Ring Floodlight Pro vs. Plus: Upgrade, or Save the ~$50?

Home security is of paramount importance to homeowners across the world. Over the years, tech products and solutions related to home security have made securing homes easier and more convenient.

One of the brand names that has most contributed to this is Ring, with its series of home security products and services. One of the most important facets of home security is outdoor security cameras, and this is where Ring has a lot to offer. 

The Ring Floodlight Cam line has been popular for a while, offering outdoor-grade quality and reliability, high-quality video during both day and night conditions, and crystal-clear two-way communication.

In relation to this, potential customers might find it difficult to choose between two of the top-end products in the line, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

There are several feature differences in the two models and these extra features should be the crux when deciding which one you need. Depending on your use case, there might be a justification for paying more for the Pro model if the features make sense to you.

Let us take a look at these outdoor security cameras and see how they compare. 


Ring Floodlight Plus

Ring Floodlight Pro

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Ring Floodlight Cam Basics 

With outdoor cameras, especially lower-priced models, it has always been an issue for homeowners to get adequate video coverage during the night or at times of bad light.

The Ring Floodlight Cam range solves this problem by integrating LED floodlights with high-endurance outdoor cameras to provide adequate illumination during the dark, so that the cameras can pick up clear video.

With the lights augmenting the camera’s wide-angle view and a host of other features that make this a great deal, you can choose between the Ring Floodlight Wired Pro and Plus models, depending on your requirements. 

Both of these cameras are also wired. This eliminates many of the problems that homeowners might face with wireless cameras, including failed batteries and having to replace batteries, as well as delays, lags, and choppy video.

While setup and initial planning might take more time, this is the more reliable option when you consider all the factors. 

Ring Floodlight Wired Plus 

The Plus model is a hardwired outdoor camera that requires wiring for power, which may warrant a professional installation for anyone that struggles with DIY projects. With that said, once it is connected, you can enjoy peace of mind with total reliability as the power is hardwired and there is no need to think about failing batteries.

The camera is available in two colors, black and white and also features standard 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. 

The USP of the Ring Floodlight series of cameras is, of course, the lights. The Wired Plus is fitted with two floodlights, each pushing 3000 Kelvin of power. Combined, they can provide a whopping 2000 lumens of brightness, enough to illuminate even pitch-dark conditions. The brightness is also adjustable, working well with different lighting conditions. 

The camera itself comes with an adjustable mount with a 140-degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical field of view. The video feed comes at a 1080p resolution and the camera provides Live View Color Night Vision, with the latter feature being a game-changer. It provides better definition for night shots and helps homeowners better monitor intruders or incidents. 

A key feature of the Ring Floodlight Wired Plus is the motion detection. With this camera, users can also set up custom motion zones where they can specify particular areas in the field of view to prioritize in terms of monitoring and alerts. This opens up a floodgate of possibilities when creating a truly custom home security system based on the unique nature of each individual home and the surrounding areas. 

The notification system is another advantage with the Wired Plus as users can get real-time and customized notifications based on their preferences. The camera provides real-time notifications sent to devices like phones and tablets while also integrating seamlessly with Alexa-enabled products like the Echo and the Echo Show. While you can hear notifications on Echo speakers, you can also use Echo Show and Fire TV devices as a display to view the camera feed and use the communication system. 

The camera features two-way audio and video communication with noise cancellation, making it easy to communicate with people at the door. It also features a loud, easily audible 105dB siren that is remote-activated. You can set up the siren so that it triggers if motion is detected in a particular area within a particular time frame. 

However, to access a lot of the features and functionality, you will need a Ring Protect subscription plan. This is available in multiple tiers and includes features like capture and record, extended warranty, rich notifications on your devices, human detection, and more. 

Ring Floodlight Wired Pro 

The Wired Pro model is an improvement on the Plus model and the more premium offering in the segment. Along with all the class-leading features of the Wired Plus, the Pro brings even more features to the table, some of which can be a game-changer depending on your use case. 

To start with, the Wired Pro has all the features that you get with the Plus. It is available in the same two-color options but features dual-band wireless connectivity, allowing you to use the faster 5GHz band for quicker communication. The floodlights are the same but the camera in the Wired Pro model supports HDR for even higher definition video feedback. Otherwise, you will get the same horizontal and vertical field of view with the 1080p camera, along with live view and color night vision.  

The two-way audio communication with noise cancellation is even more enhanced here with audio+ while the siren is even louder at 110dB. Another change from the Plus model is that the siren can be activated not just by motion detection, but also manually. 

The Pro comes with several unique features that are a marked improvement over the Plus. First, it supports 3D motion detection that is powered by radar technology. With this, you can specify motion zones at particular distances and get relevant alerts, so that you know exactly where in the three-dimensional space of your property an intruder is. The 3D motion detection feature lets you specify detection zones up to a distance of 30 feet. 

Another unique feature is the bird’s eye view. This allows you to look at your entire home from an aerial point of view. This is not just a new perspective while looking at your home, but also provides more coverage and helps you better pinpoint the exact location of intruders into your property. The 3D motion detection and bird’s eye view features are not found in other Ring Floodlight products and are unique to the Pro. 

Apart from this, you also get to enjoy better voice quality with the help of a beam-forming mic array which, along with the noise cancellation algorithm, provides crisp, clear audio. Overall, it is a compelling package that justifies its premium price tag. 

Which to Buy? 

While the Ring Floodlight Wired Pro is one of the most advanced outdoor security cameras on the market currently, it’s vital to remember that you can get most of its features at a lesser cost with the Wired Plus model.

Therefore, it all comes down to the extra features that you get with the Wired Pro and whether they are instrumental to your home security plan for your property. 

The price premium is certain to give customers pause and many might question the sense of getting the Pro over the Plus. It is easy to break down when the Pro might be a better idea. Take a look at the following features and see if one or more of them can be a crucial part of your home security. 

  • 3D motion detection with customized detection zones based on distance 
  • Bird’s eye view that provides a route map of visitors to your home (see here for more details)
  • 110dB siren that can be activated with motion detection or manually 
  • Audio+ technology with beam-forming mic array and noise cancellation for clearer audio during communication 
  • Dual-band wireless connectivity 

These are the extras you get when you choose the Pro over the Plus and pay the ~$50 premium. If these features make sense to you, it’s definitely an astute idea to go with the Wired Pro model. If not, the Wired Plus model is a solid performer and has all the features you need to shore up your home security using an established brand and ecosystem. 

Another factor to keep in mind while choosing between the two products is the cost of the subscription plan that you choose. The Basic plan costs a reasonable $3 per month or $30 a year, which is good in these inflationary times. You can also get the Plus plan at $10 a month or $100 a year. The Pro plan costs $20 a month or $200 a year.

Factor in these costs when you decide between these two very capable Floodlight cameras. If you are looking to avoid a paid subscription, see here for our list of the best video doorbells without a subscription.

Testing — Pros & Cons

In our trials, we found both models to excel in robust build quality, reliable performance, and the added convenience of being hardwired, thereby bypassing concerns about battery life. The high-definition video quality captured during day and night settings was particularly impressive.

Examining the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, we were taken by its affordable price point, especially considering it harbors many core features you’d expect from a high-end security camera. We found the adjustable motion zones to be an excellent feature, effectively minimizing false alarms.

As for the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, it is undeniably more costly, but we appreciated the advanced features it brings to the table. We were especially impressed by the 3D motion detection that provided accurate tracking, and the bird’s eye view for its aerial overview of our properties.

That said, it’s important to note our reservations about the subscription requirement to access certain advanced features. We feel some of these could be made available without necessitating a recurring fee.

Keep in mind, our experiences may not perfectly reflect every user’s as individual needs and circumstances can greatly differ. We advise trialing the product that best fits your requirements and budget, knowing full well that both these Ring models stand as exceptional choices in the current home security market.

Installation and Set-Up

The process of setting up the Ring Floodlight Wired Plus and Wired Pro is fairly straightforward. With both being hardwired cameras, it’s important to remember that professional installation may be needed if you’re not confident with DIY electrical projects.

Once installed, the camera must be connected to the Ring app available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The app will guide you through the set-up process, from connecting to Wi-Fi, to customizing your motion settings and alert preferences.

For the Ring Floodlight Wired Plus, you will only need a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. However, the Ring Floodlight Wired Pro offers dual-band connectivity, meaning it can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi. This could be a deciding factor for those who have faster 5GHz Wi-Fi and want quicker response times and improved video quality.

Data Privacy and Security

As with any smart home security device, it’s important to understand the privacy and security measures in place.

Both Ring Floodlight Cam models feature bank-grade encryption to secure your video feeds and stored video clips. Ring has recently introduced Video Encryption to further secure your videos, which means that your recorded videos are encrypted on the Ring servers and can only be accessed by logged in users.

As part of Ring’s commitment to user privacy, users have control over who can access their videos and for how long. You can easily share videos with friends, family, or law enforcement through the app. But, remember to be aware of local laws regarding video recording and sharing.

For those who are concerned about hackers, Ring’s two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security by requiring a unique code when logging in from a new device.

Final Thoughts

For my money, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is worth the extra ~$50 over the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus. But if the bird’s eye view, louder siren, enhanced motion zones, and 5.0 GHz connection seem overkill to you, the Plus is a great cost-saving option.

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What is the range of the motion detection feature on the Ring Floodlight Cam models?

The motion detection feature on the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus can detect motion up to 30 feet away. The Pro model, with its 3D motion detection powered by radar technology, can specify detection zones up to 30 feet away as well.

What is the warranty policy for the Ring Floodlight Cam models?

Both Ring Floodlight Cam models come with a 1-year warranty on parts and theft protection. With a Ring Protect Plus subscription, the warranty is extended for as long as the subscription is active.

Is a Ring Protect subscription necessary to use the Ring Floodlight Cam?

A3: While a Ring Protect subscription is not necessary to use either of the Ring Floodlight Cam models, it does enhance the functionality of the cameras. A subscription provides features like video recording and sharing, extended warranties, and more. Without a subscription, users can still receive notifications, view the camera feed live, and use the two-way talk feature.