Dohm vs. Dohm Uno vs. Rohm: Comparison Guide


The Dohm white noise machine is an innovative product that has been around for nearly 60 years.

The original Marpac Dohm provided an elegant solution to people that enjoyed the sound of a running fan even when they didn’t need the room to be cooled. Rather than projecting “white noise” over a speaker, there was an actual working fan contained within the device. This allowed users to experience authentic fan noise without also feeling a breeze.

All these years later, Dohm sound machines are still one of the top products on the market.

However, there have been additions and changes to the product lineup, and Marpac has been rebranded as Yogasleep. And the new Yogasleep brand also makes sound machines that utilize electronically-generated sound, rather than authentic fan-generated sound.

If you want to purchase the right Dohm product without overpaying for unneeded features, you are in the right place. 

We will discuss Dohm vs. Dohm Uno vs. Rohm, with a breakdown of the similarities and differences. And we will even list some alternative products, including newer models that are app-compatible.

Let’s get started!

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Quick Buying Guide

If you don’t want to read the entire article, here is the abridged version.

Dohm Classic, Dohm Uno, & Dohm Connect all have the authentic “fan in a box” design which generates sound with an actual, functioning fan.

Dohm Classic is an excellent device but feels slightly overpriced considering the lack of features. 

If you want to save ~$15-$20, you can purchase Dohm Uno rather than the original Dohm. It only has one volume (rather than 2), and is slightly smaller, but is otherwise the same device at a more affordable price.

If budget is less of a concern, the Dohm Connect can do everything that the Dohm and Dohm Uno can, but it also adds app-compatibility, sleep timers, and fully-adjustable volume. But you have to pay for these features, with an MSRP that is ~$20 more than the Dohm Classic.

All of the Dohm products lack a built-in battery, and require a constant power source.

For a portable product, consider the Rohm, which is much smaller and comes with a clip and lanyard for on-the-go use, as well as a built-in rechargeable battery. It is also less expensive than any of the Dohm models. However, it lacks the authentic fan-generated sound, and relies on electronically-generated sound instead.

Even better than the Rohm, and available for the same price, is the Yogasleep Hushh, which is nearly the same device. The only difference is that the Hushh adds a few “babyproofing” designs, like a child lock and a clip rather than a lanyard, as well as adding an LED night light.

Dohm Overview

Dohm traces its roots back to the original “fan in a box,” which is why Marpac Yogasleep refers to the product as “the original white noise machine.”

The design is simple and unspectacular. But this is also the product’s biggest strength. You don’t have 27 sound options, or a display full of controls that are complicated to set up, or a device that requires downloading an app or any software updates in order to function.

While many white noise machines generate sound electronically, or by playing recorded white noise, the Dohm generates sound with an actual working fan.

In many ways, this is an excellent thing. There are fewer electronic components, so there are fewer failure points for the device. And you won’t have to worry about the “loop” sound that can be heard on many electronic sound machines, which is an audible skipping sound each time the track repeats.

However, there are also downsides to the “fan in a box” design. For starters, there just isn’t much customization. Many competing products have numerous tones, sleep sounds, and nature sounds. Some even have bedtime stories and guided meditation routines. With Dohm, your only real choice is whether you want low volume (slow fan speed) or high volume (high fan speed). You can also adjust the tone, but this is a subtle adjustment that doesn’t make a huge difference in the sound.

Because the machine contains an actual fan, this is a moving part that is bound to wear down over time. So even though the Marpac name is well-respected, and the Dohm is a great product, device failure is inevitable.

Another issue with Dohm is that it lacks a built-in rechargeable battery. So, a constant power source is required to operate the sound machine. This is a significant disadvantage for anyone who needs on-the-go use of the device.

Dohm sound machines are assembled in the U.S. and come with a limited 1 year warranty. 

Dohm Uno Overview

The Dohm Classic is an incredibly simple sound machine. But with Dohm Uno, Yogasleep was somehow able to make the device even simpler.

Dohm Uno is similar to the original Dohm in most ways. It still features a working fan to generate noise, it still requires a power cord to operate, and it still allows you to modulate the tone by twisting the sleeve on the device. Also like Dohm Classic, the Uno is built in the U.S. and backed by a 1 year warranty.

The only changes on the device are the smaller size and the lack of volume adjustment. While the original Dohm had 2 volumes (high & low), Dohm Uno has only 1 volume. In testing, this volume falls at nearly the midpoint between the high and low settings on the original Dohm. So, if you need to drown out loud background noises, this device may not have the power to do it.

We like the increased portability that comes with the smaller size. And it is somewhat quaint that the device is even simpler than the Dohm Classic, which was itself quite simple. 

All things considered, the best part of Dohm Uno is the price tag, which is usually ~$20 less than the Dohm Classic. Considering the fact that you don’t lose many features, I would rather save the money and choose the Dohm Uno.

Rohm Overview

First, we’ll start with some key differences between the Dohm/Dohm Uno and the Rohm – because the differences are significant.

Rohm is significantly smaller and lighter in weight when compared to the Dohm and Dohm Uno. The design is entirely different, with a hook and lanyard at the top for portability rather than the Dohm which sits firmly on a base.

Rohm also adds a built-in rechargeable battery, but loses the authentic “fan in a box” design. Instead, the noise is electronically generated.

So, if you want the authentic Dohm sound of a real fan, you should stick with Dohm or Dohm Uno. But there are also some advantages by opting for an electronically generated sound machine.

First, volume is now fully adjustable. So you can adjust the sound from barely audible to obnoxiously loud. Second, you can now choose from multiple sleep sounds. With either version of the Dohm, your only sound option is a turning fan. With Rohm, you can choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf.

The device further emphasizes portability with a micro USB plug (and included cable). The built-in battery on the device allows you to use the device without a constant power source. But the downside is that the battery won’t last through the night if your baby sleeps 12+ hours. And the included USB cable is short enough to be inconvenient, also.

If you are considering purchasing the Rohm, continue reading for a discussion of a nearly-identical product from Yogasleep (Hushh) that has a few added features for the same price.

Discussion of Other Marpac Yogasleep/Dohm Products

Marpac Yogasleep Hushh

For all intents and purposes, this is a functionally identical device to the Rohm. The Hushh is designed in a more child-friendly way, with a button lock, an added LED night light, and a plastic clip in place of the lanyard that is seen on the Rohm.

The MSRP is identical between the two devices. Yogasleep Hushh can do everything that Yogasleep Rohm can do, but the Hushh adds a few excellent features.

So there is really no point in buying the Rohm if the Hushh is available. For the same price, you get an added night light and a few child-safe features.

Dohm Connect Overview

Dohm Connect, as the name implies, is the app-connected version of the original Dohm.

With Dohm Connect, you get all the excellent features of the Dohm Classic (including the fan), with some added bells and whistles. With the app, you can control the device and also set a sleep timer.

In addition to the app-compatibility, Dohm Connect also provides more customization in volume. Rather than being limited to only low and high volume options, Dohm Connect has 10 volume settings. The controls are located on top of the device for added convenience, and the device also got a much-needed facelift without sacrificing the vintage look.

If you want a simple, app-free sound machine, I would recommend sticking with the Dohm or Dohm Uno. But for an extra ~$20, the app-enabled version provides some great features and a lot of functionality.

Yogasleep Whish Overview

Yogasleep Whish markets itself as having the authentic Dohm sound, but the noise is actually electronically generated. So it really isn’t a classic Dohm product.

The device is designed similarly to the Dohm Uno (in terms of appearance), and provides a total of 16 sounds. So you get a lot more options, even if it does lack the fan sound.

This product also includes a sleep timer, which is nice to have, and retails for ~$10 less than the Dohm Classic.

Final Thoughts

Dohm, Dohm Uno, & Dohm Connect are the three products discussed here that have the authentic “fan in a box” design, rather than an audio recording or electronically-generated noise. The downside with each device is that they require a constant power source.

Dohm Uno saves you some money without losing many features, so it is worth considering as a budget-friendly option.

Dohm Connect is app-enabled, so anyone looking for a “smarter” version of Dohm should consider this product if your budget allows it.

Yogasleep Rohm doesn’t have authentic fan-generated sound, but it relies on electronically-generated sound instead. This is a nice product since it is smaller, more portable, and has a built-in rechargeable battery. But the Yogasleep Hushh is an even better product than Rohm, since it includes all the features of Rohm but with an additional night light and some child-proof features.

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