Rohm vs. Hushh: Is There Any Difference?


Rohm and Hushh are two white noise machines from Yogasleep that are so similar it is hard to tell them apart.

Each device is the same size and features the same three sounds. The designs are nearly identical and both sound machines have a built-in USB-rechargeable battery.

Unlike the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm, which uses an actual fan to generate white noise, the Rohm and Hushh both use electronically-generated sound.

Since the devices are so similar, you may be wondering which one to buy. We will address that question in detail below.

Keep reading, because there is a clear winner between the two products.

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Quick Buying Guide

Rohm is an excellent portable white noise machine, with a built-in rechargeable battery and a clip and lanyard for on-the-go use.

Hushh can do everything that Rohm can, but it also adds a few features. Hushh adds an LED night light and a couple of child-friendly features like a child-safe lock and a plastic clip instead of a lanyard.

Simply put, there is no reason to buy the Rohm rather than Hushh. Hushh has the same features as Rohm, but with a few extras added. Even if the added child-safe features don’t matter to you, the night light is a definite improvement.

Rohm Overview

As mentioned above, the design of the two devices is nearly identical. Rohm is small, compact, and perfect for on-the-go use. It has a hook built into the device, and a lanyard can be used with the hook to attach the sound machine to a crib, stroller, car seat, etc.

Rohm has a built-in rechargeable battery that should last for 8+ hours. This is great for naps and portable use but isn’t good enough for an entire night of sleep. Yogasleep used the older style micro USB rather than the more popular USB-C. Additionally, the cord is very short, which can make it challenging to use.

Rather than the authentic “fan in a box” design that is present on the Dohm, Rohm uses electronically generated noise. The upside of this electronic noise generation is that you get three sound options — bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf — rather than just a simple fan noise, and the volume is fully adjustable. The downside is that there is an audible “loop” sound when the recorded track repeats itself. For many users, this is quite bothersome.

Hushh Overview

For all intents and purposes, this is a functionally identical device to the Rohm. But the Hushh is designed in a more child-friendly way, with a button lock, an added LED night light, and a plastic clip in place of the lanyard that is seen on the Rohm.

The MSRP is identical between the two devices. Yogasleep Hushh can do everything that Yogasleep Rohm can do, but the Hushh adds a few excellent features.

If you can find the devices for the same price, there is no reason to choose the Rohm over the Hushh. Hushh has all the great features of Rohm, but adds a night light and some child-safe features.

Sound Comparison

Both the Rohm and the Hushh have the same three sounds and fully adjustable volume. The sounds actually weren’t very pleasing to my ear, but part of this is personal preference. Even when a white noise machine has dozens of sound options, the vast majority of them are usually distracting or unpleasant.

The devices also lose points for the “looping” sound that can be heard when the track repeats. Most people won’t notice this, so it isn’t much to worry about. But for anyone that is sensitive to it, you will want to find a different white noise machine than either of these options. The sound category is a tie.

Battery Comparison

Both devices have a built-in rechargeable battery of the same size. They are great for on-the-go use, but you won’t get the full 12+ hours out of the battery that you would hope for with a sound machine for babies.

Rohm and Hushh each charge via micro USB (not USB-C) and come with an included charging cable that probably should have been made another foot or two longer.

There isn’t anything to separate the two devices when it comes to the battery. This category is a tie.

Features Comparison

(1) Child-safe lock.

The Hushh has a lock that can be turned on to prevent settings from being changed. If you plan to set the sound machine in a crib, car seat, or within arm’s length of your child, this feature ensures that they won’t be able to adjust the volume or turn the sound on/off. Rohm lacks this feature.

(2) Night light

Hushh has a dim LED light on the bottom of the device that emits a gentle amber hue. This is a nice feature, but it is limited. The light is not particularly bright. It provides a minor amount of ambient lighting, but it won’t work as a flashlight or for lighting the room enough to change a diaper. Rohm lacks any lighting, though, so this is still a nice bonus on the Hushh.

(3) Clip vs. Lanyard

Rohm has a woven lanyard that can be attached to the device. The device has a built-in clip at the top, and this is the area where the lanyard is tied on. With this lanyard, you have flexibility to attach or hang the sound machine from a crib, car seat, or any other location.

Hushh has a “baby-safe” clip that attaches to the built-in clip on the top of the device. This is one of the basic snap-shut clips that is found on a lot of baby products. With this clip (rather than a lanyard like the Hushh), you lose some style points and you also have less flexibility in where the machine can be attached.

On Rohm, the lanyard is long enough that you will be able to attach it to almost any shape or size of object. With Hushh, the clip is smaller and less flexible, so you will be able to strap it onto handles but nothing irregularly sized.

But, the whole point of this feature is that a lanyard is less safe for a baby. Although I like the safety of the clip, I actually think Rohm is better designed in this category. When responsibly used, the lanyard on Rohm is more convenient and more flexible. You just want to be smart about keeping the device out of arm’s reach of a baby.

Final Thoughts

Because Yogasleep Rohm and Yogasleep Hushh are nearly identical products with nearly identical price tags, it seems like a challenge to make the “better” purchase.

But there really isn’t much of a competition. The Yogasleep Hushh is basically an improved, more feature-rich version of the Rohm. And the two sound machines cost the same amount.

So, your purchase decision should be simple. Just get the Hushh!

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