Self Defense Keychain Set: Sirens & Safety for Women

Self defense keychains are an effective, low risk, and inexpensive way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Because many of the top products on the market are available for less than $30, it makes sense to carry a self defense siren, taser, or personal alarm on your keychain.

Self defense keychain sets are often marketed to women, but there is no reason why a man or teenager can’t carry one as well. Although battery-powered sirens usually last for 6 months or more before needing battery replacement, rechargeable self defense keychains are also available.

We have previously tested the Birdie and Hootie alarms, and loved the style and simplicity of each device. But if you want more features than a simple siren, you can also find self defense keychain sets with tasers, pepper spray, and other clever designs.

Continue reading for our favorite personal safety devices.

Best Self Defense Keychain Set for Women

She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

Birdie is still our favorite personal keychain alarm. The pin requires the perfect amount of force to activate, the siren is powerful, and it is probably the most stylish device on this list. The texture feels very nice to the touch, and it actually looks good on a keychain. The Hootie alarm is an almost identical product, but the clip is lower quality and less esthetic. 

If you want the cheapest self defense siren, there are better options than Birdie. But if you want a great device with an excellent design, She’s Birdie is hard to beat.

For a similar product at a lower price, consider The Original Self Defense Siren for Women. It can’t quite match the style of Birdie, but the appearance and function are similar, and you may be able to save ~$10 compared to Birdie.

Best Value/Multipack Self Defense Keychain

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Available in a 6-pack or 8-pack, these alarms are a tremendous value if you want to distribute them as a gift. Additionally, if you want to be sure to always have an alarm on your person, this alarm is cheap enough to buy a multi-pack and leave some in your home, some in your car, some at work, and another on a keychain.

The device features a loud siren and a flashing LED light. Three disposable batteries are required to power the device, but AG 13 batteries can usually be found for $0.33 (or less) per battery. This means that you can power the KOSIN alarm for a year for less than a dollar.

The KOSIN alarm isn’t the most stylish device on the market, but the value makes it a great purchase for anybody that needs more than one alarm. To operate, you simply pull the contact pin, which will sound the alarm and activate the LED lights.

For an alternative to the KOSIN discussed above, the WOHOME Safe Personal Alarm is a nearly identical product which is also available in an 8-pack at an affordable price.

Best Self Defense Keychain Set with Taser

Guard Dog Security Flashlight Stun Gun

Technically, this device is a stun gun rather than a taser. The two terms are often used interchangeably, and it is much easier to find a stun gun for personal use, rather than a taser. 

The small size of the device (less than 4” and less than 2 ounces) makes it incredibly convenient. It can be placed on a keychain without being bulky or obtrusive. 

Another great feature is that the device has wall plug prongs built into the device. So, you can flip out the prongs and plug the device directly into a wall outlet. This is cheaper, easier, and more reliable than relying on disposable watch batteries or a microUSB charger.

With an MSRP of under $25, this Guard Dog Hornet stun gun is a great value. If you don’t mind carrying a slightly larger device, you can upgrade to a Guard Dog Stun Gun + Flashlight + Pepper Spray that also includes a built-in rechargeable battery.

For another great budget taser option, consider the VIPERTEK VTS-880. For less than half the price of the Guard Dog Hornet, you get a lightweight, well designed stun gun which also includes an LED flashlight and built-in rechargeable battery.

Best Self Defense Keychain with Pepper Spray

SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain

For the price of a decent lunch, you can buy a pepper spray canister with a 10 foot range from one of the world’s top safety companies.

Pepper spray is a valuable deterrent in the event of an assault or confrontation, but it has a few shortcomings. Most importantly, some pepper spray lacks the intensity needed to provide stopping power in an emergency. For this reason, it makes sense to purchase pepper spray from a reputable brand. SABRE is an established, reliable self defense company that can be trusted.

The build of the pepper spray keychain is excellent, with a quick-release keyring, top safety, and finger grip design.

If you want to further improve your self defense keychain set, SABRE also sells a bundle (SABRE Self-Defense Kit) that includes both pepper spray and a stun gun. 

Best Rechargeable Self Defense Keychain

WETEN USB Rechargeable Self Defense Keychain Alarm

This functions similarly to the above-mentioned keychain alarms. The device is small, fits on a keychain, and sounds an incredibly loud alarm when you pull the pin to activate the siren.

In addition to the pin activation, this device also has an SOS button that will activate the alarm if pressed twice.

But the best feature here is the USB charging capability. In just an hour, the device can be fully charged via a USB charger. This is more convenient and cost-effective than other alarms, which require you to change the batteries at least once per year.

An alternative to consider is the Kimfly Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song, which is available in a 3-pack for a competitive price. As far as we know, these are essentially identical to the WETEN product discussed above.

Final Thoughts

Self defense keychains are an affordable way to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are hundreds of similar products to choose from, so it can be daunting to make a purchase decision.

It really just depends on the features that you need. 

For a simple siren with maximum style, choose the Birdie or Hootie alarms.

If you want a multi-pack to give to friends and family, the KOSIN Safe Sound is a great option at a reasonable price.

For anyone seeking the added protection of a taser or pepper spray, Guard Dog and SABRE are established brands that make excellent keychain devices.

And if you prefer a rechargeable device, WETEN will save your time and money via a USB charger, rather than changing batteries.

Considering the affordable prices (most of these safety products cost less than a nice dinner), it makes a lot of sense to purchase a self defense keychain set for yourself or a loved one.