Echo Buds Keep Disconnecting – [Usually a 2 Minute Fix!]

The dynamic audio and noise-canceling of Amazon Echo Buds make them popular choices among wireless earbuds. The fact that they are priced below some of the premium competition also makes Echo Buds an appealing option.

However, Echo Buds are notorious for disconnecting on their own. Usually, this is a sporadic issue. But sometimes it can become a constant problem, and I realize how annoying this is!

Thankfully, there are numerous solutions to this widespread issue.

Here is the first solution you should try if you are experiencing the same problem:

  • Unpair them from the connected device, shut down the Alexa app, put the Echo Buds in the charging case for 30 seconds, and then remove and reconnect the Echo Buds.

Most often, the Echo Buds will stop disconnecting after this. If this “fix” only lasts for a short time before the problem returns, read the suggested remedies listed below to solve the issue definitively.

Fix for Echo Buds That Keep Disconnecting

1. Update your Echo Buds

Often, your Echo buds disconnect for reasons related to out-of-date Alexa software.

To solve the issue, you should first update the Alexa app.

Steps for Updating Echo Buds:

  1. Install the most recent version of the Alexa app on your smartphone first.
  2. Open the charging case’s lid and then insert your Echo Buds.
  3. Verify that your Echo buds are connected to your phone by opening the Alexa app.
  4. Make sure your Echo earbuds are fully charged, as well as their case.
  5. Close the charging case.
  6. Maintain buds in the charging case for an hour. Maintain their connection to your smartphone as well.

After an hour, the firmware update should be completed. Now you can remove the earbuds and use them as normal.

2. Reset Echo Buds

Usually, bugs and glitches can cause Echo Buds to unsync from the device. Please conduct a factory reset to resolve these issues.

Factory Resetting Echo Buds:

  1. Open the Alexa app first, then tap Devices.
  2. After selecting your Echo earbuds, tap all devices, and disregard the gadget.
  3. Disable Bluetooth on your phone and unpair your Echo earbuds.
  4. Close the charging case’s lid and insert the earbuds before pressing the charging case’s button for 15 seconds or until the LED goes solid orange.
  5. Then, open the case cover and the Alexa app once more. The reset is complete when the LED starts to flash blue.

3. Charge Echo Buds Fully

Another frequent cause of connection problems is a low battery on your Echo earbuds. Your Echo buds won’t function properly if the battery is less than 10%.

Additionally, this number rises over time. For example, Echo buds may start disconnecting even at 20% battery after a couple years of use. You should, therefore, fully charge your Echo Buds and their charging case to solve this issue.

Charge your earbuds before they run out of power to extend their battery life.

4. Device range and interference

When they are far from the linked devices, your Echo buds will often experience connectivity issues. Echo Buds have a Bluetooth range of a couple hundred feet at their maximum. As a result, your device will lose connection with your earbuds if you use them outside of this range.

So, place your Echo buds and smartphone close to one another to ensure a steady relationship. Depending on the conditions, your observed wireless connection range may be significantly less than the advertised range of the product.

Additionally, your phone might automatically establish connections with several devices at once. Try to unpair all Bluetooth devices and leave only the connection to your earbuds as the Bluetooth bandwidth is currently at capacity.

Another possibility is that the Bluetooth connection is deteriorating because you are moving your headphones too far from your phone. Try to keep your phone close by, and I suggest verifying your Bluetooth version and the distance that a stable Bluetooth connection can last.

Additionally, Wi-Fi routers and microwaves might obstruct Bluetooth signals, which will cause your Echo Buds to start disconnecting and reconnecting.

Other earbuds, speakers, or devices linked to your phone may also interfere with its performance. Use Echo Buds away from active microwaves, Wi-Fi networks, and other devices.

5. Restart your connected device (phone)

If the connection on your Echo Buds is still problematic, then your smartphone can be the source of the issue.

Rarely, a problem with your phone will cause your Echo buds to disconnect. To ensure everything is working correctly on your end, you should restart your smartphone.

Additionally, you need to unpair all previously paired devices from your smartphone because collected data can occasionally reduce Bluetooth bandwidth and cause your headphones to disconnect constantly.

If you still think your phone might be causing the issue even after a reset, try using a different connected device. Even if you don’t have access to another phone, you are likely to have a computer or laptop close by.

If you only have one device and can’t find an alternative, try using a different program or music app and see if the connection is better (for example, Youtube rather than Spotify).

6. Clear Alexa app cache

Therefore, you should erase the cache of any apps you already have because the app’s temporarily saved files consume more memory, and the app doesn’t function properly. Your Echo buds will consequently disengage and rejoin.

Follow the steps below to clear the Amazon Alexa app cache.

  1. Go to the menu on your device.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Apps
  4. Click Storage
  5. Click Clear data
  6. After that, simply reopen the Amazon Alexa app.

7. Turn Off “Battery Saver” or “Battery Optimization” That Forces Alexa App Closed

Many phones have battery saver (or “battery optimization”) modes that close unused apps after a set period of time.

Occasionally, the closure of the Alexa app can result in Echo Buds disconnecting. If you find that this is resulting in disconnected earbuds, the fix is to disable the battery optimization mode.

Disabling this battery saver is dependent on the model of your phone, so search for device-specific help guides if you are unsure of how to do this.

Amazon’s Troubleshooting Tips

Check to see if your Echo Buds are now connected to your phone after completing each stage of the troubleshooting process. These steps are provided directly from Amazon:

  • Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and your gadget is fully charged.
  • Force the Alexa app to close, then reopen it. (Alternatively, try deleting and re-installing the app).
  • Place your phone in Airplane mode. After waiting 45 seconds, please turn it off.
  • Disable your phone’s Bluetooth. Next, please switch it on.
  • Restart your device.
  • Factory reset your Echo Buds.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to directly force the process, although sometimes problems can be resolved by simply updating your Echo Buds. New updates are automatically installed when your Buds are in their case and connected to the internet via your phone.

Keep the Echo Buds in their case and paired to your device for at least 15 minutes to encourage an update.

If you have worked your way through this entire list and your Echo Buds are still disconnecting, it’s time to call on tech support or prepare yourself for life after your earbuds.