Bose Earbuds, One Side Not Working: How to Fix

There’s nothing worse than popping your Bose earbuds in, only to find that one side isn’t working! When you’re relaxing with your favorite song, interruptions can ruin the mood.

Luckily, this problem is generally quick and easy to fix – without having to send them in for pricey repairs.

So, if one of your buds has stopped playing audio, you’re in luck. Our simple guide will help you fix Bose earbuds in no time.

One Side of Bose Earbuds Not Working: Helpful Hints

While losing audio in your Bose earbuds is frustrating, it’s a common problem among most wireless headsets. Instead of buying a new pair of earbuds, you may want to check that you haven’t forgotten some easy steps when you set up your earbuds.

Before you begin troubleshooting, it’s important to keep these helpful hints in mind.

  • Bose earbuds use Bluetooth to connect to other devices. But, your earbuds only have a reach of around 30 feet. When your earbuds connect to another Bluetooth device, it’s essential to stay in range. You’ll also need to ensure there aren’t any barriers impeding your signal.
  • Additionally, other Bluetooth devices may interfere with the connection of your earbuds. You may need to turn off Bluetooth devices within your earbuds’ range. This helps to avoid crossed connections.
  • Your Bose earbuds work via the Bose Music app. So, you’ll need to ensure that you have the latest software installed and that you update your apps. When an app is out of date, it may cause issues with your audio settings and result in one or both earbuds losing audio.
  • Your audio settings on your music device may also be causing interference with your earbuds. Before you troubleshoot problems with your earbuds, you may need to check the settings menu of your music apps or devices.
  • When you’re experiencing a problem with your Bose earbuds, checking the device’s manual may be a great place to start. Although it may not resolve your issue, it can help to ensure that your earbuds are correctly set up and that you are using them properly. Besides the manual that comes with your earbuds, you can also find most manuals on Bose’s website.

Troubleshooting One Side Of Bose Earbuds Not Working

(1) Sync Earbuds With Bose Charging Case

In some cases, your earbuds and charging case may lose communication. When this happens, your earbuds may not play audio. Re-establishing communication between your charging case and earbuds is simple.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that your Bluetooth range is free from interference. This means that Bluetooth devices within 30 feet of your earbuds should be off or have their Bluetooth disabled. To disable Bluetooth, you can usually turn it off within the device’s Bluetooth menu. You can also unplug the devices.

Once all other devices are turned off or disabled, you can insert your earbuds into their case. After 5 seconds, their LED indicator light should illuminate. This means that they have synced with the case and that it’s safe to remove them.

When you take your earbuds out of the case, they should be working. But, if their LED doesn’t turn on, there may be a problem with the charging case rather than your earbuds. In that case, you may need to send it in for repairs.

(2) Charging Your Earbuds

Although it may seem like a simple solution, ensuring your earbuds are charged can affect how they operate.

The charging case uses magnetic pins to connect the earbuds with the case. If a Bose earbud isn’t properly placed, it may not be charging correctly. Instead, it will lose battery life and eventually run out of charge.

When you place your earbuds into the charging case, it’s important to make sure that the LED lights turn on to indicate that they are charging. If your earbuds are placed correctly and aren’t lighting up, it may indicate that the charging pins are defective.

The magnetic pins that connect the earbuds to the case may become compressed over time, causing them to become stuck. Checking your pins can help to avoid this problem. Compressed pins can be fixed by sending your charging case in for repairs.

(3) Use The Correct Earbud

If you’re breaking a sweat with your Bose Sport earbuds, you may prefer to only use one. This helps to stay alert while you’re in the zone but can also be frustrating when your earbud isn’t working.

While you can use one earbud to listen to your favorite tracks, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the correct one. The right earbud is the main audio source and contains the microphone to make phone calls.

You may encounter audio problems when you’re only using the left earbud since the right one controls the set. You may also be using the left earbud while the right earbud is in the charging case. But, when you place the right one into the case and shut it, the audio will automatically stop.

Similarly, your left earbud won’t pick up any of your audio when you’re on the phone.

(4) Turn Off In-Ear Detection

Most Bose Earbuds have an in-ear detection feature that allows them to automatically control your audio when placed in your ear canal. Bose QuietComfort earbuds also allow you to adjust noise cancellation by taking out your left earbud.

Although this feature may be a fantastic addition to your earbuds, it can also cause your left earbud to become muted. When this happens, you can easily alter the ear detection settings within your Bose Music App.

If you’re trying to fix Bose earbuds, you’ll want to turn the ear detection settings off within the app and assess the audio again.

(5) Check For Mono Audio Settings

Most devices like laptops, PCs, and phones use mono audio output. This means that your device uses one channel for sound output, resulting in mono sound. However, earbuds use stereo audio output, which means they use two channels for audio balance.

If you’re using your device and only one Bose earbud is playing sound, you’ll likely need to alter your device’s sound settings.

For both Andriod and iOS, you can access the sound settings by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Accessibility.’ You can disable the ‘Mono Audio’ setting from the Accessibility menu on an Andriod device. On iOS, you can change your audio setting under the ‘Audio/Visual’ menu.

(6) Wake Up Earbuds

Like most wireless audio devices, your earbuds have an automatic standby mode. It will activate after ~20 minutes of disuse when you take them out of your ears.

When your earbuds go into sleep mode, one or both may stop playing audio. In this case, you’ll need to hold the power button for around two to three seconds. If you have Bose QuietComfort earbuds, you can quickly wake them from sleep mode using the touch control feature.

(7) Forget And Re-Pair Your Earbuds

To get your earbuds working again, you may need to re-pair them with your audio device. To do this, you’ll need to locate the Bluetooth settings on your device. Under the list of paired devices, you should find and locate your earbuds.

You can either click and hold on the device name or use the ‘Forget’ button to disconnect your buds from your device. Then, you can pair them again by clicking and holding the button on your right earbud. Depending on the model, the LED indicator lights should blink or turn blue, or you should hear the audio prompt that your earbuds are ‘ready to connect.’

When your earbuds are ready, click the Bluetooth button on your device and select your buds from the list of available devices.

(8) Test Your Earbuds Using A Different App

In some cases, your earbuds aren’t the problem. The application you’re using may have outdated software. It could also be experiencing a technical problem.

You can test the audio output using a different app or device to check whether your buds are producing sound. If they are playing audio using a different application, the problem is likely with the app you were using.

Optimizing The Lifespan Of Your Bose Earbuds

Maintaining your Bose earbuds is just as important as knowing how to fix them when they malfunction. Regular maintenance can help avoid problems in the first place, extending the lifespan of your earbuds. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep Them Clean: Earbuds can accumulate ear wax and dust over time, affecting sound quality and operation. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean your earbuds regularly, and avoid using any harsh cleaning agents.
  2. Store Properly: Always store your earbuds in their case when not in use to protect them from damage. Avoid storing them in places with high temperatures or high humidity, as extreme conditions can damage electronic devices.
  3. Charge Correctly: Overcharging can shorten the lifespan of the earbuds’ battery. Try not to leave your earbuds in the charging case for an extended period once they’re fully charged.
  4. Avoid Dropping: Dropping your earbuds can damage the internal components. Handle your earbuds with care and try to avoid dropping them or knocking them against hard surfaces.

By following these simple tips, you can optimize the lifespan of your Bose earbuds and ensure they remain in good working condition for as long as possible.


Before trying to fix Bose earbuds, it’s important to use our helpful hints to ensure that they are set up and working. But if they’re functioning correctly and your right or left earbud still isn’t playing any audio – we’ve got you covered!

Our troubleshooting guide will help you find an easy fix to your problem. Whether it’s resyncing your buds or simply changing your audio output, fixing Bose earbuds is a breeze.


Can I use my Bose earbuds with any Bluetooth-enabled device?

Yes, Bose earbuds can pair with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Ensure the device’s Bluetooth is turned on and is within range of the earbuds to establish a connection.

What can I do if my Bose earbuds are not holding a charge?

If your Bose earbuds aren’t holding a charge, it could be due to various reasons. Firstly, make sure the charging case is clean and the earbuds are properly aligned with the magnetic pins. If the problem persists, consider contacting Bose customer service as your earbuds may need replacement.

How can I improve the sound quality of my Bose earbuds?

Ensuring a snug fit in your ear can greatly improve sound quality, as can regularly cleaning your earbuds to remove any dust or wax buildup. Moreover, updating the Bose Music app and your device’s software can also help enhance sound performance.