Soundboks (Gen. 3) vs. JBL PartyBox 310 vs. Sony XP700

In the world of audio equipment, Sony and JBL have made a name for themselves as industry leaders. Companies like Soundboks have made a statement recently with their products, showing that you don’t have to be a massive corporation to make solid products. Though when looking at all three, we start to see how each … Read more

JBL Pulse 4 vs. Charge 5 vs. Flip 6

While not as universally recognizable as names like Sony and Bose, JBL might quietly be the best audio equipment brand on the market today. Their Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and sound systems are known for being fairly inexpensive while also carrying admirable bass and intuitive, uncomplicated designs. To offer a better idea of their best portable … Read more

Ion Sport XL vs. Ion Block Rocker Plus vs. Ion Pathfinder 280

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What is a Good Idle GPU Temperature? How to Keep it Down?

Nothing is more frustrating than your GPU overheating while doing something important. You’ll want to keep your GPU running at a temperature between 40–60° Celsius while idle. Temperatures running consistently higher than this while idle could be signs of your GPU running too hot to function correctly. What Is Considered “Idling?” An idle PC is … Read more

Best Cocktail Arcade Machine: A 2022 Buying Guide

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What is a Good GPU Temperature While Gaming?

With building PCs becoming more popular with each passing day, people are learning how different PC parts function. GPUs tend to run hot when processing graphically intensive tasks like gaming. The ideal temperature for a GPU to run when under load is between 65–85° Celsius. But, if your GPU is running hotter than the 110° … Read more

Sony XP500 vs. XP700 vs. XG500 [Speaker Comparison]

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What is an RPX Movie? Is it Worth it?

Since the inception of IMAX, competitors have been looking for ways to improve upon their own ticket prices with a similar or superior product. In April of 2010, Regal responded with the Regal Premium Experience or RPX theater. These theaters boast a much bigger screen than the standard Regal cinema, improved sound, and reclinable leather … Read more

Alienware AW310K vs. AW410K vs. AW510K

Alienware has quietly become one of the most recognizable tech brands on the market today. Even for those who have a rudimentary knowledge of computers and the tech surrounding them, Alienware and its iconic logo have become universally recognizable. For a company that has become synonymous with gaming PCs, it should come as no surprise … Read more

Difference between IMAX & Standard/Regular Theater

Established in 1967, IMAX has become the premier experience for movie enthusiasts throughout the known world. The IMAX Theatre became popular due to its larger screen and superior audio and visual quality, but what exactly separates a normal theatre from an IMAX? Well to give you a better idea, I’ll be comparing the difference in … Read more

Bose Companion 2 vs. Logitech z623 vs. Klipsch Promedia 2.1 

Summary If you use your computer as your primary source of entertainment, you’ve probably experienced problems with sound and volume.  This is because standard computer speakers are not very loud and using earphones or headphones to listen to music or watch movies takes away that home theater experience that you are looking for. But have … Read more

What is the Best Seat in a 4DX Movie Theater?

Outside of virtual reality, 4DX movie theatres might be the most immersive experience in entertainment today. Despite the drawback of a smaller screen overall, you get the added senses of smell, touch, and movement. So when the protagonist in a movie is on horseback through snow-covered fields, you get to feel the wind and snow … Read more

Best Professional Karaoke Machine

The karaoke machine industry is unfortunately ripe with several shoddy, poorly performing pieces of equipment that hardly serve a personal household, much less a professional setting. These companies are also quick to offer little to no actual information on the product and substitute important technical specifications with clever marketing phrases. This can make it unbelievably … Read more

What is the Best Seat in a 3D Movie?

There are few things in life that are as exhilarating as a 3D movie that requires so little commitment. All you have to do is pay for a ticket to feel like Megatron is reaching through the screen to sucker-punch you. Unfortunately for you and the Decepticons, the price of a 3D movie is considerably … Read more

What is an XD Movie? Is Cinemark XD Worth the Money?

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How to Reset Bluetooth Speakers – A Few Quick Steps

bluetooth speaker

There is a lot to like about Bluetooth speakers. Not only do they let you listen to your favorite songs and albums wirelessly, but the latest models have long-lasting batteries and rugged exteriors, so they are ideal for just about any social situation. While the Bluetooth technology that makes these speakers so unique certainly offers … Read more