Echo Buds Not Charging – {6 Things to Try!}

Similar to any other portable gadget, there may be problems with Echo Buds that frustrate the consumer. From wireless pairing issues, to losing audio in one earbud, to glitches after a firmware update, “smart” devices don’t always feel so smart.

Here, we’ll examine some of the most common issues people have with their Echo Buds and discuss solutions.

Your Echo Buds’ inability to charge is one issue you can run up against. I understand you’re eager to discover a solution, but you must first determine whether the problem results from your Echo Buds or the charging case.

Echo Buds Not Charging: How to Fix

The question is simple: What to do if the battery in your Echo Buds isn’t charging? The answer, on the other hand, sometimes takes some troubleshooting.

  • Make sure that the case’s charging pins are intact. The charging pins can be bent, damaged, or stuck in place. Check to see whether or not the pins are stuck and clean, and then add some lubricant to the pins if they aren’t moving. Often, this is a quick and easy fix.
  • Ensure the case is plugged into a wall outlet or has a charge. Forgive us if this “fix” seems obvious, but it does occasionally get overlooked. Be certain that the wall outlet is working, the case is plugged in, and the earbuds are inserted properly. Checking the lights on the case will help you make sure that everything is properly plugged in. Leave the case plugged in overnight and leave the earbuds in the case for the entire time.
  • Ensure the wing tip is installed properly if you plan to use it. Verify that the IR sensor is not obscured by the wing tip. Additionally, make sure that the wing tip isn’t preventing the charging case from closing properly. Although inconvenient, it might be worth removing the wing tips to ensure that the case is fully closed.
  • Check to make sure the right earbud is in the right charging pocket. You shouldn’t hurry when putting your Echo Buds in their charging case. You should always make sure that your Echo Buds’ sensors line up with the case’s charging points because of the technology utilized in their design. When the sensors align with the charging points using first-generation echo buds, the LED light on the charging cover should turn green. When the sensors align with the charging points on the 2nd generation echo buds, each bud’s LED light should turn on.
  • It might not function properly if the gadget is extremely hot. Heat is extremely damaging to both the case and the echo buds. They won’t charge well if they get too hot, whether near a heat-emitting instrument or gadget or even from exposure to direct sunshine. Sometimes they stop charging altogether. A firmware update was released specifically to reduce overheating issues, but there is still a chance of your device running warm. Once you see that the echo buds are getting warm, simply place them in a cool, dry spot for a while before proceeding to charge them. You shouldn’t experience any change issues after that.
  • Try cleaning your Echo Buds. The Echo Buds are sensitive to dirt like they are to heat. They operate inside the ear, where there is a significant chance that they will pick up debris from earwax buildup. As a result, periodically find the time to clean your echo buds to get rid of any dirt they may accumulate. To clean the charging port of debris, use a toothpick. Check if it starts operating again by plugging in the charging cable. Always use a fresh, dry cloth to clean your echo buds.
  • Need for Soft Reset. Firmware problems could be the root of the charging issue. Amazon routinely releases new firmware upgrades for Echo Buds. Unfortunately, waiting too long to install a new update after it is available could lead to unneeded issues with your device. If so, all you have to do is perform a brief soft reset. Insert the echo buds properly into the charging case and wait a while so that any potential new updates will be installed. After installation, try charging the Echo Buds once more.
  • Consider replacing Charging Case. Obviously this isn’t ideal, since it will cost you some hard-earned cash. But finding a replacement case sure beats buying an entirely new set of earbuds. If you are certain that the case is the problem, rather than the earbuds themselves, this is absolutely worth considering.

Final Thoughts

It is always concerning when you experience issues that prevent you from enjoying the convenience that your Echo Buds provide. If the battery is the source of your issues, you can use the simple solutions described in this article to solve the problem and resume using your Echo Buds without difficulty.

Try the suggestions above before visiting a service center with your Echo Buds. Using the preceding techniques, you can resolve the problem of echo buds not charging.

If none of this has helped, it is time to consider replacing your earbuds. Obviously, you should request a replacement by contacting the Amazon customer service staff if your device is still under warranty. Echo Buds and the charging case both have a 1 year warranty, which isn’t “best in class” but is still better than many competitors.