Logitech z533 vs. z333 vs. z407: Computer Speakers <$100


Logitech products are ubiquitous when it comes to computer add-ons, peripherals, and accessories. No matter who you are, or what your budget, Logitech has a product for you. However, with such a massive product lineup, it can be confusing trying to decide which model is the smartest use of your money.

Logitech makes computer speakers with an MSRP under $20 (the S120), an MSRP over $160 (the z623 and z625), and anywhere in between.

If you are looking for a quality computer speaker system under $100, we are here to help. We will take an in-depth look at the similarities and differences between the Logitech z333, z407, and z533.

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Quick Overview: Logitech z333, z407, & z533

Here is the quick and easy summary of the three computer speaker systems:

Logitech z333 is an older model than the z407, but also the least expensive of the bunch. Because it is older than z407, it has a wired (rather than wireless) control pod and it lacks features like bluetooth connection and digital signal processing. However, it also has RCA inputs and a headphone jack.

Logitech z407 is, essentially, the “updated” version of the z333. It has digital signal processing, bluetooth compatibility, and a wireless control pod. However, it has eliminated old school ports like RCA inputs and a headphone jack.

Logitech z533 is the most powerful of the bunch, but also the most expensive. It has a nicer design than the others, and is capable of louder volumes and more bass. Like the z333, it has RCA inputs and a headphone jack. However, it lacks bluetooth compatibility and digital signal processing.

For anyone shopping based on price, z333 is the cheapest and z533 is almost twice the price of z333. z407 is priced roughly at the mid-point between the z333 and z533. The best value is probably the z333.

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Design & Overview

All three Logitech computer speaker systems are considered 2.1 systems, meaning two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Each system also comes with a control pod (z407 has a wireless control pod, while the z333 and z533 both have a wired control pod).

z333 has the least impressive design, but it still looks nice. The all-black system has a subtle appearance that blends in and will fit any style or setup. The side speakers have an upper “false speaker” that is supposed to look like a tweeter. In reality, this is just decoration. There is nothing bad about the design, it is just plain and unspectacular.

z407, as mentioned above, is basically the updated version of z333. It has a graphite gray design that appears more modern. It also eliminates the fake tweeter. The two-tone gray enhances the look, and the wireless control pod will also make the setup more sleek in appearance. z407 is lighter than the z333, but roughly the same size. z407 is also the only model that allows the satellite speakers to be placed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

z533 has a premium appearance, with gold accents on the speakers. Like the z407, it also has the “logi” branding on the face, which is what Logitech uses for many of its newer products. Although the audio output is larger on the z533 than the z333, the z533’s satellite speakers are actually smaller and lighter. The subwoofer, which packs much more punch, is larger and heavier on the z533.

Inputs & Outputs

The largest difference between models is that z407 loses RCA inputs but gains bluetooth connection. z407 also adds a micro USB port while eliminating a headphone jack.

z333 and z533 are similar in terms of inputs and outputs. Both models have a headphone jack, with z333 having one RCA input and z533 having two RCA inputs.

All three models have a 3.5 mm aux port.


As is usually the case with speakers, you get more output and better sound by spending some extra money.

The z333 has total peak output of 80 watts (40 RMS). This comes from a 24 watt subwoofer and two 8 watt satellite speakers.

The z407 has the same output as z333 — 80 watts peak, 40 RMS. z407 has more output from the satellite speakers (10 watts each) and less output from the subwoofer (20 watts).

The z533 is the most powerful system of the bunch, with 120 watts peak (60 RMS). This comes from a 30 watt subwoofer and two 15 watt satellite speakers.

All of the devices have easy-to-adjust volume and bass. The z407 and z533 are more convenient to adjust bass, because it can be adjusted right on the control pod. On the z333, you have to use controls on the subwoofer itself in order to adjust bass.

z333 and z533 both have headphone jacks, whereas the z407 lacks a headphone jack.

Only the z407 can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This doesn’t change the sound much, but it gives you more flexibility with your desk setup.

The biggest difference, in terms of sound, is that z533 brings the most power and volume, while z407 has digital signal processing which minimizes distortion and improves sound clarity.

By spending more, you get a significantly upgraded speaker system, whether by going from the z333 to the z407, or the z407 to the z533.

Further discussion of z407, z333, z533

All three systems can provide a solid amount of volume, and can be played at loud volumes with minimal distortion.

Because the z407 has DSP (digital signal processing), you may notice less distortion on it than the z333. And because z533 has higher output power, you won’t need to turn the volume as high to achieve the same output.

Sound quality is solid — for the price. You need to understand that these are sub-$100 computer speakers, rather than premium systems that audiophiles spend thousands on.

The subwoofers perform well, and the satellite speakers provide crisp mid- and high-ranges. But again, these are still budget systems so it is important to be realistic.

Overall, we like the design of all three systems. And each is a good value for the amount you pay. There are some features we like, such as the design, the budget price, and the bass control knob on the control pod.

Some users are surprised by the large size of these sound systems, particularly the subwoofer. The speakers should easily fit on a computer desk, but the subwoofer is large enough that you should plan on having a dedicated space for it.

Build quality is solid but not anything special. The speakers are composed mainly of plastic, but are well designed and rate well for durability. And all of these speakers have been in operation for a few years and score well for their long-term durability.

Setup is simple for all three of these systems. These are “plug-and-play” speaker systems. Along with this, you should realize that the systems aren’t especially feature-dense. For example, the speakers don’t have a dedicated equalizer. And your connectivity is limited to 3.5 mm aux and RCA (plus bluetooth for the z407). This means that, unlike some premium sound systems which feature the latest and greatest ports, there will be some loss of audio quality due to your cables and connections between devices.

A further point to consider is that none of these systems have a remote. Most users won’t care, especially since the control pods are easy to use. But nonetheless, a remote could have improved device functionality.

All three devices come with a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Vs. Logitech z623

We have previously written about how much we like the Logitech z623 computer speaker system.

Although the purpose of this article is to compare the z333, z407, and z533, it is still worthwhile to see how these systems stack up against the z623.

Simply put, if you can stretch your budget beyond $150, you should absolutely consider the Logitech z623 rather than any of the speakers discussed in this article. Rather than the 40 watts RMS on the z333 and z407, or the 60 watts RMS on the z533, you get 200 watts RMS on the z623. This means that z623 packs a lot more punch than any of the sub-$100 speakers discussed in this article.

z407 scores points for including a micro USB and bluetooth connection, which are lacking on the z623. But the sound quality (and volume) upgrade is substantial when listening to the z623 rather than z407.

Ultimately, if you need something that is budget-friendly, z333, z407, and z533 are worthy of consideration. But if you demand stronger performance, the z623 should be at the top of your list.

Final Thoughts

Logitech makes a computer speaker system for everybody, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, they surely have a product to fit your budget. On the other, Logitech’s model lineup is so large that it gets confusing. In turn, it is easy to overspend on unnecessary features, or to choose a speaker that doesn’t meet your needs just because it is inexpensive.

z333 is the cheapest and probably the best value of three models discussed here. It lacks a wireless control pod, digital signal processing, and bluetooth compatibility. So if those features matter to you, you will need to choose the z407 instead.

z407 is priced between z333 and z533. If you need bluetooth compatibility, it is your only choice of the three. However, it lacks RCA inputs and a headphone jack, which both z333 and z533 have. And it has less output and power than z533.

z533 is the most expensive, but also the highest output. It doesn’t have bluetooth compatibility, but it gives you the old school ports (RCA inputs and a headphone jack). The main reason to buy the z533 is if you demand more volume or higher sound quality than the z333 or z407 can provide. In this case, also consider the z623.

None of these speaker systems are perfect. And you shouldn’t expect them to compete with a $2,000 setup that audiophiles enjoy bragging about online. But if you need a quality computer speaker under $100, any of these Logitech models should be a good fit.

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