How to Reset Beats Studio Buds / Fix for Beats That Won’t Reset

Beats Studio Buds are extremely popular. They have a fantastic sound quality, are compatible with both Apple and Android, and have a “cool factor” that almost no other earbuds can compete with.

However, like with any technology, sometimes your Beats Studio Buds might not work as they should due to a technical issue. 

We’re here to walk you through how to care for your Beats Studio Buds and how to do a system reset if required. More importantly, we will look at solutions if your Beats won’t reset.

So let’s get going. 

Why Choose Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Studio Buds have some pretty impressive features, including:

  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Immersive listening by supporting Spatial Audio.
  • One-touch pairing.
  • Three ear tip sizes. 
  • Transparency mode.
  • Up to eight hours of listening.
  • A custom acoustic platform.
  • A charging case that fits in your pocket. 
  • Class 1 Bluetooth to reach devices from further away. 
  • Water-resistant.
  • Built-in microphones.
  • Voice assistant and calling compatible. 
  • Six colors available: blue, grey, red, white, pink, and black

All these factors make the Beats Studio Buds the perfect companion whether you use Apple or Andriod. 

The quality sound of the wireless earbuds is unmatched, offering a totally immersive experience that works with your music tastes and adjusts to make the listening experience something different. 

Beats Studio Buds are also super comfortable, giving them an all-around edge over the wireless earbuds competition.

How to Care For You Beats Studio Buds

In order to keep your Beats Studio Buds in good working order, you need to care for them. Your Beat Studio Buds are water and sweat-resistant, which helps keep them going even if you’re in a rainstorm on cold winter days or working out hard. 

However, the case is not water-resistant, so if it gets wet while closed, you must instantly wipe it down. 

If the case gets wet while open, then be sure it is totally dry before trying to charge your buds. 

Even though the Beats Studio Buds are water-resistant, they aren’t waterproof. So, if your wireless earbuds get wet with anything that can damage or stain, like makeup, detergent, shampoo, hair dye, sand, pool- and saltwater, then you need to clean your Beats Studio Buds. 

It’s essential to clean your Beats Studio Buds regularly to prevent skin irritation as well. And never place wet or dirty earbuds into the charging case.

How to Clean Your Beats Studio Buds

  • Remove the Beats Studio Buds from the case.
  • Unplug the charging cable from the case. 
  • Take a cotton swab and wet it slightly with hot water. 
  • Use the cotton swab to clean the charging connection on your Studio Buds. 
  • To clean the case, it’s best to use a dampened cloth with warm water. You can also use 70% alcohol for tough stains on the case. 
  • You can use the same lint-free cloth to clean the Studio Buds but DON’T use this on the knit mesh.  
  • Use a dry cotton swab or soft brush to remove debris from the mesh. 
  • Leave your Buds to dry. 

Once you’re done working out, it’s best to leave your Beats Studio Buds to dry to avoid getting skin irritation from remaining sweat and dirt completely. 

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Beats Studio Buds

  • Don’t dry your Beats Studio Buds with an external heating system (a hand dryer or hair dryer)
  • Don’t get water in any of the openings on your case; it can affect charging.
  • Don’t use cleaning products or anything abrasive (Clorox Wipes are a good option).
  • Don’t use a sharp object to get into the mesh. 
  • Don’t use anything to clean out the charging port; shoving in a cotton swab can damage the delicate charging connection. 

If anything happens and your Beats Studio Buds stop working, it’s best to go to your local Apple Store.

Why you Might need to Reset Beats Studio Buds

As great as any product is, there is the chance that something can go wrong. The good news is that Beats Studio Buds have a simple process that can fix just about any issue. 

Here are some of the reasons you may need to reset your Beats Studio Buds:

  • Issues with the charging case. 
  • Freezing or hang-ups while on phone calls. 
  • If your buds aren’t charging. 
  • One bud is working and not the other. 
  • Application crashes. 
  • LED indicator light flashing white and red. 

While unlikely, a reset should fix the issue if you experience anything like the above. If not, it’s best to get help from your local Apple Store.

How to Reset Your Beats Studio Buds

Put Your Two Beats Studio Buds in the Charging Case

The initial step to resetting your Beats Studio Buds is to place both your earbuds in the charging case (Resetting your buds can only happen in the case). 

The charging case is not only for charging and keeping your buds safe but is also for performing specific functions. 

Leave the Case Lid Open

In order to perform a hard reset, you’ll need to keep your charging case lid open. This is to reach the system button. 

Push the System Button

On the right side, between the two Beats Studio Buds cradles, you’ll see the System button. Once you’ve found it, press the button for around 15 seconds to begin the hard reset. 

Let Go of the System Button

Once you’ve pressed the system button, you should see the LED indicator light start flashing white and red. Once this happens, you can release the button. 

Your Beats Studio Buds LED indicator light should flash white and red after 15 seconds of holding down the button. If this doesn’t happen, your product may have an issue. 

But if your earbuds’ LED indicator light starts flashing, it indicates that a full hard reset has happened successfully, and you’re ready to enjoy your Beats Studio Buds to the fullest. 

My Beats Studio Buds Won’t Reset: What to Do?

If your Beats Studio Buds refuse to reset, there are a few possible fixes:

  • Charge your charging case to 100%. Because the reset process depends on the charging case to work, you won’t succeed if the case is low on battery.
  • Consider purchasing a new charging case. This one stings a little, but it still beats purchasing a new pair of earbuds.
  • Allow the Beats to drain to 0% battery, then re-charge. This is the old-fashioned way of “resetting” a device.


How to hard reset Beats Studio Buds

To hard reset your buds put them in the case, hold down the system button for around 15 seconds, and look out for the LED indicator light to flash white and red.

That’s it; you’re completely reset!

What can cause Beats Studio Buds to malfunction?

There are a few reasons for this, including charging issues, system updates, and application crashes. If you notice your device flashing white and red, you’ll know there’s an issue; also, if one bud stops working or your device won’t charge

What gets deleted from Beats Studio Buds during a hard reset?

Once you perform a hard reset, it will delete all your personal settings for the buds and all user data. Your Beats Studio Buds will now be as if you just bought them fresh at the store with all the initial settings.

Is a system update needed after a hard reset?

No, the system will stay the same. The only things that get deleted are your personal data from the Beats Studio Buds. But if you’re an Android user, be sure to have downloaded the latest updates before completing a hard reset. 

Key Takeaways

Resetting your Beats Studio Buds is a simple and stress-free process. So, if you’re struggling to connect, can’t get more than one of the Studio Buds working, or want them to stop freezing, a hard reset is an excellent go-to.

Should you still be struggling with your device, the best is to take them to your local Apple Store and ask for help.

Happy Listening!