Snooz vs. Snooz Go vs. Snooz Go Baby


Snooz is an interesting brand that makes great white noise machines. Here, we will compare the original Snooz sound machine to the Snooz Go and the Snooz Go Baby.

Buying comparison

If you do not wish to read the entire article, here is the quick summary:

Snooz generates sound from an actual fan inside the device. This results in a higher quality, less electronic fan sound than cheaper white noise machines. However, the device is larger, and needs to be plugged in to function.

Snooz Go is a smaller, portable sound machine that can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The rechargeable battery allows it to be used without a power source. But the sound is electronically generated, rather than having an actual fan contained.

Snooz Go Baby is almost identical to the Snooz Go. It can be used without a constant power source, and generates sound electronically. The Snooz Go Baby cannot be used as a Bluetooth speaker, but it is the only Snooz sound machine with a built-in night light.

All Snooz products come with a 1 year warranty, as well as a 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

Snooz Summary

This refers to the classic, flagship Snooz white noise machine.

As mentioned above, Snooz is a larger device than the portable Snooz Go and Snooz Go Baby. It also requires a constant power source, and must be plugged in at all times. The device has a stylish design, and is one of the more esthetically pleasing sound machines on the market.

The main selling point for Snooz is that sound is generated by an actual fan. Because the peaceful whirring of a fan is the reason many people want to purchase a sound machine, the idea of having a fan-based white noise machine is quite appealing. And because many people are sensitive to the “looping” of repeated audio tracks, it is great to have a fan making real noise, without any concerns of distortion in the pre-recorded track. The fan/noise machine has 10 volume settings, as well as adjustable tones. During our testing, we loved the natural, relaxing sound quality of the Snooz.

Although the fan is considered a positive, it must be noted that moving parts always wear. So there is always a possibility of fan failure. And many users complain of grinding noises coming from the fan after many hours of use.

The original Snooz is the only Snooz white noise machine that is compatible with the Snooz app. So if you want advanced features like the ability to set timers or control the device remotely, choose the original Snooz rather than the Snooz Go or Snooz Go Baby. Although the app allows for convenient use of the device, it isn’t perfect. Bluetooth connectivity has been an issue during our testing, and many users report app glitches and periodic disconnects between the device and the app.

The main issue with the design of the Snooz is that the power cord is built into the device, rather than being detachable. In this price range, you would prefer a detachable power cord that can be replaced if it fails. Instead, many users are forced to purchase a new device entirely.

Snooz Go Summary

Snooz Go is a smaller, more portable device than the original Snooz. The size is identical to that of the Snooz Go Baby.

Unlike Snooz, which generates white noise with a running fan, Snooz Go generates sound electronically. The company advertises “non-looping” sound, but many users report hearing a high pitched distortion sound. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good. And it definitely does not have the obvious “loop” that many cheap sound machines and white noise apps have. It can also be used as a bluetooth speaker, which is something we wish more sound machines were capable of. As mentioned above, electronically generated sound machines have fewer moving parts, so the theoretical maximum lifespan on Snooz Go is longer than that of the Snooz. Snooz Go has 6 sound options, including white noise, pink noise, and fan sounds.

Another perk of Snooz Go is the rechargeable battery. Many white noise machines are marketed as “portable,” yet lack a rechargeable battery. In my opinion, a corded device just doesn’t meet the definition of portable. The built-in battery is advertised as having a 20 hour runtime, but in testing at medium-to-high volumes the runtime fell short of 20 hours. And the included strap on the device also helps increase the portability of Snooz Go.

The design of Snooz Go is stylish, simple, and easy to use. The buttons are intuitive and well spaced, and there are no bright status lights or distractions on the device.

Snooz Go is not compatible with the Snooz app, which is disappointing for people that purchase Snooz Go as a portable substitute for their current Snooz. Lacking app compatibility makes this feel like less of a “smart” product, and instead just a nicely made sound machine. Useful features like the ability to set a timer are missing. Along with this general lack of sophistication and customization, the product does feel overpriced by about $15 or $20.

Snooz Go Baby Summary

Almost everything mentioned above about the Snooz Go is also true of the Snooz Go Baby.

The only real difference is that Snooz Go Baby has a night light, while Snooz Go has the ability to be used as a bluetooth speaker.

Because the devices are otherwise the same, we won’t repeat everything that was said about the Snooz Go. Consult the above section for a detailed recap of the Snooz Go Baby.

Final thoughts

Snooz makes three solid white noise machines, although two of them are nearly identical. We like the build quality and sound quality, as well as the sleek designs. If you need a portable device, both Snooz Go and Snooz Go Baby have a built-in battery for unplugged use. And if you like the authentic white noise of a fan, the classic Snooz is a perfect product for you.