Pyramid Innovative PC Case

When building your own PC, you want it to look just as special as it feels to you.

Building your own PC is a long and time-consuming process that feels amazing once you have completed your project. It also allows you to completely customize your PC and build it to reflect your needs and personality.

So if you want a PC case that is just as unique as you, then take a look at this Pyramid Innovative PC case from Azza.

Just like its name suggests, this PC case is completely out of this world – but does it have more to offer than just a really cool design?

Today, we are going to be looking at the Pyramid Innovative PC Case from Azza to see if it is really the ideal PC case for you.

Pyramid Innovative PC Case

Pyramid Innovative PC CasePyramid Innovative PC Case

What A Good PC Case Should Be

Although you want a PC case to look cool, it also needs to be functional.

It needs to be large enough to fit a motherboard, otherwise it won’t work as a PC case at all.

Most PC cases and motherboards come in standard variations of the ATX size, which is more than enough to accommodate those who want more expansion options.

So, for the Pyramid Innovative PC case to be a suitable PC case, it needs to be large enough to be able to hold a standard motherboard.

It is also essential to have a proper airflow system to keep your PC cool and prevent overheating and thermal throttling.

This can be achieved with a good cooling system that features plenty of vents and a fan, so your ideal PC case should include some kind of fan to help keep the temperature of your PC down.

You will also need enough space for your graphics card.

The average graphics card is around 9.6 inches long and they are progressively getting shorter to be more accommodating to PC users, but there is always the possibility that your graphics card is too long to fit into some PC cases.

It is something to keep in mind when looking for a good PC case that suits your tastes and needs.

So, for the Pyramid Innovative PC case to be even worth considering, it needs to meet this criteria.

It needs to be large enough for a graphics card and motherboard, and also have plenty of vents for air ventilation and come with a fan to help keep your PC cool.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the Pyramid Innovative PC case!

Reviewing The Pyramid Innovative PC Case

As a PC case, the Pyramid Innovative ticks all the boxes.

Not only is this mid tower PC case large enough to support ATX sized motherboards, it can also hold Micro ATX, Mini-ITX and any EATX motherboards that are below 300mm.

Plus, it can support graphics cards that are as long as 300 mm and you can even vertically mount your graphics card, wiping out the need for any extender cables.

So, not only is the Pyramid Innovative big enough for most PC users, it also helps make your PC set up appear neater by getting rid of the extender cable often needed for your graphics card.

As for the cooling system, there are plenty of gaps and vents around the tempered glass panels for hot air to move out of your PC case.

Plus, there is a fairy sized 120mm Hurricane II fan included in its body. However, the more fans the better and this PC case only comes with one – but it should be enough to keep your motherboard cool.

So as a PC case, the Pyramid Innovative has everything you need. Now, we can focus on its design and see just how cool this PC case really is.

Aesthetics And Design

This PC case has an appearance and design that is completely its own.

Pyramid shaped PC cases stand out against regular rectangular PC cases, so this PC case is eye-catching and will make your PC setup look totally different. The tempered glass panels allow you to see all the technology working away from all angles and it is all held together by a sturdy black metal frame.

If you are looking for something with a little more ‘wow’ then the fan also features RGB lighting that creates a whole new ambience for your PC station. You can light up your area and change the mood with any color you choose.

So when it comes to design and aesthetics, the Pyramid Innovative PC Case has everything nailed down.


So the Pyramid Innovative PC case functions great and looks amazing – so what’s holding you back from adding this unique PC case to your set up?

Well, stock is often in short supply because this PC case is selling like hot cakes. So if you want to get one for yourself, you will need to grab one while stock is available.

While the Pyramid Innovative is restocked now and again, they are not available for too long before they’re sold out again.

So keep your eyes peeled and hopefully, you can grab yourself a Pyramid Innovative PC Case from Azza with no issues or delay!