Samsung TV Audio Description Won’t Turn Off [Finally Solved!]

Can’t stop your Samsung TV from describing everything happening on the screen? Don’t worry – you’re certainly not the first!

It’s a common problem and, fortunately, one that can be easy to fix.

This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the different things you can try when your Samsung TV audio description won’t turn off.

Quick Answer: Why is My Samsung TV Talking to Me?

If your Samsung TV is talking to you, it is likely the voice guide or audio description.

Depending on the age and model of your TV, these functions can be disabled by accessing the Settings menu on your remote. With certain models, the voice assistant can even do it for you. And on other models, still, there are shortcut keys to make the process even simpler.

Keep reading for a detailed guide on audio descriptions and voice guides, and step-by-step instructions on how to disable each.

What Is Audio Description? 

If you’ve never used the audio description feature on a TV, you may have questions about the narrator suddenly telling you about everything happening on your screen. Namely, what’s happening here? 

Audio description is an optional TV setting that, when enabled, verbally describes key visual information about what’s happening in the show, movie, or other content that’s currently on your screen. This can be anything from settings and physical actions in a TV show to the choices available on a menu. 

For example, if you’re watching a TV show and two people are dancing on screen, you would likely hear the audio description state that “two people are dancing.” Alternatively, if you’re in something like a TV menu, you may hear a voice reading through the on-screen text and telling you about the different options. 

Basically, if there is visual information that is essential to the viewer’s understanding of what is happening on their TV screen, then the audio description will provide you with a verbal description of those visuals. 

Why Is Audio Description Important? 

The audio description may seem a little redundant if you can see what’s happening on the TV perfectly fine. After all, you can see that two people are dancing, or read about the different settings on a menu yourself, so how is this kind of TV narration supposed to enhance your understanding?

And that’s fair! But here’s the thing – the audio description track isn’t meant for you. 

Audio description is so important because it helps the visually impaired understand the visual elements of shows, movies, and menus on a TV screen. And in terms of an accessibility feature, this makes perfect sense. 

Take a horror movie, for example. Let’s say a visually-impaired person is enjoying one that takes place in the woods. The audio description may tell them that someone is hiding behind a tree and the killer is looking for them nearby.

Since these details often occur without any kind of dialogue (as characters usually need to be quiet and sneaky in these situations), they may not even know they were happening without the audio description. 

It would also be extremely difficult to navigate a settings menu without narration. How should someone know about the different options when they can’t read the text on the screen? 

Ultimately, while it may not be necessary for people with good vision, audio description is an essential feature, and it’s great that it’s included on Samsung TVs. However, that doesn’t make it any less annoying when you can’t turn it off! 

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Audio Description 

Since it is so easy to enable audio description features on various devices these days, there are a few reasons why your Samsung TV may be talking to you.

In most cases, you’ve likely enabled the Voice Guide or Audio Description on your TV. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to solve these common Samsung TV audio description problems below. 

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on Samsung TV 

If you’re hearing an audio description while you’re changing the volume, channels, or other settings of your Samsung TV, then the Voice Guide may be the problem. Here are a few methods you can try to disable it. 

Method 1: Hold the Volume Button

If you have a smart remote, this is probably the easiest method to disable your Voice Guide, as it will take you straight to the Accessibility shortcuts. It’s also the easiest method to enable it, so someone may have accidentally pressed this button to turn the Voice Guide on in the first place. 

1. Press & Hold the Volume Button on Your Samsung Smart Remote 

You’ll need to hold it for about 2 to 3 seconds until the Accessibility shortcuts menu appears on the screen. 

2. Select the Center/Select Button to Disable Voice Guide 

After holding the button, the menu setting for the Voice Guide should pop up. Simply press the center/select button to disable this feature. 

Note: This won’t necessarily work on all Samsung TVs and remotes. If it doesn’t work on yours, try locating and pressing the AD/SUBT button on your remote control instead. This will also open up the Accessibility shortcuts window, where you can find and turn off the Voice Guide. 

Method 2: Through Settings

If you want to take a long way around, or the remote control isn’t working for you, you can navigate through the Settings menus to locate and turn off the Voice Guide. It may be a few more steps, but it’s not difficult! 

1. Press the Home Button on Your Samsung Smart Remote 

This should open up some options for you to choose from on your TV screen. 

2. Find and Click on “Settings” 

Use the directional keys on your remote to navigate to the Settings option. Then, click on it with the center button to open the menu. 

3. Highlight and Select the “General” 

Now that the Settings menu is open, look for the General option. Then, either click on it with the center button or press the right side of the directional pad to open up this menu. 

4. Locate and Select “Accessibility” 

Using the directional pad, scroll down until you find the Accessibility option. Click on it. 

5. Open “Voice Guide Settings” 

Once again, use the center button to select this option. 

6. Disable Voice Guide 

You should now see the Voice Guide feature. Simply use the center button to click on it and turn it off. 

Method 3: With Voice Command

This one is even easier than our first method – but only for those with a microphone button on their Samsung remote. So, if you want to avoid the menus entirely, try this. 

1. Press and Hold the Microphone Button 

Locate the microphone button press and hold it to activate the voice assistant. 

2. Say “Voice Guide Off” or “Turn Off Voice Guide” 

That’s it! 

Method 4: On Older Samsung TVs

If you’re having trouble locating any of the buttons or options in the above methods, you probably have an old Samsung TV – typically somewhere around 2014 and 2018.

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about you! Try the steps below to turn off the Voice Guide on your TV. 

1. Locate and Press the Menu/123 Button on the Remote 

This should open up a new menu on the TV. 

2. Click Menu > System 

Alternatively, you can also choose “Settings” here. 

3. Go to Accessibility > Voice Guide 

Click here to get to the Voice Guide options. 

4. Turn Voice Guide Off 

Highlight the Voice Guide option, and click to turn it off. 

How to Turn Off Audio Description on Samsung TVs 

If the audio description occurs during TV shows and movies instead of in the menus, your Samsung TV’s Audio Description feature may be on. The process for turning this off is very similar to those for the Voice Guide. 

Method 1: Via the Accessibility Menu 

You can easily enable and disable the Audio Description in the same place as the Voice Guide Settings. 

1. Navigate to the Accessibility Menu 

You can find the more detailed steps in “Method 2” above, but generally, you will locate and select Settings > General > Accessibility. 

2. Turn Off the Audio Description 

Underneath the Voice Guide Settings, you’ll find the Audio Description Settings. If it’s on, select it to turn it off. 

Note: If you have the AD/SUBT button on your remote, you can just press that to turn off the Audio Description Settings. 

Method 2: On Older Samsung TVs

Now, if you have a Samsung TV from about 2008 to 2013, you may not have the Accessibility menu. In that case, you can follow the steps below to disable the Audio Description. 

1. Press the Menu Button on Your Remote 

This will, of course, open up the menu. 

2. Click on Sound 

Use the directional buttons to highlight “Sound” or “Sound Mode,” and press OK. 

3. Hit Broadcast, Then Audio Language 

If you see “English AD” selected here, it means your Audio Description is on (AD = Audio Description). 

4. Change It to English Only 

By removing the additional AD, the Audio Description should turn off on your TV. 

Note: This doesn’t apply to every Samsung TV model released during this time, but some will let you turn the Audio Description setting on and off by pressing the Menu button for a second or two. 

Finally, Some Peace and Quiet! 

Hopefully, you’re no longer having an issue where your Samsung TV audio description won’t turn off. At least one of these methods should do the trick, whether you have an older Samsung TV and remote or one of the newer models. 

And if you have almost the opposite problem, with sound but no picture on your Samsung Smart TV, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there too! Samsung TVs can be a little tricky to figure out, but with just a little guidance, you’ll be able to get back to enjoying your shows and movies in no time.