Logitech C270 vs C310 vs C505 vs C525: How to Choose?

The Logitech webcam lineup is extensive, with many similar models available at similar price points. To alleviate some confusion, we will provide a buying guide and comparison between the Logitech c270, c310, c505, and c525 webcams.

All of these webcams are simple, 720p webcams that feature easy setup and operation. However, they are all basic, without many advanced features.

The Logitech c270 is the base model, and is hard to beat considering its budget price.

The Logitech c310 takes clearer photos, and has marginally-improved video and microphone quality. None of these changes are worth spending a lot of extra money on.

The Logitech c505 has a long-range mic and longer cable, making it worthwhile if you need a flexible webcam setup. Otherwise, it is basically an overpriced c270 with some different window dressing.

And the Logitech c525 has a better stand that allows the camera to adjust in any direction. It also includes a better microphone, clearer snapshots, and auto-focus. However, there is a large price difference between this model and the c270, and it may make sense to purchase the upgraded c920 instead.

For a simple, no-frills webcam, stick with the Logitech c270 (or c310 if it is available for a similar price). If you want to upgrade, bypass the c505 and c525 and upgrade all the way to the c920 or c922. This way, you get 1080p recording, a better mic, and a wider FOV.

C270 vs C310: Product Comparison

Similarities between Logitech c270 & c310

To begin, there are a lot of similarities between the Logitech c270 and the Logitech c310 webcams.

The design of the two devices is not identical, but very similar. There is a little different window dressing, but the overall form and appearance are effectively the same. The designs are simple, and good enough for a budget webcam. Neither has a privacy cover. And the mounting clip is unspectacular, with both devices feeling a little unstable when mounted with the clip.

Both webcams stream in 720p, with a frame rate of 30 fps. Both have the same 60 degree field of view, which is narrower than most of us would like.

Although they both feature low light correction, neither device does very well in low lighting (or full lighting, for that matter). Video quality is unimpressive, so I wouldn’t recommending either one for streaming or posting videos. The c270 and c310 each have fixed focus, rather than an autofocus. They also lack zoom, and don’t really provide much for bells and whistles.

Both the c270 and c310 have a single omni-directional mic. And both come with a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The c270 has an MSRP of just under $40, and the c310 MSRPs for just under $50, but you should be able to find them available much cheaper.

Differences between Logitech c270 & c310

As mentioned above, the two devices are very similar. There are so many similarities, in fact, that it almost feels redundant for Logitech to make both products. However, there are some differences, which we will now discuss.

First, the c270 takes 3 MP snapshots, while the c310 takes 5 MP snapshots. This may not matter to some users, but if you plan to take any stills with your webcam, the c310 will provide better clarity.

The colors appear slightly better and more accurately on the c310, also. The difference isn’t huge, but it is clearly noticeable in side-by-side testing.

Although both products have microphones with background noise filtering, the feature seems to work better on the c310. Maybe this is just a product of the microphone on the c310 being higher quality. Neither microphone sounds great (and for streamers, we certainly recommend an add-on microphone), but the c270 is clearly worse.

The Logitech c310 has one-touch uploads to social media, while the C270 lacks this feature, in case it matters to you.

Overall, the c310 just isn’t that much better. However, considering the price difference is $10 or less, it might still makes sense to spend the extra money for the slightly-improved c310.

Our final thoughts on the Logitech c270 vs. c310 — spend the extra money and just purchase a c920 instead. Yes, the c920 does cost ~2x as much. However, considering the low price tag on all of these webcams, the c920 is worth every penny in extra cost.

Both the c270 and c310 feel like such minor upgrades over your computer’s built-in webcam that it is hard to justify buying either. For ~$25 more, the c920 is significantly better in almost every way. Especially if you intend to stream or use your webcam for Zoom or videoconferencing, do yourself (and your viewers) a favor and go with the c920.

C270 vs. C310 vs. C505: Comparison

We discussed above the fact that we don’t love either the c270 or c310, and that it makes sense to spend more money for a better webcam. Another Logitech webcam that occupies a higher price point than either the c270 or c310 is the Logitech c505.

Based on the price and model name, you would assume that the c505 falls somewhere in between the c270/c310 and the c920. In reality, the c505 is much closer to the low quality of the c270/c310 than it is to the high quality of the c920.

Like the c270 and c310, the c505 shoots 720p video at 30 fps. It also has low light correction and fixed focus (no autofocus). The 60 degree field of view is pretty narrow if you ever want the camera to show anything besides a close-up of your face. In fact, for Zoom or video conferences, you may need to sit awkwardly far from your computer screen unless you want your face to fill the entire screen.

Also like the c270 and c310, Logitech c505 lacks the ability to zoom/pan, and there is no tripod or privacy shutter. And the clip is just as awkward as that on the c270 and c310.

Differences between Logitech c505 and c270/c310

The only real difference we noticed is the “long range microphone,” which is designed to “support clear, natural conversation up to 3 meters away.” In testing, the microphone didn’t seem a lot better than the mic on either the c270 or the c310. It is also still a mono, omni-directional microphone, so we doubt there is a huge difference in quality between this microphone and the mics on the base models.

In addition to the long-range microphone, Logitech included a 7 foot long USB cable with the product. On the c270 & c310, the included USB cable is only 5 feet. So, you get another 24″ of cord length, which should give more flexibility if you want to get creative in mounting your webcam.

Realistically, the only real difference between the c505 and the c310 is a long-range microphone and cable, which allow for a little more flexibility in your webcam setup. Looking at the design, it is clearly just a repackaged c270 with subtle changes, selling for a higher price. Again, I just don’t see the value to justify the additional cost.

C525 vs. C505 vs. 270 vs. C310: Comparison

Finally, an upgraded model that actually has some upgrades!

To begin, you will certainly pay extra for the c525, which MSRPs for $75.

The c525 still maxes out at 720p and 30 fps, so if you want full 1080p high-definition, you still need to upgrade to the c920 (or the Brio for 4K).

The noise-canceling mic is higher quality than on the other models. And in addition to auto light correction, you get auto-focus on the c525. This is the first Logitech webcam discussed in this article that provides autofocus. For snapshots, the camera can take 8 MP, which is noticeably better than the 5 MP stills on the c310 or the 3 MP stills on the c270.

The FOV is not provided in any literature, but it tests wider than the 60 degree FOV on the previous models.

The biggest upgrade on the c525 is the stand, which rotates and maneuvers in every direction. This stand is a significant improvement on the stand provided with the c270/c310/c505. Despite the convenience of the multi-directional adjustment and rotation, there is no auto-pan feature. So moving the webcam still requires manual action, rather than any sort of digital assistance.

Final thoughts on the c525

Perhaps we sound like a broken record, but here goes: it really doesn’t make sense to purchase the Logitech C525 webcam when the Logitech C920 is available for roughly the same price. In fact, at the time of publish, you can find the c920 for cheaper than the c525.

By upgrading to the c920 (or c922), you get full 1080p high-definition, 2 microphones rather than 1, and a 78 degree wide-view FOV.


There isn’t a huge difference between the Logitech c270, c310, c505, and c525 webcams.

If you are looking for a basic webcam with easy setup, any of these devices are good options. Just know that these are simple, 720p webcams without any bells and whistles.

Because the (more expensive) upgraded products don’t provide much better function, I would recommend price shopping for a sale, or sticking with the cheaper c270 or c310.

If you need a long-range setup, the c505 (with its longer cable and long-range mic) might be worth the extra money. And if you want a better stand with more maneuverability, the c525 is likely your best bet.

For anyone that plans to use their webcam for streaming, Zoom calls, or video conferencing, spend a few dollars extra and purchase a c920 or c922, which records in higher-definition 1080p, with a wider field of view and better microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Logitech C270 good for Zoom calls?

As long as the lighting is ideal, the simple 720p video on the Logitech c270 should be adequate for Zoom calls. The device is “plug-and-play” with easy setup, making it great for those that are not tech savvy. For higher quality video, consider the Logitech c920 or Logitech Brio webcams instead.

Is Logitech C310 good for zoom calls?

As long as the lighting is ideal, the simple 720p video on the Logitech c310 should also be adequate for Zoom calls. The device is “plug-and-play” with easy setup, making it great for those that are not tech savvy. For higher quality video, consider the Logitech c920 or Logitech Brio webcams instead.

Is C310 better than C270?

The Logitech c310 has slightly better video coloring, a marginally-improved microphone, and takes 5 MP (rather than 3 MP) snapshots, making it a slightly better product than the c270. None of these upgrades are worth paying much extra for, and the design of the devices is nearly identical. If the prices are roughly the same, choose the slightly-upgraded c310. Otherwise, save a few dollars and stick with the c270.

Is 720p webcam good enough for Zoom?

A 720p webcam is acceptable for Zoom calls, provided that the lighting in your office or home office is ideal. Many participants on Zoom calls have 1080p webcams, so your video will not be as clear as some others. And 720p webcams generally do a poor job of correcting for poor lighting, so if your office is poorly-lit it may be better to upgrade to a better webcam.

What is the difference between Logitech C270 and C505?

Logitech c505 has a long-range microphone and a 7 foot (rather than 5 foot) USB cable included. So, the c505 is almost the same as a c270, just with a microphone and cable that allow for longer-range use. Otherwise, the devices are nearly identical, including the design.

Should I buy 720p or 1080p webcam?

This is really a matter of personal preference. But quality 1080p webcams provide excellent video clarity and are available for less than $60. Unless your budget is extremely tight, it probably makes sense to spend extra money for a 1080p rather than 720p. If you plan to stream, Zoom, or videoconference, a 1080p camera is strongly recommended.

Which is better, Logitech c310 or c505?

C505 is “better” if you need a long-range microphone and the longer (7 foot versus 5 foot) cable. Otherwise, the two devices are almost the same. And because c310 is usually available for a cheaper price, choose the c310 unless you really need the long-range webcam setup.