How to Pair Anker Soundcore Headphones & Speakers

In 2018, Anker Innovations, one of the leading names in the global consumer electronics space, announced that it would be bringing together all of its most well-loved audio products under the all-new Anker Soundcore brand name. The company also added that it would be introducing a range of wireless speakers and headphones to its lineup. … Read more

Mic Monitoring: What Is It? How Do I Turn It Off?

Mic monitoring is incredibly beneficial in gaming, voice chat, conference calls, and a number of other situations. It occurs when a user uses a headset to communicate. In the virtual world today, talking on devices apart from smartphones is essential for our everyday routines. When you are on a voice chat with someone, do you think you … Read more

Nest Thermostat Not Turning on A/C: Causes and How to Fix! 

Google’s Nest Thermostat is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people outfit their homes with Smart devices that allow them to take agency over their home’s technology. Nest Thermostats are designed with self-learning AI firmware that lets the thermostat change its heating or cooling behavior based on the temperature of the rooms it’s connected … Read more

Ring Doorbell Elite vs. Ring Doorbell 2: Which Is Better for Me?

Home security isn’t the only thing getting major innovations lately. Even the way you monitor and answer your door is being innovated daily to provide you with a seamless, wireless interface to check your door even when you aren’t physically home to answer it. The Ring Doorbell series is one such innovation that augments the … Read more

Feit Smart Bulb Won’t Connect: How to Fix Connectivity Problems

The most frustrating part of getting any new Smart Home tech is that you’ll have to troubleshoot all its connection issues with your other Smart devices. Feit Smart Bulbs generally use their proprietary HomeBrite application (now called Feit Electric) to connect and control the Feit Smart Bulbs in your home. But this technology isn’t foolproof—far … Read more

PS5 Power Cable Replacement: Everything to Know

If you own something as essential to your entertainment as the PlayStation 5, it’s best to not let something as minor as a power cord interrupt your gaming. For this reason, some gamers want to have a spare power cable on hand as a fallback option. Supposing you are going on a family vacation and … Read more

Ring Streaming Error: Causes & The Best Ways to Fix!

Home security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds nowadays. More and more people are installing security cameras and video doorbells in their homes to help monitor their homes even when they’re away. Ring Video Doorbells are one of the most popular video doorbells on the market and provide an incredible amount of functionality and … Read more

JBL Earbuds, One Side Not Working: How to Fix

The reoccurring issue of a dead or non-responsive earbud is a problem that has plagued folks since the inception of headphones. Despite the positive reviews most JBL earbuds get, they are not immune to this common headache.  While some people might be able to ignore this problem and soldier on with one headphone, the majority … Read more

Ring Chime vs. Ring Chime Pro: Upgrade, or Save $25?

Home security has come a long way over the last few decades. One of the most popular products in the home security market today is without question the Ring security system. This ultramodern system utilizes its built-in wifi router to inform homeowners whenever a window budges or a stranger lingers too long around your front … Read more

What is D-Box at a Movie Theater? Are D-Box Seats Worth it?

Since the inception of movie theaters, ambitious companies have been looking for technological advantages to separate their experience from the competition. This can be traced back to the sixties with the inception of “Smell-o-vision” and has only continued as the years roll onward. With an industry now overrun with upgraded movie experiences, it was only … Read more

Soundboks Go vs. Soundboks 3: Price, Power, or Portability?

Soundboks is one of the more ambitious audio prospects that has inserted itself into the forefront of the speaker industry. Their portable devices have become synonymous with eardrum-shattering decibel levels and a battery that can last the better part of a week. Due to the bulkier dimensions and mass of these powerful speakers, the Copenhagen-based … Read more

Spectrum Router Blinking Blue: What, Why, & How to Fix

If you have had difficulty maintaining a steady internet connection, despite your network being up and running, then you are likely experiencing an issue stemming from your router. For those utilizing a Spectrum product, this can be a difficult and expensive problem – especially for those using the monthly payment method for a router that … Read more

What is 4DX? Is a 4DX Movie Theater Worth It?

4DX is an attempt to create a new standard of visual entertainment — and they might have just pulled it off. Have you ever been watching a film as the camera pans over a series of rolling hills during a particularly vibrant sunrise and thought, I wonder what that smells like? If so, that’s incredibly … Read more

Does Lowering Resolution Increase FPS? A Definitive Answer

To answer your question succinctly, yes, lowering your resolution will increase your FPS. When you reduce the resolution of the game you’re playing, the graphics processor has less information to process and can process more frame data simultaneously. But you might not want to lower your resolution to increase your FPS unless you’ve got severe … Read more

AMC Prime vs. BigD vs. Dolby Cinema: What are the differences?

Technology is changing faster than many people can keep up, and the way we enjoy our entertainment has evolved to give us a more immersive experience with each passing day. AMC has several premium options that moviegoers can invest in, including AMC Prime, AMC BigD, and AMC Dolby Cinema. However, the uninitiated may be confused … Read more

Is 720p Good Enough for Gaming? What Resolution Do I Need?

Resolution is essential to gaming. Higher resolution means that you’ll be able to see more of the game in greater detail. You might see things in-game that would be invisible to you at a lower resolution when you turn up your graphics resolution. However, there’s more to gaming than resolution, and you’ll have to consider … Read more