to karaoke is whether or not to “cut the cord” on their microphone. A wired microphone is going to give you less hassle when it comes to possible hassles or glitches in your setup, though wireless microphones have far less chance of incident where the singer is concerned. Another thing to consider is proximity, if your microphone has to be close to your setup to be picked up by it you may experience feedback in which case you will want to go with a cable instead.

Ultimately, this comes down to a personal choice in what you want to avoid. Cables can be a hazard, especially if they aren’t taped down well, and also limit the singer’s ability to move around. Also, if your guests or patrons have been imbibing they might decide to move around anyway, much to the detriment of your karaoke system.

Battery Vs Power Cable

If you are hosting an event that goes long you will almost certainly want to rely on a system that is powered by a cable rather than one running on AA batteries. While it may prove costlier on your electric bill at the end of the month, few things are going to stop an evening in its tracks more than the mic being cut off in the middle of Stayin’ Alive.

Microphone Volume Control

If you have two people on stage, it can be very beneficial to be able to adjust the microphones individually. This way you can make the louder singer maintain the same level of volume as the more reserved person in the duet. Not only will your guests appreciate this when someone starts shouting down the stage, but it will also make the people singing sound a lot better. If you are going to spend money on a mixer or karaoke system, try to find one that offers individual microphone volumes.


There is no categorical proof of what karaoke machine is the best professional system out there, though these are certainly some of the best. Karaoke is a fantastic way to bring any event to life, from a work party to a wedding reception, few things are more universally entertaining. So whether you want to add a bit of spice to your business or need to plan activities for a special event, these karaoke products will easily do the job!