Logitech Harmony Remote Not Working With LG TV: Every Fix

The Logitech Harmony Remote is a full-featured multi-use remote that works with a host of devices, utilizing stored and learned IR signals to replace all the remotes you have at home.

The convenience of being able to operate a host of devices using just one remote can be instrumental to a consistent, fast, and easy home entertainment experience. And this is why the Harmony Remote is so popular among home entertainment system users. 

The Logitech Harmony Remote can work seamlessly with your LG TV. However, there might be times when you experience issues with this particular combo.

If you notice erratic behavior or even total non-functionality, there is no need to worry. There are quite a few troubleshooting steps you can attempt at home before having to connect with support or thinking about replacing your remote. 

Try the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide to solve the issue of your Logitech Harmony Remote not working with your LG TV. 

Reset / Power Cycle the Remote 

A simple reset or power cycle might be enough to solve the issue and get your Harmony Remote working with your LG TV again. This is the easiest fix that you can try immediately. However, the method can be different based on what kind of Harmony Remote device you have. 

You might have the Harmony IR Remote that does not come with a hub. In that case, all you need to do is to remove the batteries from the unit. Wait for a couple of minutes, and put the batteries back in.

This reboots the remote successfully and you can see if it starts working again. While you are at it, you can also check if the batteries are depleted and if they are, replace them with fresh, new batteries for the best results. 

On the other hand, you might have a model that utilizes the Harmony Hub. In that case, first, try to reboot the remote itself. You can do this by pressing down on the Power Off button, located on the top of the remote, for 15 seconds or more.

Once the remote reboots, test it to see if the issue is resolved. If not, you can go on and try to perform a factory reset on the remote. 

To do this, you need to press down on the Power Off button and the Menu button simultaneously for 20 seconds or more. You will then see a graphic of a remote with a circular arrow shape.

This means that the reset is complete and you can proceed to reload your configuration by using the Harmony software. You can use the Sync option in the app or follow the on-screen instructions to restore your remotes. Check to see if the remote works when you are done. 

Reset your Harmony Hub 

If you have a remote model that utilizes the Harmony Hub, you can try to reset the hub itself as it can sometimes stop sending signals.

To perform a reset on your Harmony Hub, simply remove the power cable from the unit, wait for a minute, and connect it again. Wait for the Hub to boot, and try again.

It’s also an astute idea to reboot your router at this point. Use the rebooting process relevant to your brand and model of router and wait for it to boot and reestablish the connection with the hub. This is not as complicated as what happened at the end of Chappie when he transferred his consciousness to a computer.  

If you notice that you can control your LG TV with the Harmony app but not with your Harmony Remote, see the above step. You can also use the Harmony app to try to re-pair your Remote with your Hub as it might have lost that connection. It’s likely that you will notice your Remote working again during all of these steps. 

Sync your Remote 

If your Harmony Remote is not working with your LG TV, it might be a sync issue. Your Remote may be absolutely fine but lacking the remote codes for the LG TV due to a failure to sync with the main Harmony system. To eliminate this possibility, you can re-sync your remotes to the device and try again. 

If you have an IR Remote that operates without the hub, you can sync it using a USB cable and your computer. Connect your remote to your computer using a USB cable and put up the Harmony software, within which you will see an option to sync changes.

If the sync button is colored blue or yellow, this lets you know that there are changes pending that you need to sync. On the other hand, when the remote is completely synced, the button will turn grey. 

On the other hand, if you have a Harmony Hub, you can sync wirelessly. You can do this either from the Remote itself or from the Harmony mobile app.

In both cases, navigate the menu till you reach the settings page and select the Sync option. Give the remote time to sync and try to operate your LG TV. 

Check the Line of Sight 

If your LG TV has a remote system that relies on Bluetooth or wireless connections to send signals to and fro, you might not have any issues with line of sight when operating it with your Logitech Harmony Remote. Based on this, when using IR, it’s imperative that you have a clear line of sight between the remote and the TV. 

Make sure there is a clear line of sight between the remote device and the TV. While this is easy to accomplish with the IR remote which you can shift and maneuver to adjust the line of sight, you need to take special care of this when you are using the Harmony Hub.

Since both the Hub and the TV are static, they need to be positioned properly at the very outset so that the line of sight between them can be maintained. If you notice any object or physical barrier in between, remove it and try again to see if the remote works.

Try Turning Off Simplink 

Many LG TVs come with the Simplink feature that lets the TV use the HDMI-CEC protocol to control connected devices through one single remote. While this is an excellent feature and can be instrumental if you have ARC or eARC devices connected to your TV, it can interfere with certain IR functions.

The right way to troubleshoot this issue is to temporarily turn off Simplink and try using your Harmony Remote to see if it works 

Enter the settings of your LG TV using your TV remote by holding down the settings button for a few seconds. Once you are inside the general settings area, you should be able to see a toggle switch for Simplink or HDMI-CEC. Turn this off and reboot your TV.

Once the TV is up and running, you can then try operating it with your Harmony Remote to see if the issue has been resolved. If it has, you can opt to keep Simplink off if you do not have any connected devices that you do not want to control separately. 

Restart / Reset your TV 

While many users will automatically try to troubleshoot the Harmony Remote when it does not work with an LG TV, it is equally important to remember that it can very well be your TV that is causing the issue.

Performing a hard restart or factory reset on your TV might help solve the issue and restore full operation to your Harmony Remote. 

To start with, restart your LG TV. While it is running, detach the power cable from the wall outlet and wait for a couple of minutes. You can also hold down the physical power button located on the body of the TV during this time.

Plug the power cable back in and turn the TV on using the button. Wait for it to boot up completely and show you the main home screen and then try to use your Harmony Remote. 

As a last resort, you can factory reset your LG TV. To do this, use the LG remote to open the menu and enter the settings section by pressing and holding the settings button. Here, you will look for a section named “Support”.

Once you are inside this section, look for an option named “Revert to Factory Settings”. You need to choose this option and follow the on-screen prompts for the process to complete. 

Be aware that this completely wipes the internal memory of the TV. You will lose all installed apps, settings, and configurations and will have to set up your LG TV again from scratch. Don’t worry, this is not nearly as troubling as the prices of gas in 2022 but that’s another topic.  

Final Thoughts 

The Logitech Harmony Product line has been an extremely popular and feature-rich universal remote solution that has benefited thousands of home entertainment enthusiasts.

The steps in this guide can help you pinpoint the problem and seek a potential solution if your Harmony Remote stops working with your LG TV. Of course, if none of these steps work out, you can contact Logitech support and commence the process of getting your Harmony Remote repaired or replaced.