Nest VS Ecobee: Looking at All The Smart Thermostat Models

nest vs ecobee

Summary Ecobee5 doesn’t win in every category, but it’s more flexible and gives you more smart home control than Nest. Nest has a better build quality and works without the c-wire, but it lack smart home control. Smarts Nest is a little smarter than Ecobee because it learns your patterns and habits without manual input. Ecobee may not learn … Read more

Wyze Cam VS Blink Mini: Wyze Cam Wins In Almost Every Category

wyze cam vs blink mini

Summary Wyze Cam costs $25, and it records 12-second motion clips for free. Wyze’s mount is more flexible, and the camera has a MicroSD card slot for free 24/7 continuous recording. Blink Mini is more expensive upfront and it requires a $3/month paid subscription to operate. What You Get For Free A single indoor Wyze security camera costs … Read more

Roku Ultra VS Apple TV 4K: Is Apple TV $100 Better?

roku ultra vs apple tv 4k

Summary Apple TV 4K has a cleaner and ad-free interace that curates your content. The remote could use some work. Roku Ultra is more affordable and has a great remote, but it has an old school app based interface. Content Content refers to the channels and apps you can access along with the formats you have access to. … Read more

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K VS Roku Stick Plus: Best Streaming Stick

firestick vs roku

Summary The Roku Stick Plus interface isn’t as polished, but it concentrates on what’s important (your apps) and has a brilliant remote. Fire TV Stick 4K is great if you love Alexa and already pay for Amazon Channels, but the interface is constantly pushing ads in your face. Content Fire TV Stick 4K and Roku Stick Plus both support … Read more

Bose 700 VS Sony WH1000XM3: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony WH1000XM3 vs Bose 700

Summary Bose 700 headphones have a superior build quality, fantastic sound, and a great calling experience. Sony WH1000XM3 headphones have a colorful and customizable sound profile, but they have an old school design. Sound Things are neck-and-neck, but to my ears, Sony pulls ahead just slightly. Bose doesn’t let you customize the sound in the Bose Music app, but it … Read more

Fire TV Cube VS Apple TV 4K: Best Premium Streaming Device

fire tv cube vs apple tv 4k

Summary Apple TV 4K has an iPhone-like interface that’s free from ads, and it puts all your content in a unified list. Fire TV Cube has intriguing features when you pay for your services via Amazon, but it’s too cluttered with ads. Content While Apple 4K and Fire TV Cube have a similar number of apps, I have … Read more

Eufy VS Arlo: Best Security Camera For Most

arlo vs eufy

Summary Arlo Pro 2 has better smart home integration, and there are more advanced options for $3/month with Arlo Smart. EufyCam E has more free options and won’t send your clips to outside servers. All clips are stored on an SD card. Free Both Arlo and Eufy have free plans and they’re almost identical in this regard. Arlo Basic is … Read more

SimpliSafe VS Ring: What’s the Best DIY Security System?

simplisafe vs ring

Summary Ring is the more practical choice outside the inferior build quality. You can self monitor for free or pay $10/month. SimpliSafe has nicer build quality, but it doesn’t have a self-monitoring option and costs $25/month. Setup & Support Ring easily takes the win because it’s one of the easiest security systems to install. Download and open the Ring phone app, … Read more

Orbi RBK50 VS Eero Pro: A Mesh WiFi Showdown

orbi vs eero

Summary Eero Pro (2 nodes) is more flexible and has a far superior phone app with more features. Orbi RBK50 (2 nodes) is a better bet for those who only care about pure performance and specs. Setup Both Eero and Orbi are easy to install, but Eero takes the wins this category. It’s a battle between good vs … Read more

Google WiFi VS Eero 3rd Gen: Best Mesh System Under $300?

google wifi vs eero

Summary Google WiFi performs as well as Eero and has an awesome bandwidth usage interface. Eero is easier to install, has more features, and the design more versatile. Setup Both Eero and Google WiFi are easy to install, but Eero is definitely the better of the two. This isn’t based on a one-time installation. I’ve installed both systems … Read more

Roomba 675 VS Eufy 11S: Which is the Best For Under $300?

roomba vs eufy

Summary Eufy 11S is the clear winner because it has better suction, more runtime, and less noise. While Roomba is a flagship brand that everyone recognizes, Roomba 675 can’t compete on the entry-level. Navigation This will compare the two based on battery life and how well they navigate your home. Eufy wins this category easily. The Eufy 11S … Read more

Dyson V11 VS V10: The V10 is a Smarter Buy if You Have Wood Floors

dyson v11 vs v10

Summary Dyson V11 has better overall performance (especially on carpet), better battery, an LCD screen, and less noise. Dyson V10 is more affordable. It comes with two roller brushes, the Soft Roller is specially made for hard floors. Carpet These two are so close when it comes to carpet performance, but the V11 pulls ahead with extra power and better … Read more