Fully Jarvis vs FlexiSpot vs Uplift V2: Best Standing Desk

When it comes to daily work that involves prolonged periods of remaining in the same posture, it is important to keep varying that posture to minimize the ill effects of a sedentary life.

Studies have shown that long periods of sitting down can have disastrous effects on long-term health. For this reason, more and more people are waking up to the charms of sit-stand desks in this day and age.

Sit-stand desks have adjustable height — they can be set to be the perfect height while sitting and also standing so that users can alternate between the two positions for the best ergonomic results.

The cream of the crop when it comes to standing desks are electric or motorized desks that have an integrated motor that can raise or lower the desktop. Often, these desks also come with other important and convenient features.

In this roundup, we are taking a look at three of the best models of motorized standing desks, Fully Jarvis, FlexiSpot, and Uplift V2.

We will compare these desks in terms of build quality, features, options, and accessories as well as other important characteristics. With this information, you will have a much easier time deciding which to buy when you are in the market for a motorized standing desk.

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Quick Comparison

The Uplift V2 is one of the consensus favorites when it comes to motorized standing desks that offer a complete, well-rounded package. Priced at an MSRP of around $600, it also represents great value.

On the other hand, the Fully Jarvis product line has multiple sit-stand desk options, all with different finishes and features. The product line starts at an MSRP of around $650 and has products that go up to about $1350 for the most premium options.

While the focus of the Uplift V2 is on all-around usability, Fully Jarvis desks are more fashion-forward, often becoming the statement pieces wherever they are placed. They are also known for maintaining sustainable manufacturing practices.

FlexiSpot, in contrast, has on offer many different models across a wide range of price points. The entry point into the FlexiSpot ergonomic furniture ecosystem of motorized standing desks is at about $280 for their basic model while costs can go up to about $1,300 for the premium offerings. FlexiSpot motorized standing desks can give you a wealth of options in terms of price, features, and material choices.

Purchase Options

For many users, their ultimate choice of a motorized standing desk can boil down to the options of customization, features, and accessories that are available either during the purchase or down the line.

In this regard, it is difficult to beat the Uplift V2, which comes with tons of options right out of the gate.

With every Uplift V2, you get included freebies like anchor plates, cable tie mounts, and a cable management tray. You can choose between a wide range of desktop colors, materials, and styles, including wood finishes, whiteboard laminate finishes, recessed and curved finishes, and pure vintage wood desktops that can add quite a lot to the price.

You can also customize your desktop size from 42X30 inches all the way to 80X30 inches. Based on this, you also have options regarding the style of the frame and can choose between four color options.

You can also choose one of many colors and configurations of grommets including storage and power grommets, or open the door to have no grommets at all. The keypad also comes in different colors and feature configurations, with the highlight being a feature-rich advanced keypad with preset buttons and a paddle-style keypad for more granular height control.

You can include a wireless footswitch and choose from a very large range of accessories, including items such as desk pads, organizers, lamps, hammocks, and power strips with USB charging.

Fully Jarvis models are available as just a motorized frame where you place your own tabletop, or finished models done in laminate, bamboo, wood veneer, ply, whiteboard, or hardwood. You also have a large selection of desktop sizes and styles and can even opt for a large L-shaped desk for a corner office.

From there, you have different customization options regarding height range, keypad choices, accompanying desk chairs, cable management solutions, and other accessories like keyboard trays, bottle openers, CPU holders, desk mats, and casters for the bottom of the frame. They also have available a wide range of monitor arms, standing mats, stools and ergonomic chairs, file cabinets, and desk lamps.

Of special note is the attention to detail when it comes to ergonomics. Fully Jarvis offers a wide range of anti-fatigue or exercising floor mats that can keep you partially active while sitting or standing. These include topo mats, float decks, swivel boards, and balance boards.

FlexiSpot also offers a wide range of product and customization options during the time of purchase, allowing you to virtually make the product your own. Desktop sizes range from 48X24 to 72X30 inches, with materials like painted chipboard, fiberboard, bamboo, and solid wood. You can also customize the height range and opt for a premium keypad instead of the standard one.

FlexiSpot offers some truly unique accessories and other products, including an adjustable bed frame base, under desk exercise bikes, under desk foot hammocks, smart mirrors, under desk treadmills, vibration plates, and filing cabinets. Apart from these, you can also choose standard accessories like desk pads, monitor arms, laptop docking stations, cable management and storage accessories, power accessories, ergonomic chairs, and locking casters.

Most FlexiSpot desks come with BIFMA certification (meaning they meet comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability standards), and some models also offer integrated storage options like drawers, cup holders, and cable holders.

If you want sustainable products, they have their Kana Bamboo line where the desktop is made from sustainable bamboo material. You can also spend a little extra on practical extras like pegboards, floating shelves, power strips with USB, or larger under desk drawer storage.


With Fully Jarvis, you can choose a frame type to suit your usage, with each type coming with its own set range of motion. All of these provide a lot of height adjustability to accommodate users of all heights. For leveling, each desk comes with adjustable studs in the bottom for foot leveling if you lay down the table on an uneven floor.

The desks also wield quality dual motors, with an operating noise of less than 50dB. They are also capable of taking on a maximum weight of 158kg, including the weight of the desktop and accessories. On top of this, Fully Jarvis also includes an extremely generous warranty program with all their motorized standing desks.

FlexiSpot desks use quality carbon steel construction and are designed with thicker leg columns, which can boost stability. Typically, you can adjust the table top anywhere from 23 inches to 48 inches. The E7 model has excellent weight-bearing capabilities with a maximum load of 160kg. You can select for the T-frame style for better stability and load-bearing or the C-frame style for more under-desk space without compromise.

The premium keypad has an LCD touch-sensitive panel for convenient control and includes features like a sit-stand alarm, USB charging ports, programmable height preset and recall, an optional child lock, and a collision detection feature to prevent accidents and injuries. The warranty on offer is also substantial for better peace of mind.

Apart from being solid and sturdy, the Uplift V2 also offers the most in terms of customizability, blowing the competition away with a whopping 400 accessory options and 200 desktop choices. A USP of the Uplift V2 is their unique mounting system for accessories, which comes in the form of 48 threaded bolt holes placed discreetly in the desk frame and allows secure attachment of modular components.

The frame stability comes courtesy of heavy-duty steel construction which makes use of a couple of German-made motors for powerful yet quiet operation, with operating noise levels remaining below 50dB. The three-stage legs also translate to a better range of motion and faster, smoother movement while changing the height. The maximum load-bearing capacity is an impressive 353 pounds which is about as heavy as that Grizzly Bear jumping on Uncle Buck by the time he was 3 months old.

With the advanced keypads, you can unlock a whole new set of features, including the ability to calibrate and adjust the height with one touch, along with the ability to set minimum and maximum heights. You can also program in four different height presets that can be recalled immediately. There is also a child lock function. Alternatively, you can get the wireless foot switch which transfers control to your feet.

The Uplift V2 also has a very advanced anti-collision system that makes use of a six-axis gyroscope unit integrated into the desk. This can instantly detect collisions and obstructions and work very well as a safety device to prevent accidents. The Uplift V2 comes with ANSI/BIFMA certification and offers a long warranty period.

Your Health Matters

FlexiSpot probably ends up being the best value, since FlexiSpot models run quite a bit cheaper than comparable Uplift and Jarvis models. If “budget-friendly” makes you nervous about quality, just upgrade from a base model (E5) to a sturdier model (E7) and enjoy the increased warranty length and load bearing capacity.

Fully Jarvis feels like a more premium product than FlexiSpot, but this “upgrade” will cost you.

Uplift occupies a middle ground between the budget-friendliness of FlexiSpot and the more premium design of Fully Jarvis.

All of these brands bring a lot to the table when it comes to motorized standing desks.

With the information in this roundup, you should be able to make an informed choice and end up with a standing desk that truly ticks all the right boxes.

Bad posture and back aches will no longer be a concern with the right standing desk for you to use.  

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